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16th Sep 2005, 06:53
Grauniad: Case of château despair for US winemakers
Nicholas Watt in Brussels, Friday September 16, 2005

America's wine producers have finally been rumbled, thanks to a lack of castles in the US. From 2008 US vineyards will no longer be able to boast that a wine hails from a château unless they can prove its grapes are grown within sight of a castle. Other European "traditional expressions", such as vintage, noble and classic, will also be banned unless they are true. The new rules are part of an EU/US deal to police the transatlantic wine trade. Existing US wines can still be given European names, such as burgundy, champagne and claret, but new wines will have to be given a US name....

Wonder how long it takes to build a castle? Might be a market here......

Any suggestions for names? Hmmm, a bottle of Sonoma please....

16th Sep 2005, 08:15
The real challenge lies in sorting out the practical details and permitting with the local building dept.

(a conversation starting with: "You want to build a WHAT?")

16th Sep 2005, 08:24
'Round these parts you would expect 'new' releases lke, 'Le Stratty Tavern Nouveax', or, 'Le Grand Hotel Hock'. :ugh:

16th Sep 2005, 08:57
Was there any restriction placed on size of said castle??


16th Sep 2005, 08:59
But they´d only be allowed to sell miniatures.....

16th Sep 2005, 12:21
Does this one count? (

16th Sep 2005, 12:55
They'll just buy one and ship it out stone by stone - remember London Bridge :p

16th Sep 2005, 12:57
I wonder what the definition of "castle" is. English winemakers are all set as an English man's home is his castle:E


16th Sep 2005, 13:28
I would wonder why they bother building castles or such. A public convenience would be more appropriate. I mean, I always thought Californian wine was pre-owned.

:E :E :E :E :E

16th Sep 2005, 14:49
I don't care if the grapes see a castle, as long as they taste good.

Must say I'm buying more Californian than French wines lately. Especially those of me ol' racing friend Ben Pon. (http://www.bernardus.com/)

16th Sep 2005, 15:12
One does wonder how many of them crazy Californians in Napa will be building castles...........who wants to bet?! Huh, huh.

16th Sep 2005, 15:50
Especially if it's a tax write off. Imagine building a mansion and getting the taxpayer to pay..... :E

16th Sep 2005, 15:55
What's a Californian's favorite whine?

"I didn't vote for Arnie"