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16th Sep 2005, 04:30
Did it - went to see TB in Philly - what a miserable b***** he is !! He doesn't like you joining in does he?

TFS ;)

16th Sep 2005, 06:21
His brother Gordon gets some stick, too.

16th Sep 2005, 10:53
Been a fan of Tony B. since 1968.

My opinion only but his kind of music doesn't allow for anyone 'joining in', he doesn't do Pop Concerts! If you want that go see Rod Stewart. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin didn't much like the lubricated mob in the front seats joining in either!

If you are prepared to pay that kind of money to see TB then why not just sit there and be entertained? You paid to come and listen to him, not the other way around, remember?:ok:

16th Sep 2005, 11:50
Go see Motorhead if you want a little singalong.

You won't be heard above the 128dB PA but at least it's allowed. :)

Which reminds me- some friends and I were told to be quiet at a Deep Purple concert. Do we win a prize for this?


16th Sep 2005, 11:55
VFE, but "Ten Green Bottles" isn't a Deep Purple song!
:p :p

Onan the Clumsy
16th Sep 2005, 11:58
His brother Blair gets some stick, too.

16th Sep 2005, 12:08
Now that the thread has been derailed, I'll jump on.

What are people thinking when they erupt into spontaneous applause when they recognise the first two bars of a song?

"And now, the end is near....." rapturous applause for the next two lines..."Hey Frank, I'm such a huge fan of yours I recognise that song"! Duhhh. Shut up and listen, you cretins. Do you want to hear me sing it or do you want to show you've actually heard the song before?

Entirely different, I would suggest, from something I remember AerBabe wrote a few years ago about people who applauded after each jazz musician's solo; "shut up and listen to the music", quoth she. I've spoken to several musos since about this, only one of whom agrees with her. Most of them like to have their individual contribution acknowledged. Each to his/her own though. All thoughts welcomed, as always!

16th Sep 2005, 12:13
Because the audience is excited - the atmosphere at the Kimmel centre last night was electric. He's still a great showman and funnyman. He did everything except Strangers in Paridise which I was waiting for. Went mad when he sang I left my pacemaker in San Fransico !


16th Sep 2005, 12:21

Yeah, always good to see some reaction after a solo from a muso point of view. Nothing rubs me up the wrong way more than a cryogenically static audience I'm afraid.

Playing a gig tonight at some arts centre and in my experience these can be quite stuffy affairs (beard strokers and toffs) but a few cheeky bevvies beforehand should ensure that I at least enjoy it! :)


16th Sep 2005, 21:27
I'm impressed by your memory, Binos...
While I agree that it's nice to have your own contribution recognised, do you really need rapturous applause? A musician should be watching the audience's reaction and will be able to see nods and smiles.

17th Sep 2005, 17:28
Not if he's not got his glasses on and has stage lights blasting in his face he won't AB! :p


West Coast
17th Sep 2005, 17:42
The reason Tony sings it is so you don't have to.

17th Sep 2005, 23:00

My dad got told to sit down at a Bob Dylan concert back in '89 at Wembley Arena :D

Hmmmm parents! you can't take them anywhere, can you? :D :rolleyes: