View Full Version : The Friday 17th September 2005 Joke

15th Sep 2005, 21:54
Hi folks, this week it is a link !

A bit rude...be warned !

Call to Glasgow Emergency Plumber Service (http://www.boreme.com/boremerigid/funny-2005/glasgow-plumber-p1.php)

15th Sep 2005, 22:00
ermmm all it sounded like to me was one scottish bloke swearing at another about needing a plumber

17th Sep 2005, 11:55
Excellent:p Understood every word!

Especially liked the bit when the customer says " Am asking you nicely:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:" LOL

El Grifo
17th Sep 2005, 12:15
Pure dead gallus there big man !!!

:cool: :ok: :cool:

Lon More
17th Sep 2005, 12:38
Ah unnerstaund ivry :mad:in wurd big man,
gonnae juik ower here (http://www.boreme.com/boremerigid/funny-2005/anus-stretched-p1.php) fur ra dangers o' hamosax ...
homosacks ... funny men.