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El Grifo
15th Sep 2005, 19:37
Anybody heard any more on this story, or does anyone have any comments ?


tall and tasty
15th Sep 2005, 21:40

This was run not so long ago. I have heard nothing more on the media about it.

But after loosing a dear friend on it any new evidence that brings the true perpetrators to justice will help the families move on.

But at the end of the day I wonder if that will ever happen

TnT :(

15th Sep 2005, 23:14
What is the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command?

In 1968, one of the PFLP’s earliest leaders, Ahmed Jibril, broke away to form the PFLP-GC. The new group initially declared that its focus would be military, not political. Of the three groups discussed here, the PFLP-GC is the most marginal and the most opposed to any negotiated settlement with Israel. It has joined a series of anti-Arafat rebellions. The PFLP-GC had long been a secular Marxist-Leninist organization, but in the late 1980s, after accepting assistance from Iran, the group began to use religious rhetoric.

What terrorist attacks has the PFLP-GC undertaken?

The PFLP-GC has been less active than the other two groups but sometimes quite innovative. The group claims that a 1974 PFLP-GC suicide bombing was the first such attack by a Palestinian. In 1982, the PFLP-GC swapped three kidnapped Israeli reservists for more than 1,100 Arab captives held by Israel. Its attacks on Israel from southern Lebanon have occasionally involved unconventional vehicles; a November 1987 hang glider attack that killed six Israeli soldiers helped spark the first intifada.

The PFLP-GC has also launched international attacks. It bombed a Swiss airliner in flight in 1970 (killing all 47 passengers and crew members), and its members have reportedly cooperated with Iran, Libya, and radical leftist terrorist groups in Europe and Japan.

Who is the leader of the PFLP-GC?

Ahmed Jibril, an engineer and former Syrian army officer, remains the PFLP-GC’s leader. He is now based in Damascus, Syria.

Has the PFLP-GC participated in the peace process?

No, and unlike the other two leftist fronts, the PFLP-GC has not reconciled with Arafat. In the mid-1990s, Jibril reportedly threatened to assassinate Arafat for pursuing a political settlement with Israel.

Do other leftist Palestinian groups use terrorism?

Yes. Perhaps the best known is the Palestine Liberation Front, which split from the PFLP-GC in the mid-1970s and receives support from Iraq. Notorious for a 1985 attack on the Achille Lauro cruise ship and the murder of a wheelchair-bound American Jewish passenger named Leon Klinghoffer, the Palestine Liberation Front remains on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.

Thurman was censured for failing to supervise properly but was found not to have falsified results or perjured testimony during an independent investigation of the FBI Lab.

El Grifo
16th Sep 2005, 08:21
Thanks for that guys. I have been travelling for three weeks and was unaware that the matter had been already aired.

I have now read the previous postings and like most of the contributers, I have always understood there to be a Syrian involvement.

Irrespective of whatever pain or suffering it may cause to Victims families, the truth must always emerge, and be allowed to emerge.