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Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 15:48
Reuters News Agency:

"Dairy Lobby made the announcement as the price of semi-skimmed milk rose to more than 60p a litre in parts of the UK as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

The group says all UK dairies will be blocked from 0600 BST on 18 September unless price cuts are made.

The Treasury said cutting tax would not solve the problem of high milk prices.

Dairy Lobby spokesman Andrew Spence said protesters were prepared to campaign.

"Every time the milk companies have raised the price of milk, taxation inadvertently has risen with it.

"If we don't do something now then when does it stop? 1.10? 1.20? 1.30?

"When does the country have to stand up and say, 'look, come on, this is too much Mr Blair'?"

But a Treasury spokesman said that duty on the main types of milk and cream were lower than they were six years ago.

"We believe the biggest priority in terms of reducing milk costs must be working with the American government to restore production levels affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster," he said.

"More than half the milk used in the UK bears little or no duty at all... so seeking to address the problem of high cow prices through milk duty alone would do nothing for the majority of consumers."

Environmentalists Greenpeace said the government should not bow to "self-centred" milk protesters.

Campaigner Mark Strutt said: "Cheese causes climate change and we import much of it from unstable regions. It's an inevitable fact of life that the price is going to rise."

The average price of normal semi-skimmed milk in Britain went up by more than two pence over the weekend, to 64.6 pence per litre.

The rise came after cows in the US were knocked out by Hurricane Katrina.

There appears to be a simple solution; if we buy milk as normal, there will be no noticable difference in the amount available. With that in mind, i'm going out to stock up on milk!! Let's panic!!

For more information, click here (http://www.millan.net/funp/80/nomilk.html)

Ginger :cool:

15th Sep 2005, 15:55
I'm away to get a load in before selfish bu99ers start hoarding it ....:suspect:

15th Sep 2005, 16:08
Hey - this is brilliant !!

What an excellent new marketing ploy - never mind all that expensive and irritating TV advertising ! If you want to shift your useless product all you've got to do is to start a rumour.

Blockades at the Boswelox factory ? They'll be queuing at the cosmetics counter to snap up all the anti-wrinkle cream.

Interruptions in the supply of cheap car insurance ? Fantastic ! Another wedge of mind-numbing ads eliminated.

Saves us having to sit through endless advert breaks - maybe finally we'll be able to get through an episode of Lost in only 40 minutes.

15th Sep 2005, 16:17
Cheese causes climate change

Pray tell...
If he means transportation of the cheese causes climate change then I can see the link. But taking that further, production and transport of anything will cause climate change. Therefore, ban everything!

15th Sep 2005, 16:17
I just skimmed through this thread to see if I could cream off anything useful, but it is far too homogenised to be of any value. I feel a little cowed by the experience so I think I'll have a look at an udder thread - or I could milk this one for all I could get - if I had the bottle to go for gold. Top of the afternoon to you all.

Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 16:23
Very nice BOAC :ok: .

CWL2YOW, maybe the subject matter of that 'news report' reminds you of another current affairs item to do with shortage? Possibly the same news item, but with crucial words changed? It was a poor attempt at humour, so I forgive anyone who missed the intent.
(Just realised you're not from the UK, so it was bound to confuse)

Ginger ;)

15th Sep 2005, 16:48
Thank you, Ginge - guess I was well and truly taken in there. It was that singing cow that put me off, honest!

Burnt Fishtrousers
16th Sep 2005, 23:45
I see in response a series of Milk floats have been doing a go slow on the M4

16th Sep 2005, 23:58
I blame the cows.....

Onan the Clumsy
17th Sep 2005, 00:00
Predicted milk shortage then you should have chosen a wife with bigger tits :}


Right. I've just banned myself for an hour :ouch:

Burnt Fishtrousers
17th Sep 2005, 00:03
Just a few

My Missus has nothing to do with this.......shes driving her milk float on the M4

17th Sep 2005, 06:12
Just don't start any rumours about beer shortages - I'd have to start panic drinking ;)

17th Sep 2005, 08:27
A Dutch friend asked me to get some butter for him, he liked it better than the Dutch varieties. I bought ten slabs of butter and was standing in the queue at the supermarket to pay. A woman asked me why i had so much butter, I replied "That their was going to be a shortage cos the EEC was going to ban it"!!!.

Three women in the queue turned and walked back into the supermarket and I often wondered if they sold out of butter that day.

17th Sep 2005, 13:02
Ermintrude, the spokescow for OBEC, the Organisation of Bovine-Exclusive Cows, blame the shortage on excess human consumption, pointing out just how many squeezes of numerous udders were needed to power milk floats every morning.