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15th Sep 2005, 12:30
"I'll bet you that someone posts about an A330 incident at AMS before the end of the day!" :p

Ok.....captions please!


rhythm method
15th Sep 2005, 12:48
UK Fuel protesters move onto mainland Europe!

15th Sep 2005, 12:52
I'll have a tenner on the the big blue one....

Devlin Carnet
15th Sep 2005, 12:53
Schiphol taxiway football team shows off new goalkeeper :ok:

15th Sep 2005, 13:12
Airlines are hoping to reduced fuel costs by 0.0000000001% by slip-streaming cars during taxying.

Minty Fresh
15th Sep 2005, 13:21
F*ckin' Bank Holidays!!!!!

Big Tudor
15th Sep 2005, 13:30
BBCs Top Gear unveil new Stig challenge.

15th Sep 2005, 13:34
"I say Nigel, this cut costs provisioning scheme just isn't on you know....shopping at Tesco's before a flight is just too awkward!"

15th Sep 2005, 13:38
After the amalgamation with Air France things started to go more slowly at KLM.

Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 13:42
Follow who now?

15th Sep 2005, 14:23
"Christ, look at the departure queue. We're gonna miss out slot!"

15th Sep 2005, 14:31
Floor it Capn, I see an opening.


15th Sep 2005, 14:35
The flight carrying Jet Blast members enroute to the annual ball held in AMS is met with by rigorous security checks.

After all, Jerricho, Drapes, Onan, Ozzy et al are on board:suspect: :E :E

15th Sep 2005, 14:39
"As the import of what he had just done sank in, ground-marshal Van Spongell began to realise the subtle difference between the terms Airbus and air-bus."

15th Sep 2005, 14:53
Couldn't we just have the regular tug?

Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 17:39
Statistics show that aircraft are the safest form of transport.

15th Sep 2005, 18:03
"You got change for the ticket?"

Howard Hughes
15th Sep 2005, 22:02
I said "taxiway M, not M-1!!"

15th Sep 2005, 22:08
'Altogether now - take up the slack - and PULL!! '

15th Sep 2005, 22:30
"Not ryanair, no need for the coaches then?"

Disguise Delimit
15th Sep 2005, 22:45
Copilot:"What are all those yellow taxis doing on the taxiway??"
Captain:"They are taxying..."

16th Sep 2005, 02:43
"She's a real bargain, guv'nor, only one careful lady owner and great for the larger family. Tax is real cheap, too, only 4 000 a mnth. I can do you a deal on the service warranty. . . how's about we step into the office and sign the paperwork?"

16th Sep 2005, 02:50

16th Sep 2005, 05:36
"Rescue1 to base, we're on the runway now, where did you say the plane was?"

"This is why you don't touchdown before the threshold."

16th Sep 2005, 06:06
O J Simpson tries to leave the country.

16th Sep 2005, 06:49
"This is what happens when we let ATC watch the cricket....." :suspect:

henry crun
16th Sep 2005, 07:44
Go Go GO

Buster Hyman
16th Sep 2005, 08:26
"It's toight, vewy toight!"

16th Sep 2005, 08:43
"Just our luck. First the runway caravans and now a follow-me van drivers' convention!"

16th Sep 2005, 09:39
"No. 2, free beer for the week if you hit the bus."

16th Sep 2005, 11:18
Damn travellers have set up another camp - It'll take three days to get 'em evicted and 20,000 to clear up the rubbish

Lon More
16th Sep 2005, 11:28
Are they watching football again in the Tower?

Burnt Fishtrousers
16th Sep 2005, 23:42
Getting all nostalgic, Nikki Lauda fancied his chances

17th Sep 2005, 00:03
"Ground says to follow any of 'em except the little blue one on the right; they think somebody's missed the turn off for the hire car return!"

17th Sep 2005, 00:04
Maybe we should have been more specific when we advertised the Wednesday auction as 'commercials, coaches and buses'...

Onan the Clumsy
17th Sep 2005, 00:12
"There's a bit of a tailback on the A-380 this morning."

17th Sep 2005, 00:16
"Why can't you learn to read a chart?"

"Why can't you ask directions?"

:} :mad: :mad: :} :}

17th Sep 2005, 00:36
Welcome to the first annual intermodal transport race. We have a late scratching, that being the only 'boat' contender in the race, who has pulled out at the last minute after realising he had no wheels. The Bus is the favourite in this race, however some are predicting a close win by the Airbus after it mashes its contenders to a pulp.


And theyre off, The bus has only accellerated to a slow walking pace, it appears trouble with the gears... Oh no, Oh no, its spun out and rolled 13 times into the drainage ditch and burst into flames.... The yellow cars have gone everywhere, they are heading in all different directions, some are even joining the bus in the drainage ditch... Seems Team Yellow Car's plan to hire monkyes as drivers has backfired...

And its all over for the Airbus, the Government Authrority has delayed its departure with a spot inspection... Its all over folks!!

17th Sep 2005, 10:47
Meet back at the plane in one hour. And remember where we parked this time, people....

17th Sep 2005, 11:40
'Bloody school run, all those mums in their petrol guzzling 4x4s, it's just not environmentally friendly'

17th Sep 2005, 12:51
"Oh, bl**dy hell! There's a max. clearance of only 4.2m before the drive-through window. We're gonna have to pull in back and find a park."

17th Sep 2005, 15:42
"This gives "Park 'n' Fly" a whole new meaning!!!" :}

"Take me to your leader..." :p

The Otter's Pocket
20th Sep 2005, 19:09
"objects in the mirror may appear closer than they arrrrrgggh"

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