View Full Version : 34 SQN got hiiiiiiiiiiigh maaaaaaan

15th Sep 2005, 10:17
Can anyone confirm the newspaper(daily telegrah) article that 4 RAAF Pilots(VIP squadron) 'got done' for 'recreational drug' use recently.

Stone the crows:rolleyes:

15th Sep 2005, 12:09
Nuh mate, i think youll find it was one pilot involved the rest were the trolly dollies out the back.

THe pilot was told he could discharge now at his own discretion, or be unlawfully discharged, while the trolly dollies were all told "services are no longer required"


15th Sep 2005, 12:18
What a tragic waste of an expensive career.:{

16th Sep 2005, 06:30
Not being PC just deleted some posts that were a bit beyond the pale for here, Jetblast maybe.

Take your sexist jokes elsewhere please.

16th Sep 2005, 06:54
Thankyou Aussie,

I found the newspaper version a bit unbelieveable but still an eye opener.


17th Sep 2005, 06:11
When I was told privately some weeks ago of what was going on in 34SQN, I correctly guessed the name of the pilot straight up even though I haven't seen him for years. Quite a bit of background there, which I'm not willing to go into.

Very sad in a way though, and a bit more complex than some of you may appreciate. He's really screwed himself now.