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Lon More
14th Sep 2005, 21:37
Apologies if it's been posted before
Challenge Darth Vader (http://www.sithsense.com/flash.htm)

15th Sep 2005, 00:24
Priceless! I though of a llama, and Lord Vader read my mind!

15th Sep 2005, 00:35
Nah its useless. I was thinking of nagaimo yams and it couldn't do it.

15th Sep 2005, 00:36
Darth got it in 25! At least I made him work for it! :ok:

Why do I want a Burger King now? Was that some type of subliminal thing? :\

15th Sep 2005, 01:22
Hopeless....he couldnt get Red Rooster.

15th Sep 2005, 16:13
Close, but no cigar……………………..couldn’t get timber wolf.

Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 16:19
Well, that certainly showed me that my mind is a worthless piece of sith. I rather childishly chose a pair of breasts, which he eventually got, but in the final stages asked "does it come from space" followed by, "does it grunt". Fantastic :p .

Ginger :cool:

15th Sep 2005, 16:21
The Dark Side couldn't get sweet potato!


15th Sep 2005, 16:25
Pathetic Vader! Now to go after the Emperor! :E

Maude Charlee
15th Sep 2005, 17:14
Clearly, craft knives of any description were not required in the manufacture of the Death Star. Asmathic cretin. :E

15th Sep 2005, 17:15
He didn't even get something as common as 'wheel'.

Although strangely one of the latter questions was, 'Does it have one or more wheels?'. Erm.... yeah. :rolleyes:

Then, laughably, one of the items in the list after he gave up was a kayak.
Since when did a kayak have one or more wheels? :confused:

Off his rocker that Darth is.

Actually, maybe I answered wrongly. A wheel doesn't have a wheel does it. It is a wheel... best try again, give him the benefit.

Nope, he's still chump.... a sextant? :hmm:

Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 17:37
Ok, this time I chose an 8 ball. I think he was impressed, but he guessed it was a fish hook :p . Moron. After that, I was asked "Can liquids pass through it?". Quoi?

This was followed by "I'm thinking it's a saddle?"

And then the most bizarre "Does it weigh more than a duck?"!!

I think he's been watching Monty Python. He got it in his list, but I selected beef jerky instead just to screw with Burger King.


Ginger ;)

15th Sep 2005, 19:14
All going great till that bloody Burger King stuck his oar in and told Vader what it was.

As I See It
15th Sep 2005, 20:10
Lord Vader is a Yank, 'soccer' ball indeed!!!!! Took him 28 questions though:D

15th Sep 2005, 20:49
Took 30 questions to get "snowball".