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Duff beer
14th Sep 2005, 20:21
Is it me or are there loads of bloody daddy long legs this year.

The little buggers scare the b'jesus out of me.

14th Sep 2005, 20:23
Yeah, there seems to be a nationwide convention for Daddy Long Legs this year and it is rather annoying but not half as scary as the house spider's convention around this time of year. Roll on winter - NOW!


14th Sep 2005, 20:26
look up iwantoneofthose.com you can get a tennis racket that turns into an electric fly swat at the touch of a button.

Daddy long legs hate it, girlfriend hates it. Two for the price of one.


None of the above
14th Sep 2005, 20:27
And now the academic stuff......

Leatherjackets are the larval stage of the crane fly or daddy-long-legs. Leather jacket larvae are about 2.5cm (1" long), greyish black in colour, legless and with no distinct head.
In summer leatherjackets pupate. In August they start to lay eggs re-infesting lawns. Within two weeks eggs hatch. The young start to feed, continuing throughout winter, ready to gorge on grass roots in spring. Grass growth slows and yellow patches appear. Grass is easily pulled up, with little or no root growth.
In August gardeners may see clouds of daddy-long-legs emerging from lawns in the early morning and this, as well as the listed damage, are sure signs of leatherjacket infestation.

Gentlemen, you may yawn.

14th Sep 2005, 20:30
Aw, they're so harmless. Don't mind them at all.
Now the SPIDER invasion...AARRGGHH!

14th Sep 2005, 20:30
Yeah the little beggars also kill most of the grass in the garden. Annoying little tings, jst buzzing around, I just bludgeoned one to death and am starting to feel guilty :)

Duff beer
14th Sep 2005, 20:33
I thought the yellow patches were where the dog was was pissing on the lawn....now I know. Thanks.

Its all out war at the moment in my house.
Im running round the house like a fool dragging a hoover trying to suck them up.....bastards

14th Sep 2005, 20:53
Hmmm... now where is Farrell to rub it all in....:p

14th Sep 2005, 21:45
Ghastly creatures. Harmless, but I HATE the bastards. It is a phobia I picked up from my mother though I'm not as bad as she is.

Still can't sleep with one in the bedroom, though. That noise they make does me head in...

rhythm method
14th Sep 2005, 21:49
Can't sleep with what in the bedroom...

a daddy longlegs or a mother?

Standard Noise
14th Sep 2005, 22:01
Don't care about daddy longlegs, they're harmless, but if you think spiders are bad, you should see the ones in my garage, about two and a half inches across. Still, I don't get flys or other buzzing creatures in the garage. I like the spiders, they're ok.

Now, one thing we've been overrun with in Zummerset this year, has been Dragonflies. Bloody loads of 'em. Lovely looking thingies they are.

Northern Chique
14th Sep 2005, 23:57
Just a little note from the Aussies.....

Dunnunda, the Daddy Long Legs IS a spider. Ironically one of the worlds most venemous spiders but with fangs too short and soft, it is reguarded as relatively harmless to humans. Might clean up a few of your daddy long legs though! :ok:

tall and tasty
15th Sep 2005, 00:04
Daddy Long Legs this year and it is rather annoying but not half as scary as the house spider's convention around this time of year.

I am not bothered by either of these insects. They are really only small and can't harm you unless we get into the rhelms of the deadly spiders which I don't think Britian has an native.

Most of the time they are more scared of you and trying to get away



Ace Rimmer
15th Sep 2005, 07:49
This is what I'm always telleing the ancho...er...anac...um really scared of spiders Mrs R : "Flies spread disease... ergo flies bad. Spiders don't spread disease and eat flies ergo spiders good"...She doesn't see it that way though...

Curious Pax
15th Sep 2005, 08:01
Bought one of these a couple of years back, and can highly recommend them. I'm not too insect-phobic, but don't like picking them up, so works great for me. Mrs CP is definitely arachnaphobic, but can just about manage with one of these. Can catch most insects with them, even flies sometimes.

spider catcher (http://www.innovations.co.uk/gus/product.asp?brand=newinnovations&cat%5Fid=0&prod%5Fid=500325&offer%5Fid=500325R&link%5Fid=&search%5Fcriteria=catcher&price%5Funder=10000&search%5Fcolour=&search%5Fsize=&match%5Fmethod=AND&extra=&mscs_sid=H5VLMDWXM1FW8N3PJA45CAQ09VR3CXUD)

15th Sep 2005, 08:50
Do Daddy Long Legs bite?

Dak Mechanic
15th Sep 2005, 08:58
I assume that this year's climate is responsible for the crane fly swarms - it's the same climate that has meant hardly any wasps.

I'm not keen on crane flys (the cats luv 'em though - just about catchable and obviously taste nice) but rather them than wasps.

I do like spiders though.


Duff beer
15th Sep 2005, 10:33
Do ya know what......im sure ive heard that before
(daddy long legs being one of the most venemous species on earth).

So they think theyre hard do they!!!

lets see how hard this one thinks its is after I pull all its legs off.


15th Sep 2005, 10:39

you can get a tennis racket that turns into an electric fly swat at the touch of a button.

I've got one of those and they're normally brilliant (see those flies spark and smoke!) but DLL's need a good few goes with it, you see your victim spiralling to the ground trailing smoke and you put a little DLL sticker on the racket to show a victory, but two minutes later the b4stard's back at you - them things not natural!


15th Sep 2005, 11:50
"Do ya know what......im sure ive heard that before
(daddy long legs being one of the most venemous species on earth)."

Did you see Ricky Gervais' Animals stand-up perchance?

15th Sep 2005, 13:00
Daddy Long Legs deadly - just another urban myth I believe.

Anyone got a link to clear this one up once for all?

15th Sep 2005, 14:24
Anyone got a link to clear this one up once for all?
...Quite easily done (http://www.snopes.com/critters/wild/longlegs.htm)

16th Sep 2005, 07:43
I just bought a couple of those tennis racquet thingies for zapping flying bugs - powered by 2 AA batts [don't touch the grid - it gives a helluva belt!]. You press a button to activate, and is supposed to be effective indoors and out [I wasn't about to sit out in the rain yesterday to check it out!]. Cost about 6 from my local garden centre.

I've also heard that chestnuts spread liberally around the room [behind furniture, in the corners, etc], are very effective as a spider deterrent - waiting for the blighters to fall off the trees and then I'll try it. Also supposed to be good against moth grubs in woollen clothing...

20th Sep 2005, 23:06
I landed at Cranfield two nights ago for a nightstop, put the plane to bed de kitted in my accom and grabbed a few beers as you do. Upon returning to airside at half nine the next morning my 406 was totally covered with the little bastards.
This is no exageration! Both main gear wheels and tyres were not visible for thousands of them, thousands. The airframe and engines were also inundated, it was impossible to get rid of them all before start up. The nice ramp crew moved the AC forward and back a little on the tug which crunched many of the wheel dwellers and most around the engines either shit themselves and flew off or got a real close up of the PT6's centrifugal compressors and hot section :E As for those on the airframe 220kts took care of that. Not only were they around my aircraft but also every building airside enroute to the little cafe there for brekkie. I have never seen that many before in my life! Now I'm not afraid of creepies but I did get the feeling that if they decided to formate into the shape of a large fist and fly towards me as they do, much to my ammusement, in Sunday morning WB cartoons they would pose a real danger. Wonder if they can communicate with each other? Conspiracy? Is there anyone here from Cabair or based at Cranfield that can tell me why there are so many, how do the female pilots based there cope??? :p BBBBZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

21st Sep 2005, 08:51
Daddy long legs, are harmless, and EAT other spiders! like funnelwebs, redbacks and whitetails! all very nasty to humans usually fatal.

so i would rather a horde of daddy long legs than any other spider, daddys are welcome!

22nd Sep 2005, 11:02

In England Daddy long legs are not spiders they are large flies with long legs that certainly do not eat spiders. We cant even begin to imagine the various beasts that inhabit your continent!

Richard Taylor
22nd Sep 2005, 11:27
Steve Irwin for one...:uhoh:

The Invisible Man
22nd Sep 2005, 11:30
Rolf Harris for two!!!:uhoh:

Richard Taylor
22nd Sep 2005, 18:05
Shane Warneeeeeeeee for three :E

(If what I read in the Current Bun was anything to go by...)

22nd Sep 2005, 18:47
Can someone please explain in laymans terms why it is
I can happily pick up a daddy long legs and chuck it out of
the window, but if a spider is in the room I, a man of mature years, am reduced to a quivering wreck?

Why is there never a Sigmund Freud around when you need one!


22nd Sep 2005, 19:55
coz your a wimp mate :E

22nd Sep 2005, 20:02
Got it in one! ;)

25th Sep 2005, 11:13
...thousands of them, thousands.
:( This is a stuff of nightmares, these things are for all intents and purposes Flying Spiders.... The Natures cruelest trick surely.... :uhoh:
Kept the whole household up once for one of those creatures, refused to let the lights to be switched off until the dear family presented me (hiding under the blanket, peeping out sporadically) with the very, very dead corpse of the said daddy long leg...
Family was not amused... One was 8 at the time... Afraid things have not improved much since....:{

Squawk 2650
26th Sep 2005, 10:11
Mate I'm the Same dont mind the flying ones but spiders I just cant deal with!

Perhaps we dont mind the flying things because they are fellow aviators......??


27th Sep 2005, 07:43
so does anyone have pictures of said airborne daddy long legs???

27th Sep 2005, 07:50

27th Sep 2005, 08:39
they have a remarkable similarity to the likeness of a big mosquito i think.

watched one flying and hopping round my garden yesterday. looked like it had been in a bottl e of meths and was a bit pi**ed


27th Sep 2005, 08:49
Now I know what you're talking about. I've seen one or two over a period of a year. What do they do apart from fly around? Are they as deadly as the flying Box Jellyfish?

27th Sep 2005, 08:58
What do they do apart from flying around?
Scare people silly, that's what.... :*

Will not open that link above, will not! One is not a masochist, not even the slightest! No way... :suspect:

27th Sep 2005, 11:14

As I said although I'm usually the first to pick up most forms of beasties with little fear, I'm forever taunting my girlfriend with all sort of house dwelling critters! I was however a little put off by the sheer numbers at Cranfield that day. Couldn't believe it! I have heard that leaving orange peel lying round deters them (how true I don't know) I can understand why people are more affraid of spiders though as I do think they look alot more menacing, there's another thread running on this subject somewhere. They have got bigger in my 25 years on this planet and it stands to reason they should have got smaller as I grew ??? Found one the other day the size of my fist on the bedroom mirror, it even had tattoos. Still trying to persude my girlie to come down from the lamp shade :E .......Tailwinds

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Sep 2005, 11:16
You're going to lurrrvvee African sausage flies....:E