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14th Sep 2005, 19:56
Hi folks,

Let me run this one past you....

Just recently I have been partaking of a few early nights - heading off to bed around 11pm. Every other night I wake up and without even looking at the clock, somehow 'know' without looking that it is 01:27. On sitting up in bed and looking across my bedroom at the clock (which is not visible as I lay) find it is indeed 01:27!

I am a Librian and my birthday is approaching on the 18th October. My mother seems to think I was born around 1am so could this be linked? Or am I about to turn to religion and claim to be the son of God?

Any ideas? :confused:


14th Sep 2005, 20:01
Sounds vaguely akin to an experience I had years ago.

Just prior to switching on the radio, I knew somehow what music they were playing!

Happened dozens of times - a bit spooky!

Darth Nigel
14th Sep 2005, 20:01
Yer clock's broken???

14th Sep 2005, 20:08
VFE mate - nah don't be skeered - I can usually tell the time within about 5 minutes at any time of day (WITHOUT A WATCH OR ACCESS TO A TIMEPIECE) just in case someone thinks I am taking the p*%$. In fact, I realised I could do this about 15yrs ago when my watch (at the time a Tag Heuer) needed a new battery and I didn't have another watch to wear so went without for the 10 days it took for the watch to go to/from repair.

During the course of the working day, at a time when I was not constantly on a puter with access to "timing", I found I was pretty close to actual time if I stopped and thought about it. I even got to the point where I could set myself to wake at a particular time. These days, due to lax living and not bothering, I am not so good but if I happen to wake mid-sleep overnight I usually know what time it is within 5-10mins or so and often closer :ok: Its neat!!! :ok:

14th Sep 2005, 20:14
Don't know about the clock stuff and being a closet librarian :ooh: , but yeah, you're deffo weird. Nice but weird.
Have been as long as I've known you anyway! ;)

14th Sep 2005, 20:26
Your not alone! .. Every weekday I have to be up at 7am to get to work for 8am! .. Always have a long lay in at the weekend on Sat and Sun unless training with the horse! .. No matter what or where I am in the world I always wake up at 7am! .. For example I went to stay with friends in Vermont last October whilst doing a study programme at the UVM! .. Went to bed late and early and still woke up at 7am! .. Even in a different time zone! .. It was always for half an hour but went straight back to sleep afterwards! .. You should google "sleeping patterns" and see what comes up! ..

The other day I was on the sofa watching telly and fell asleep! .. I was dreaming that I was on ladders in the Library and then fell off! .. Woke up with a thud! .. I had fallen of the couch and thought it was tea time at 6pm! .. It was 1.30pm and only fell asleep for half an hour! .. How weird is that! .. :{

14th Sep 2005, 21:10
You may be weird, but so what?

`tis the number 1013 I keep seeing, or 10 and 13. I know,I know, the standard altimeter setting.....but elsewhere too in all sorts of settings/situations.

Spuds McKenzie
14th Sep 2005, 21:13
Just prior to switching on the radio, I knew somehow what music they were playing!
The song wasn't called "I got you babe" by any chance, was it...?


14th Sep 2005, 21:22

Just saw the time of your posting.....in BST that`s 10:13 pm


Spuds McKenzie
14th Sep 2005, 21:25
Now that you say it, Loki, and I'm an ATCO too (not ageing yet though ;) ).

Is that the beginning of my 1013 syndrome...? :uhoh:

14th Sep 2005, 22:05
Big deal.

I can tell the date to within a week...

without a calendar.

I do seem to be waking up at 3.33 every morning, though. Bizarre.

14th Sep 2005, 22:35
You're not weird. Its deja vue, and theres a clear scientific explanation for it.
If you buy me a pint I'll tell you the full details.

Onan the Clumsy
14th Sep 2005, 22:36
Is that because your alarm clock is going EEEEEEEEEEEEE

...and you knock it onto the floor?

Disguise Delimit
14th Sep 2005, 22:47
Could it be that the train driver of the midnight freighter out of Edinburgh honks his horn as he approaches the level crossing outside your house at 1.23 am?

Or the 747out of E-Fro passes over your place?

The teenagers parked in Lovers Lane at the end of your street honk the horn as they climax at 1.23? (The local pub threw them out at 1.15)

You are in a hotel room, and the previous guest set the alarm in a malicious manner?

You are woken by your wife sneaking back into bed?:E

14th Sep 2005, 23:50
Am I Weird?


tall and tasty
15th Sep 2005, 00:08

No I don't think you are. I wake up at 0300 on the dot quite a bit and rarely need an alarm clock to wake me up, if I need to be up at 0600 I tell myself to wake up at that time and usually am within 5 mins before the time I need to get up. Even if it is a strange time like 0435.

It is just utilizing your own internal clock, which in our modern lifestyles we have fogotten how to use

TnT :p

15th Sep 2005, 03:15
like most people you have a good internal alarm clock. I wake up regardless at 5am each morning even on my days off :(
but as to the question "am I weird"?ermmm I think I'll have to pass on that one

Windy Militant
15th Sep 2005, 08:39
No! Weird is as weird does. Weirdos never think that they're weird! We er ahem, they just think they're normal it's the rest of you who are weird! :p :ok:

Gingerbread Man
15th Sep 2005, 11:18
That's nothing. I set my phone alarm for 0715 and my radio for 0705, Radio 1. Every time I wake up and look at the clock it reads 0815, within a one minute tolerance. The phone only ever seems to ring once, despite being put on snooze, and at the moment I always wake up for a particular song played on the breakfast show, which isn't always played at the same time! It's bizarre. I tried offsetting the procedure by one hour, and set my alarms one hour sooner. 0814 again :ugh:

I don't understand it.

Ginger ;)

(Oh, and the answer is no, you're not weird, just gifted, like me :p )

15th Sep 2005, 17:06
Tell you the truth I mostly don't even know what day it is.......except Tuesday when the dustman comes along.

15th Sep 2005, 18:23
Or Monday morning, when the gas man comes to call?

I look at my watch (analogue) throughout the day, never at particular times. However, if I look at a digital clock, it always seems to be at 12:34... :confused: I thought it might be that that time was sticking in my head and I was paying more attention to it. However, I started making a note of what times I was looking at digital clocks, and 12:34 DID come up much more often.

Onan the Clumsy
15th Sep 2005, 19:51
s'funny this, but I woke up last night...

... at 2:37


15th Sep 2005, 20:00
What do you think will happen when the clocks go back?

15th Sep 2005, 20:32
"What do you think will happen when the clocks go back?"

I shall buy some more on credit and not pay.

15th Sep 2005, 20:38
s'funny this, but I woke up last night...

... at 2:37

You an me both Onan. That's right folks - last night it was an hour later! 02:27 :uhoh:

They are on their way I'm telling you. You heard it here first. We are an alien experiment and they are starting their early morning test runs for the planned evactuation that shall come at precisely 03:27 sometime in the next couple of days...