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14th Sep 2005, 17:16
How To Impress A Woman:
* Wine her,
* Dine her,
* Call her,
* Hug her,
* Support her,
* Hold her,
* Surprise her,
* Compliment her,
* Smile at her,
* Listen to her,
* Laugh with her,
* Cry with her,
* Romance her,
* Encourage her,
* Believe in her,
* Pray with her,
* Pray for her,
* Cuddle with her,
* Shop with her,
* Give her jewelry,
* Buy her flowers,
* Hold her hand,
* Write love letters to her,
* Go to the end of the Earth and back again for her.

How to impress a man:
* Show up naked ... Bring chicken wings ... Don't block the TV


14th Sep 2005, 17:33
How to Impress a Woman Part 2

1. Ignore her

Don't know why it works but it does. So much for evolution :{

Onan the Clumsy
14th Sep 2005, 17:41
I was just wondering why this thread is called "How to treat a woman" then discusses How to Impress a Woman.


...or is that too logical of me?


anyway, if you want to impress them, don't you just give them a shilling?

tony draper
14th Sep 2005, 17:46
A picture is worth a thousand words.


14th Sep 2005, 17:48
Very logical Oman and well spotted! .. Changed it! .. Are you happy now! .. :{

How to impress Onan! ..

1. Is there a way to impress him? .. :E


Good one tony! .. The problem is the signs are the wrong way round! .. :E

14th Sep 2005, 18:10
Post a piccie on the photo thread, kid on it's you and they fall at yer feet! eh, Chacha?:p

Ps, Chacha..Oman is a country...surely you don't mean Onan is a c**ntry too?

With aplogies to all involved:ugh:

14th Sep 2005, 18:20
Changed it! .. Happy? .. Ooh some people are just so pernickity .. :E

15th Sep 2005, 01:28
Women are impressed by a huge bulge in your trousers.

My own wallet is nearly two inches thick and as long as a B$1,000 dollar bill. Now that's what you call a wallet eh? :)

15th Sep 2005, 01:37
The logical corollary is, of course, how well a husband impresses his wife is directly proportional to how she treats him.
:cool: ;)

The Phantom poster
15th Sep 2005, 04:40
Start a "Who am I" thread....(That's a clue by the way!) ;)

Howard Hughes
15th Sep 2005, 07:17
Sorry Chacha, it's a lot easier than that to impress men, you probably don't have to worry about the chicken wings!!;)

As for how to impress a woman, I'm taking that secret to the grave.....:p

15th Sep 2005, 08:06
I've always found that licking my eyebrows whilst breathing through my ears seems to work:E