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14th Sep 2005, 09:27
Anyone got any advice on what to buy to do about an acre. Just seen one for 900 including box at B&Q (MTD RS115.96P). Seems a deal.....anyone else got one - or know anything about MTD mowers (Briggs and Stratton Engine 11.5HP) - any advice gladly received.



Windy Militant
14th Sep 2005, 09:36
Get a sheep! Oh! not that sort of ride on mower :O

Biggles Flies Undone
14th Sep 2005, 09:40
I bought a cheap one just over a grand about 7 years ago and its been fine. The only expense has been rubber drive belts for the cutters at about 40 quid a pop they dont take a lot of abuse when you get bored digging out molehills and use the cutter blades instead..... I think the B&S engine is pretty much the industry standard for low-end mowers and mine has been trouble free.

I think ride-ons are like washing machines you dont get much better than a budget one until you spend three times as much, so avoid the mid-range models.

14th Sep 2005, 09:51
Whatever you buy, make sure you have a decent service agent not too far away who'll come out whenever you need it fixing. And don't let people use/abuse it as a plaything.

14th Sep 2005, 09:53
Check how easy/difficult it is to empty the grass catcher - you'll rue the day you bought it if emptying the thing is a chore.

My Hayter is a PITA for this reason - the only way to empty it is to dump the clippings on the ground then scoop them into something :rolleyes:

WTF was the guy on when he designed that system? :yuk: (Yeah, "grass". Ha, f'ken ha ;) )

14th Sep 2005, 10:08
Pilots Pal - hope you're not refering to the sheep idea....

Lon More
14th Sep 2005, 10:34
I think ride-ons are like washing machines

So did my ex. (cheap sexual gratification)

Lots of cheap ones around now, but buy one with a well-known name; they have a reputation to keep up.

Don't remove the governer, the brakes aren't that good and wearing a crash helmet looks a bit naff, unless you're into this (http://www.racemower.co.uk/)

Alternatively buy one of these (http://www.mowdirect.co.uk/acatalog/MOBOT_PROFESSIONAL.htm) or these (http://www.evatech.net/)

14th Sep 2005, 10:43
I have a 14 HP MTD and have used it for over 8 years, it runs great. I've only had to replace the battery over the years. I would recommend one.

14th Sep 2005, 10:44
Review of MTD:

These MTD Yard Machine lawn mowers are reasonably priced, because what you're paying for is essentially just their Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines -- names widely trusted. Not a lot of frills here. The only thing a bit out of the ordinary: 12"-high rear wheels. If your yard is plagued by hilly or uneven terrain, or areas with tree roots protruding from the ground (a real hassle for mowing), using high wheels can be a great blessing. Once you try it, you may never go back to shorter wheels!

The price.
High-wheel MTD Yard Machine lawn mowers facilitate the mowing of uneven areas.
Their Briggs & Stratton engine inspires confidence.

Few "bells and whistles" here: this is just your basic grass-cutter.

Check their online price as well as in-store. They are selling it here (http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/product/product.jsp?PRODID=8080097) with 85 pounds off for 764. Add on the double bagger and it still comes in around a grand...

ducks fly higher
14th Sep 2005, 10:50
Upside down helicopter, and a careful bit of flying.

Might want to check the mole hills first....:hmm:

Biggles Flies Undone
14th Sep 2005, 10:52
:rolleyes: That's the one (MTD) I've got. The bags hold a lot of grass but the grass, coupled with the substantial weight of the frame/top puts a lot of weight aft of the CG - so I wouldn't recommend one for mowing steep slopes :ooh:

14th Sep 2005, 11:10
I've had an MTD for quite a few years. Still working, but it's a shedder - nuts and bolts vanish. Plastic front "grill" attachments finally broke last year so the engine is now out in the open ... but it cuts the grass on my 2/3-rds acre OK.

I second the suggestion about avoiding riding parallel to steep hills.


14th Sep 2005, 14:18
Excellent thanks folks...think I'll go for the bargain from diy.com. And maybe a sheep for the cold winter nights:oh:

14th Sep 2005, 14:36
I bought a Hayter M10/30 in the Spring. Cost just over 1000 and I normally use it in mulching mode so emptying the grass is not a problem, not that I noticed any problem with it the few times I did pick up the grass cuttings - except that the lever for emptying the grass box tends to catch on shrubs or low branches.

I am quite happy with it.

The reason I chose this model was that it offers mulching and trailer towing as standard and is the best value with these options.

I use it for about 2/3 acre of roughish grass.