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Buster Hyman
14th Sep 2005, 03:57
Colombian plane hijackers surrender
A man in a wheelchair and his son have surrendered after hijacking a small plane in southern Colombia and forcing it to land at Bogota's airport.

Earlier, the hijackers released all passengers from the plane, which carried 25 people.

The pair had remained in the Aires airline turboprop with three negotiators and the two pilots.

The propeller plane, which is owned by Colombian company Aires, was hijacked while on a flight from Florencia in the province of Caqueta, to Bogota.

The hijackers had demanded to speak with state human rights and law enforcement officials.

Witnesses say they had threatened to blow up the plane with a bomb the hijackers said was hidden under the seat of the wheelchair.

"Thank God it turned out all right," one of the passengers, Reinado Duque, said.

In 2002, Colombia's leftist FARC rebels hijacked a commercial airliner, a move that led to a breakdown in peace talks between the guerrillas and the Government.

Thousands die every year in Colombia's 41-year-old war that pits leftist guerrillas against the state and illegal far-right paramilitary militias.

- Reuters

OMFG!!!:ooh: WTF!!!
What did they do, shoot out his tyres???

Onan the Clumsy
14th Sep 2005, 12:23
So it was a Pitts? That's small alright.