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13th Sep 2005, 14:27
If your place of work is anything like this place, first thing in the morning can be an assault on the old nose with all the different perfume and smelly stuff women (and some blokes) have showered in (or not showered if the case may be)

Of late there have been a few notices put up around the building asking people to be considerate of others who may be sensitive to certain perfume scents and not wear them in the workplace. Anybody else have these sorts of notice?

Fair enough, people do have allergies. Me, I'm allergic to stupid people (can be hard to live with myself sometimes). One guy here says he is allergic to certain types of shampoo and reckons if he sits next to somebody who has washed their hair with a certain product it will set his allergy off. Is it a reasonable request?

13th Sep 2005, 14:34
But can yer light up and have a ciggie?:E


13th Sep 2005, 14:37
As someone who does suffer from some of the chemical odours emanating from people and domestic & car 'air fresheners', I would say it's reasonable.

13th Sep 2005, 14:55
I'm working in a Govt of Canada building and I have seen a number of posters of this sort on the notice boards, such as "No Scent Makes Sense". Whilst some people do tend to bathe in perfume rather than spray sparingly, the majority of people I know and encounter are sensible and don't over aroma (and shower).

Standard Noise
13th Sep 2005, 15:14
It can be a bit annoying when the ATSA keeps changing beside you and your senses take a battering when they come in smelling like a 'whore's handbag'.......................and that's just the blokes!:}

13th Sep 2005, 17:30
Anyone complaining about the perfume of their colleagues needs their work load doubled as they obviously haven't got enough to do.


13th Sep 2005, 17:33
"Anyone complaining about the perfume of their colleagues needs their work load doubled as they obviously haven't got enough to do."

After the 'dozy post of the day' award?

13th Sep 2005, 20:44
I think this is a very valid complaint: heavy perfume/aftershave at work (or anywhere else for that matter) can be nauseating. :yuk:

I used to do food tasting for a very large food company and we were not allowed to wear any perfume, hairspray, etc because it interfered with the taste-buds/sense of smell. It was great because in a room of 15-20 (mostly) women, there were no incredibly over-powering odours. (I have to add here that I find overly strong perfume as unpleasant as BO. And I hate CKB - it makes me feel sick.)

Finally, the worst place for too much perfume is a restaurant. I actually had a meal completely ruined once by a woman sitting at the next table whose perfume was so strong that it totally put me off my food. Even worse than someone smoking it was, and much more difficult to complain about. :yuk: :yuk:

Shiny Side Up
13th Sep 2005, 21:24
Tart1 - reminds me of a civil suit in NZ a while back, a woman was kicked out of a very chi chi restaurant by the head chef who claimed her perfume was too strong and was ruining the taste of his creations. She took the case to court, and sensibly enough it was thrown out...


13th Sep 2005, 21:28
Anyone complaining about the perfume of their colleagues needs their work load doubled as they obviously haven't got enough to do.

Ah yes, you'll be saying that when you're stuck in the front of your little R22 a thousand feet up with somebody who has decided Old Spice is a viable substitute for bathing :E :E

Suppose you could always just chuck them out.

13th Sep 2005, 21:48
I stand corrected, although personally I would rather smell perfume in favour of many other odours coming from the human body.
Can't say I've ever encountered anyone with perfume/aftershave so strong it offended me, but then I'm only young, there's time.


Windy Militant
14th Sep 2005, 11:12
Just discovered this thread and have to add my tuppence worth.
For those of us who are allergic to perfumes and in my case fabric conditioners it can be a bl**dy night mare.

I have to avoid going into places like Boots the chemist because the cloud of toxic fug that hangs over the place reduces me to a sneezing runny eyed wreck.
It's not a case of being offended it makes your life a complete misery. :{ :{
Funny how if you say it's Hayfever you get a sympathetic response if you say you're allergic to perfume then you get told not to be stupid. :mad:

14th Sep 2005, 11:31
different perfume and smelly stuff women (and some blokes) have showered in (or not showered if the case may be)

No problems where I work, just the raw smell of sweat ,on glistening bare backs of the males in the workshops :E

14th Sep 2005, 12:11
WM - greetings, a fellow sufferer!

Fabric conditioners, absolutely, in fact most man-made petrochemical based odours.

Doncha just love those car 'air fresheners' !

Windy Militant
14th Sep 2005, 12:19


:uhoh: :\ :{ :yuk:

And I'm still itching after a Visit to my Mums, she washed some shirts for me. She didn't use conditioner in the wash my shirts were in but the residual traces left in the machine were enough!:ugh:

14th Sep 2005, 12:28
I'll join the grizzle. If perfume, for either men or women is designed to attract the opposite sex, why do people wear the stuff in the simulator? It only detracts from the job.

Yes and I am an a-retentive sim guy...

15th Sep 2005, 01:43
Most perfumes are made from chemical concoctions designed to stimulate the scent organs. Unfortunately they don't excite them in exactly the same way for every individual. We had a person who insisted on spraying the office with "Air Freshener" every morning. It was supposed to smell like roses but to my tortured scent organ (and many of the other workers) it smelt like buffalo shit.

Nevertheless, it worked very well at freshening the air - I began opening the window next to my desk, which provided plenty of fresh air. It didn't do much for the air-conditioning though and we eventually persuaded him to stop spraying chemical poisons into our precious air supply.

We don't tolerate tobacco smoke, so why put up with other offensive pollutants?

15th Sep 2005, 02:26
...I'd rather smell jet fuel. :E

15th Sep 2005, 07:06
Reminds me of my maths teacher at secondary school (who was also proof that competence in the subject is not always a requirement to teach - but that's another story.)

She used to wear the most dreadful perfume at a level that meant you could smell her ten minutes after she'd passed down the corridor!!


15th Sep 2005, 11:25
Don't you just love the smell of napalm in the morning?