View Full Version : Dixon's Reply?

Dark Knight
9th Sep 2005, 06:46
The scenario:

You blokes are terrific.
Your saying, if the union tells its members to collectively jump off a cliff, you would do it? I for one, would make up my own mind, I'm an individual, not a sheep.”

So what you are saying Repro is if you were to think you were not being paid enough, your rosters were a bit tough, your need a bit more leave or your superannuation could be improved to enable you to live your retirement with a little more dignity and comfort you are going to drop into Geoff Dixon’s office for morning tea and arrange this?

“Geoff, old chap, things are getting a little tough, me & the missus need a few more shekels, she’d like to see a bit more of and we would really like to save something for our retirement. Couldn’t give us a few more quid, could you?”

When you get tossed in the slammer in some far away country because of an incident, accident or another stoush beating up the servants again you are going to ring Geoff “I say Geoff, Mate, seem to have a little bit of bother over here in downtown wherever, couldn’t send a lawyer or two to get me out, could you?”

“Maybe ring your mate Beazley and get him to arrange a pre-emptive strike?”

What will be Dixon's reply?

Agent Mulder
9th Sep 2005, 10:51
"Don't go near a keyboard when you have been drinking"