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king oath
8th Sep 2005, 06:22
A report in Crikey.com by Glenn Dyer states that the Qantas annual report has Dikko earning a total of $6.48 million up from $ 6.09 million in 2004. This includes a "short term incentive payment" of $3.69 million.

He says" no wonder Dixon has adopted the Henry Penny style of doomsday corporate forecasting. If he didn't some shareholders might wonder how he was justifying so much money when Qantas has been earning so much money."

Gregg got $3.63 mill, while Jackson got $506000 up from $484000 a year ago. James Packer doesn't get a cent from PBL but gets some pocket money from Qantas of $116775.

Aussie aussie aussie, oink oink oink.

Don Esson
8th Sep 2005, 10:14
Jamie Packer attended 8 of 9 scheduled Board Meetings and 1 of 1 unscheduled meeting. For that he received total remuneration of a paltry (to him) $116,775 or $12,975 per meeting. Not bad coin if you can get it.

According to Qantas' report, he does not sit on any Board sub-committee/s so....what and how does he actually contribute to the well-being of Qantas? Having done so well with One-Tel, why would anyone but a father want his son 'on board'? Also, as he is a so-called 'independent' director, how come he was appointed by the then Board?

P.S. The pun was intended.

8th Sep 2005, 10:29
I am trolling along waiting for a SUNFISH to bite......

He will not be able to resist this one!!!:}


Don Esson
8th Sep 2005, 10:52
Good one J430. I bet your comments have raised quite a few wry smiles in the last few minutes? But....why were you so subtle? Your deft touch will be lost on the Mouth from the South. :ok: :ok:

Enema Bandit's Dad
8th Sep 2005, 10:54
Now if these greedy bastards didn't take their bonus's, how many staff that face retrenchement could have been kept in employment? Here fishy, fishy, fishy..... :} :ugh:

8th Sep 2005, 11:19
...........and the next time some 'champ' says something stupid like "pilot wages in aust are unsustainable in this new modern era' ect ect

please refer to this thread

8th Sep 2005, 11:48
I figured our mate down there in Melbourne did not need that uch bait to bite!!

Bet he is busting to reply right now but can't for fear of falling for the trap!!!

I really do enjoy his QF bashing, even though I do not always support his views, but it does make for a balanced PPRUNE doesn't it..... what ever that means....:}


8th Sep 2005, 12:05
So the outgoing CEO of BA was making about one-fifth of what the CEO of QF makes...and the CEO of QF makes more than the CEO's of BA, CX, SQ, Thai and Malaysian combined.

I know what this tells me...sell QF shares.

8th Sep 2005, 20:24
Sunfish carefully sniffs the bait and swims away, looking for something fresher and more wholesome to have for breakfast.

8th Sep 2005, 22:10
- - - Jamie Packer attended 8 of 9 scheduled Board Meetings and 1 of 1 unscheduled meeting. For that he received total remuneration of a paltry (to him) $116,775 or $12,975 per meeting. Not bad coin if you can get it. - - -

So why is he there - Umm tie up one network who will never say a bad thing about QF. Have one oulet that Dixon can always use, - that would be the Sunday program. Ever notice that Ross Greenwood always speaks so highly of Dixon - now does he believe it, or is that the boss at 9 telling him to do so?

And to think, if Kerry liked aviation like he liked a casino, he could have the joint and put James in charge! QF could have Ross Greenwood as CFO, the Getaway team looking after what destinations QF would fly to and say Ray Martin in charge of Public Affairs. What a pity Daryl Sommers isn't still with 9 - he and Ozzie could have looked after 'inflight entertainment'.

9th Sep 2005, 00:37
Hi Sunny, you took the bait, ohhh no!!! he spat the hook just when it was looking good!!

From what I read here all the time maybe your suggestion of a management change would actually work!

I still prefer flying with them when I can't fly myself... No objection to VB either...


9th Sep 2005, 03:53
Actually I happen to believe that CEO's deserve very big salaries, it's a thankless job. In simple equity, if you are risking your reputation and livlihood to make your shareholdrs a billion dollar profit, you deserve a few million of it sticking to your fingers.

One mistake and you are out. One takeover and you are out. It is a highwire act and there is no safety net - and no its not like a pilots job. There are no navaids, no ATC, no radar, no aerodromes and no maps. You have to make your own as you go along. Furthermore you are often relying on information that is month's, if not years old.

Its a high risk occupation and today's "right" answer can be tomorrows "wrong" answer.

Look at what Sol Trujillo is doing right now with Telstra and you will see what I mean.

Time Bomb Ted
9th Sep 2005, 04:19

Geoff makes a huge mistake and QF loses money.

A pilot makes a huge mistake and people die!

Where is the fairness and equity in that?

Bit like bean counters telling aircrew how to fly.


9th Sep 2005, 06:01
Fortunately for Qantas the "Bean Counters" have been very successful in contributing to the profit of the company with their fuel hedging policy. Employees should be grateful that they work for a successful company and stop all their whinging.

9th Sep 2005, 06:11

or we could rephrase that:

Fortunately for QANTAS the the pilots have not crashed (insert dramatisation as appropriate) an aircraft and consequently the bean counters and management should be very happy they still have jobs ridiculous bonus's and the airline is not bankrupt.


how about

Fortunately for QANTAS the engineers have maintained the aircraft and consequently no aircraft has fallen apart midflight (insert dramatisation as appropriate) and therefore the bean counters should be happy they have jobs, ridiculous bonus's and the airline is not bankrupt


jack red
9th Sep 2005, 06:16
Ah.........yes VC9 .......profits. Larger dividends for the shareholders, bonus dividends, etc,.

Who said anything about selling QAN shares - bollocks !:E

9th Sep 2005, 06:56
Now looky who has taken the bait?:O

Bluey, TBT and VC9!


Score 3 to Sunfish,

9th Sep 2005, 07:37
I was merely adding more bait... :}

9th Sep 2005, 09:10
The following is a cut and paste from the Sydney Morning Herald outlining payments made to our beloved trough feeders-

OINK :mad: :mad: :mad:

"What a whack

It's nice to see Qantas's chief doomsayer, Geoff Dixon, has still managed to earn himself a hearty pay increase of 6.4 per cent - that's $391,401.

Despite Dicko's repeated cries about Qantas's need to slash jobs in order to remain profitable, he had a modest $6.48 million pay packet last financial year.

This was helped along by the increase in Dicko's "equity benefits" for the year to $1.25 million - all despite the recent slide in the Flying Kangaroo's share price.

However, Dicko missed out on the $1000 bonus Qantas handed out to each of its non-executive employees recently. So too did his chief numbers man, Peter Gregg, on $3.63 million.

One wonders if Dicko was thinking about himself at the airline's recent results when he exclaimed how Qantas employees should be grateful they had a job.

"In some ways, although we don't expect to get a thanks, they should be at least saying, 'Gee, for an industry that's in so much turmoil, we've still got decent jobs'," Mr Dixon said.

Maybe this sentiment could be extended to all of Dicko's senior management team, who bettered the 3 per cent annual pay rise most of Qantas rank and file have achieved lately.

Qantas executive general manager John Borghetti managed to lift his package 18 per cent to $1.84 million and Jetstar boss Alan Joyce pocketed a very low-cost $1.42 million."

Enema Bandit's Dad
9th Sep 2005, 10:23
Looks like you Qantas and Jetstar blokes better get off your arses. A pissy 3% payrise (with offsets?) and look what these hypocrits do. Pathetic.

Sandy Freckle
10th Sep 2005, 02:39
I'm just waiting to see what happens when a QF aircraft augers in.

Be it mainline, J*, or a regional, it WILL happen. The ENTIRE airline is sooooooo unhappy at the moment, it is only a matter of time before the result is a catastrophe. Mark these words.

The bean counters might be counting bodies instead. And I'm 100% certain they'll keep a very low profile, and disappear quietly with their respective bonus'. As will that [email protected], Dixon.

Gloomy prediction? Yes. But the way things are at the moment I'm absolutely amazed that anyone is doing their job properly.

rescue 1
10th Sep 2005, 07:40
Sandy, I think that your post is a touch on the doomsday side and melodramatic...I believe that despite everything else, most people in aviation are professionals and very dedicted to their job.

Politics belong in the board room, not on the shop floor.

Its a high risk occupation and today's "right" answer can be tomorrows "wrong" answer.
Sunfish is right...

10th Sep 2005, 09:53
Quoting rescue 1

"I believe that despite everything else, most people in aviation are professionals and very dedicted to their job".

In my own words, QF will continue to operate safely and to the staffs best abilities (given reasonable resources), in spite of management attempts at running (down) the company just to get their KPI bonus'.

:yuk: :yuk: furball:yuk: :yuk:

10th Sep 2005, 22:15
As one of the great unhappy, I see the same threats implied by the CP, the deputy CP the IR manager as they attempt to fatten the wallets and sell the bunch of S*it they and the AIPA union calls an EBA. I see the delivery of product to our customers drop as they persue cost reduction. Cost reduction in areas of administration will never be persued as management rely on these little bureacrats feed them their information. I see the litany of lies told by management including statements that all EBAs are signed off, jet* won't take mainline flying...It really makes me sad. Most of my colleagues feel the same way.

But the pricks will never stop me trying to operate safely, it isn't a question of working at mainline, or being a Qantas pilot it's an attitude that is formed way before the bean counters get their grubby fingers on an airline. Whilst management can kiss my a** I will keep flying safely, to the best of my ability..All their short term crap will pass when a new breed of manager tries to fix all the damage done. Hopefully we won't be too late.

In the interim I will take personal roster adjustments, I will do things when I am ready and never when they want it done..Colleagues have witnessed a three month delay in uniform rollouts but were receiving paper in mailslips telling us we needed to get measured up and fitted by June 30 for a changeover that iwas to occur July 1 yet is still to occur as of today's date.

The deputy CP and CP can imply all the threats they like, all the time the pilot group gets older, the airlines in asia, including China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and the like scream for crew....

The worm will turn!:E

Z Force
10th Sep 2005, 22:43
It's a sad indictement. I have ex AN friends flying for QF now and they say that the morale amongst tech crew is actually lower than Ansett's was in its dieing days.

Uncommon Sense
11th Sep 2005, 00:23
On Morale - an observation.

Over the last 5 years or so I have heard the airline pilots voices getting more miserable by the week. Thats if some some of them are actually awake enough to speak.

But being fair, the voices of the ATC are getting just as miserable, and just as tired.

Or maybe we are just all getting old and cranky - and tired of the transparent management tactics that are occurring to all of us. If this is the relaxed and comfortable society model that the little rodent spoke of - it doesn't sound like it in the voices of the relaxed and comfortable workers.

11th Sep 2005, 03:11
Goof Dixon has taken Qantas in a particular direction....he just forgot to invite the Qantas staff.
If Qantas was run by Branson...we would be paid less but be a lot happier.
Branson's foreplay is second to none
Maybe Goof should buy Branson's book.