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Buster Hyman
8th Sep 2005, 00:51
Disney wishes upon a Jetstar
John Masanauskas and Geraldine Mitchell

AVALON airport is being considered as a site for a the first Disney World in Australia.

US Disney executives inspected Avalon last month as part of a tour of possible Australian sites.
Sources said the group, which was entertained by airport owner Linfox, was impressed with the location and the presence of cut-price airline Jetstar.

Jetstar flies to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide from Avalon, and hopes to carry one million passengers through the airport annually by 2008.

"A low-cost airline flying around families appealed to Disney," a source said. "This is the site that interests them the most."

It is believed other sites looked at were Docklands and Werribee.

Avalon airport manager Tim Anderson declined declined to comment.

A spokesman for Linfox chief Lindsay Fox also declined to comment.

Disney operates theme parks across the world, including in the US, France and Japan.

Its latest park opens in Hong Kong next Monday.

Treasurer John Brumby said global tourism and leisure companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros and the Walt Disney Corporation were constantly monitoring the Australian market for opportunities.

He said the State Government could not comment "at this time".

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