View Full Version : 500 hrs PIC

7th Sep 2005, 12:30
Sorry 757, you'll have to excuse my uneducated country men from the bush. Its just up there, someone who has 2 million hours flying Cessnas in VFR around flat terrain really is the voice of experience!! Sadly, someone who has truly cut it in the flightdeck of something slippery like a 757 is not. Having flown in Europe myself for many years, and seen the ability of low hour guys with the right training, im left wondering what we are doing wrong down here. That aside, it is a supply and demand consideration (insurance probably not a factor in a jet job, how would Qantas get their cadets through afterall?). The Air Force will let you in the seat of a fast jet with 500 hours, go figure?

Sorry, meant for another thread. I don\'t have 500 hours PPRUNE time!