View Full Version : There's been a culling in Dunnunda!

Buster Hyman
7th Sep 2005, 01:03
Two forums gone!!! Is this permanent?

What's going on Big W????:confused:

7th Sep 2005, 01:04
I still see them. You must be banned and rightly so.:p

Buster Hyman
7th Sep 2005, 01:07
Hey! I resemble that!!!

compressor stall
7th Sep 2005, 01:32
The universe is elastic...

7th Sep 2005, 02:28
It's called "left click finger RSI" and bandwidth folks.

A bit of a refocus and tightening up, that's all folks.

Now as for Stallies "elastic" universe, this is but one of many multiverses, but that's a story for another day.

As they said in that great TV show of old, "There are 20,000,000 stories in the Naked City this has been one of them" :p

Buster Hyman
7th Sep 2005, 03:36
Tee-Hee! Woomera said Naked!

7th Sep 2005, 05:48
Well, Buster, he can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk? :} Hmmm... maybe better not to take that line of thought any further! ;)

7th Sep 2005, 05:49
Speaking of culling, though on a lesser scale, what happened to the 'Offshore Maintenance' thread?

7th Sep 2005, 06:36
OzExpat but can he walk the walk nekked??:yuk: believe me you dont want to go there.

Think, Jabba the Hut:p

AN LAME I'm not sure if it missed out it wasn't for any other reason but finger trouble in the merge.

I'll see if I can find it, but no promises.

Buster Hyman
7th Sep 2005, 08:23
Jabba the Hut? Better than Jabba the Block of Flats!!!

7th Sep 2005, 08:38
20m stories in the Nekked Cutty, Woomera?

Surely you take poetic licence!? :8

7th Sep 2005, 09:58
amos2 :p

Well there were a lot, mebbe 2,000,000 and it was in the B & W days as I recall, maybe you were too young to remember. :cool: :uhoh:

Buster Hyman it was Jabba the Hut AFTER the Jenny Craig routine.:{

Buster Hyman
7th Sep 2005, 12:11
I can guarantee that a throat op is much quicker! 10kg in 2 weeks!:sad:

7th Sep 2005, 13:08
would someone please explain..!!!

I am lost in all the hum drum above.....

Are the two forums gone for good, or just short term??


Ace on Base
7th Sep 2005, 13:52
Jabba the Hut.......:O


Wont go there Big W.

Maybe the grandkids can adoringly adopt that nick name instead of Grandad eh woomera!!! :} :} :}


Ace :cool:

Desert Flower
8th Sep 2005, 02:00
Pprune has been Ppruned! :{


8th Sep 2005, 14:10
Think, Jabba the Hut :p
Ah yes, how silly of me... now I know which Woomera I was talking too! :D

8th Sep 2005, 21:05
Can someone put a bucket under the dribble for a few minutes and explain the culling?

9th Sep 2005, 01:05
Contrary to any PPRuNe management "spin" I would bet a bowl of Kit-E-Kat on there being only one reason


Or whatever is the fashionable currency in any given locale

:yuk: :yuk: furball:yuk: :yuk:

9th Sep 2005, 01:11

Aaaah, now we need to get down to whether we refer to Jabbas looks or size. :p

One Woomera is really ugly and "normal size" the other is fantastically handsome but "largish". :E

I resemble that ....... !!! :mad:

You nekid.....??? Excuse me whilst I talk to 'Erbert on the big Porcelain telephone!!! :yuk:

Nuffer Woomera

9th Sep 2005, 08:24
D&G hosts a better environment. Sad to see it go down to two from three.

Ozzy mate! I have your correspondence course to post to you. Small blue book.


Poms bottled it on Day One like I said. Go Ausssie Go!

Howard Hughes
9th Sep 2005, 09:26
Whats all this talk about Jabba?

I didn't know the opposition leader was a Ppruner!!;)

Cheers, HH.


Pinky the pilot
9th Sep 2005, 12:18
I say Woomera me boyo, would you be after explainin' what the divil has been going on?? And in plain language if you'd be so kind!
Almost thought I'd had one too many glasses of the good stuff!!:}

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

10th Sep 2005, 06:11
Neither of those descriptions match the W I was thinking of mate. You must've forgotton the other one who has both Jabba's looks and size! :}

enicalyth... PM enroute with necessary details. :ok:

10th Sep 2005, 06:51
Wonem this Jabba talk... only one Jabba I know and he lives in POM and he's normally ready to push a needle up yer bum.

Pinky the pilot
10th Sep 2005, 10:35
Animalclub; Only one Jabba I know....
Em Nau! And don't I know it!! Was feeling like death warmed up wantaim and got sent to the aforementioned who promptly diagnosed a 'vitamin deficiency' and prescribed the cure for which he is (in)famous!!!
A week later was feeling at death's door so staggered along to a Doctor Solomon (National type) who took one look at me and said,
"You've got malaria, son!'
Apologies to all whom may remember me posting similar earlier!

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

11th Sep 2005, 11:36
Animalclub maaaate! You've been away from here a loooong time mate. Even Pinky has been away too long to know, but the "Jabba" to which you refer has long since departed these shores.

Buster Hyman
12th Sep 2005, 13:16
Okay...so we now have one forum for GA & Wannabees...and the other for those of us that are well hung...is that it?:} :ouch:

Paint The Sky Pink!
14th Sep 2005, 00:12
What's going on????

Are we really down to TWO forums?

:{ :{ :{ :{


14th Sep 2005, 00:32
We're down to two forums. Executive decision from Head Office.

Actually, two forums is easier for us Woomeri and one, if not two of the previous forums wasn't getting a lot of business.

But no need for panic - the Australia/Pacific region is still the second largest for PPRuNe (after UK/Europe).


15th Sep 2005, 21:55
At last... some "official" comment from W on the change and the why.


Sheep Guts
16th Sep 2005, 11:36
Im a bit confused here . I understand the bandwidth debate. Im sure there are other forums that could be culled or combined for bandwidth than ours. Safety and CRM and Aunt Agony Forums both deal with CRM issues and have only 500 odd topics a piece. Just look at these figures of viewers in the last 24 hours, PPRUNE data aswell. Sort of show Australians are the second most prominent users after the UK.

Country Views

United Kingdom (49.98%) 704,363

Australia (10.93%) 153,977

United States (9.23%) 130,094

Canada (2.83%) 39,826

Ireland (2.55%) 35,995

United Arab Emirates (2.43%) 34,302

(1.62%) 22,836

Germany (1.55%) 21,790

France (1.54%) 21,649

New Zealand (1.48%) 20,860

Netherlands (1.48%) 20,823

Hong Kong (1.35%) 19,064

South Africa (1.18%) 16,572

Singapore (0.90%) 12,626

Switzerland (0.82%) 11,581

Spain (0.78%) 10,960

Interesting indeed.


P.S I suppose there are other techinical issues that havent been talked about here, that have forced management to take this action.

16th Sep 2005, 12:01
What that doesn't show is the ratio of moderators to views.

I can assure you it is lower than anywhere else. Think I got that right = we work hard for you. :rolleyes:

I no complain, but 2 is easier to control than 4 and the quality of your posts is better, thank you all for that. :ok:

Sheep Guts
16th Sep 2005, 12:28
Yes it will make your job easier. Thanks for your contributions to this thread. But now that it has been reduced to 2 forums it will effect those figures i just posted more than likely a reduction mark my words.


Buster Hyman
16th Sep 2005, 15:18
But your last two posts would've compensated it sheep! Especially that really big one up there!:ok: