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6th Sep 2005, 17:35

Where do you recommend to go to for a good quality 737-300/500 re-cuurent training course anywhere in the world haven't flown the type for 2 years, need to get up to speed on it again!

Also what about training for the NG??

Thanks DW. differences course!

8th Sep 2005, 21:42
You can try XXX i believe they do a course for Euro 2900.

A search on line will find numerous commercial organisations which purport to be able to offer such training. Not able to leave such an overtly commercial link in place. If anyone is interested in knowing the link, please check directly with the poster.

Hmm, looks like we are no longer allowed to answer questions put forward in the posts.. the company :mad: is located in Norway. I think :mad: offer a good priced recurrent on the 737, but have never trained with :mad:.

If you want the name of :mad: and :mad:'s web address PM me.

11th Sep 2005, 02:07
Did mine at Higher Power Aviation in Dallas Texas. Great Bunch and highly professional.


Trained in a few centers and these guys sure put you through their courses real proper.

Need any info pm me and will be glad to share my experience over at HPA.


Timo Maas
12th Sep 2005, 16:37
I did mine through a company called Avia Training, their based in Sweden and the guys up there are relly good and on the ball

13th Sep 2005, 08:04
AviaTraining is a norwegiean TRTO, (from Torp/Sandefjord), they rent sim capacity from SFA OSL ARL GECAT and Palma.
But You are right, they are highly prof.