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4th Sep 2005, 19:10
I can across this and copy without comment:


NOTE: Our hearts are rent by the awful images of loss and
devastation suffered in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. A number
of Christians have claimed a link between the enforced Gaza
pullout and Judgment hitting the USA (-who pushed for the pullout).

Below are THREE EXTRACTS related to this

1. October 30, 1991: The Perfect Storm - As President George
H. W. Bush is opening the Madrid (Spain) Conference to consider
"land for peace" in Israel's Middle East role, the "perfect storm"
develops in the North Atlantic, creating the largest waves ever
recorded in that region. The storm travels 1000 miles from "east to
west" instead of the normal "west to east" pattern and crashes into
the New England Coast. Thirty-five foot waves crash into the
Kennebunkport home of President Bush.

2. August 23, 1992: Hurricane Andrew - When the Madrid Conference
moves to Washington DC and the peace talks resume, Hurricane
Andrew, the worst natural disaster ever to hit America, comes ashore
and produces an estimated $30 billion in damage and leaving 180,000
homeless in Florida.

3. January 16, 1994: Northridge Earthquake - President Bill Clinton
meets with Syria's President Hafez el-Assad in Geneva. They talk
about a peace agreement with Israel that includes giving up the Golan
Heights. Within 24 hours, a powerful 6.9 earthquake rocks Southern
California. This quake, centered in Northridge, becomes the second
most destructive natural disaster to hit the United States, behind
Hurricane Andrew.

4. January 21, 1998: Lewinsky Scandal - Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Clinton at the White House
and is coldly received. Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright refuse to have lunch with him. Shortly afterwards on that day,
the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks into the mass media and begins
to occupy a major portion of Clinton's time.

5. September 28, 1998: Hurricane George - As Secretary of State
Albright works on the final details of an agreement in which Israel
would give up 13 percent of Yesha (Judah and Samaria), Hurricane
George slams into the United States Gulf Coast with 110 mph winds
and gusts up to 175 mph. The hurricane hits the coast and stalled.
On September 28, Clinton meets with Yasser Arafat and Netanyahu
at the White House to finalize this land deal. Later, Arafat addresses
the United Nations about declaring an independent Palestinian state
by May 1999, as Hurricane George pounds the Gulf Coast, causing
$1 billion in damage. At the exact time that Arafat departs the
country, the storm begins to dissipate.

6. October 15-22, 1998: Texas Flooded - On October 15, 1998,
Arafat and Netanyahu meet at the Wye River Plantation in Maryland.
The talks are scheduled to last five days with the focus on Israel
giving up 13 percent of Yesha. The talks are extended and conclude
on October 23. On October 17, awesome rains and tornadoes hit
southern Texas. The San Antonio area is deluged with rain. The rain
and flooding in Texas continue until October 22 and then subside.
The floods ravage 25 percent of Texas and leave over one
billion dollars in damage. On October 21, Clinton declares this
section of Texas a major disaster area.

7. November 30, 1998: Market Capitalization Evaporates - Arafat
comes to Washington again to meet with President Clinton to raise
money for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. A total
of 42 other nations were represented in Washington. All the nations
agreed to give Arafat $3 billion in aid. Clinton promised $400 million,
and the European nations $1.7 billion. On the same day, the Dow
Jones average drops 216 points, and on December 1, the European
Market had its third worst day in history. Hundreds of billions of
market capitalization were wiped out in the U.S. and Europe.

8. December 12, 1998: Clinton is Impeached - As Clinton lands in the
Palestinian-controlled section of Israel to discuss the "land for peace"
process, the House of Representatives votes four articles of
impeachment against him.

9. May 3, 1999: The Powerful Super Tornado - On the day that
Yasser Arafat is scheduled to declare a Palestinian state with
Jerusalem as the capital, the most powerful tornado storm system
ever to hit the United States sweeps across Oklahoma and Kansas.
The winds are clocked at 316 mph the fastest wind speed ever
recorded. The declaration is postponed to December 1999 at the
request of President Clinton, whose letter to Arafat encourages him
in his "aspirations for his own land." He also writes that the
Palestinians have a right to "determine their own future on their own
land" and that they deserve to "live free, today, tomorrow and forever."

10. Week of October 11: Hurricane, Earthquake and Dow Collapse -
As Jewish settlers in 15 West Bank (Israel) settlements are evicted
from the covenant land in Israel, the Dow-Jones financial averages lose
5.7 percent in the worst week since October 1989. On October 15 the
Dow lost 266 points, and a hurricane slams into North Carolina. On the
next morning, October 16, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks the
southwest in the fifth most powerful earthquake in 20th Century. The
earthquake was centered in the California desert and did little damage
but was felt in three states.
"In John McTernan and my book, "Israel the Blessing or the Curse,"
we identify events that occur on the same-day Israel was strongly
advised or forced to give up her covenant land by the United States
or others. The above gives one an idea of the magnitude of these
-Koenig's International News - http://watch.org

(2) From 'Olive Tree Ministries':

What you won't hear anywhere is that this week New Orleans was
to observe "Southern Decadence Day" with 100,000 homosexuals
gathering there to commit unspeakable acts in public. Previous
events were photographed and sent to the mayor and police officials
but they did not care. They had their own lust: The $100,000,000
the event brings in.

Gambling casinos took a hit on the coast as this is where the eye
of the storm hit.

And as America forced Israelis out of parts of their land, hurricane
Katrina was building in the Atlantic. A Fox reporter said, "It must
be an emotional experience (for Americans) to walk away from
their homes and not ever live in them again." Same with those
forced out in Israel. Israeli homes are being demolished as Gulf
Coast homes are demolished.

This was America's greatest "evacuation." Now we have "refugees".

Israelis were evacuated and many are refugees living in tents and
refugee centers, thanks to America. The Israeli uprooting will affect
their entire economy in that some of their finest produce which was
exported is now left behind.

America's economy could face a steep recession as oil processing
refineries were damaged. Plan to see price increases within days.
Will this bring our economy down? Major industries will be affected
from food delivery, jet fuel, travel, insurance, and so much more
with the "ripple effect" of skyrocketing gas prices.

(3) "We REAP What we SOW"

I am going out on a limb with what I am about to say. It may strike
a nerve, and I am sorry if that does happen. But in these days
people must hear the TRUTH, even if it is uncomfortable. I knew,
as this country has pushed the "roadmap to peace" in Israel that
for our country there would be dire consequences. And as I
watched the people of Gaza Strip driven from their homes, I knew
in my spirit there would be very swift (within a few weeks at
best) consequences for our country. In case you don't know, the
USA is the driving force behind these agreements.

I just wasn't prepared for the obvious parallel in reaping what we
sowed. It was just a couple of weeks ago, that we watched the
people of Gaza driven, weeping, from their homes. They were
forced to leave their homes on and near the sea, as their
government then came in and bulldozed those homes. Where
are these people now? They are in government shelters and
government housing. They are basically homeless.

Now look at our situation. Our neighbors on and near the sea have
been driven from their homes and their homes have been destroyed.
They, too, are weeping and homeless, dependent on the
government. One can scoff and say that this is just coincidence,
but there are no coincidences in the Lord. The Bible says that we
reap what we sow, and that those who bless Israel will be blessed,
and those who curse Israel will be cursed. I have been told by
several people that government officials (even up to the VERY top)
have been warned of the consequences of forcing Israel to give up
land. And I believe that would be like the Lord to warn first.

However, our government did not heed the warning, but pressed on
with what seemed right in their own eyes. I hope this will give us
all better understanding of the verses in Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in
the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own
understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will
make your paths straight." If you need Scripture for a confirmation
of "recompense" for removing Israel from its territory, see Joel 3.
Even in the midst of this destruction here in our country and for
those in Israel, God is at work. He CAUSES all things to work
together for good for those who are called according to His
purposes. Many will call upon His Name during these days and
be saved. So pray that people will open their eyes and call upon Him.

I certainly don't pretend to know all the ways of the Lord, but this
seemed pretty easy to discern. In these days let us all seek the
Lord while He can still be found. My love to you all.

4th Sep 2005, 19:15
For Gods sake...

4th Sep 2005, 19:22
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!! :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2005, 19:30
Actually blaming it all on President Bush is better than this crap.:rolleyes:

4th Sep 2005, 19:35
Now there is hocus pocus and there is hocus pocus! Maybe Ronnie's wife checking with the Astrologer's might have held some merit then you reckon? I do not recall any major castastrophe in his administration beyond the Challenger crash....but that only took seven lives.:uhoh:

Jordan D
4th Sep 2005, 19:38
How many links do you want to draw between two unconnected events occuring in the same time frame? Hundreds are no doubt possible.

Lies, damn lies and statistics.


4th Sep 2005, 19:41
Well ---- this should be fun! (Sharpens banning finger in readiness!)

4th Sep 2005, 20:02
I'm too pie eyed to read all that gobbeldigook above.... is there a 'conspiracy theory' suggestion? :hmm:

Oh, gooooan, tell me there is! :}

4th Sep 2005, 20:05
SC, Copy and paste it into word, "select all" ,then "auto summary".

4th Sep 2005, 20:06
Well, as I am now bordering on Athiest, does this mean that I can believe that none of those things happened as well :rolleyes:

Where did you find this Loc-out?

4th Sep 2005, 20:06
Erm, have you already done that?

Whaddit say? :ok:

In truth, and not just being lazy, I just tried, but it's a new laptop... no Word.
Goooaaaan... tell! ;)

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Sorry SC, I haven't used windows for years and I amn't gonna start now!

Oh, Ok, I'll use the dual boot computer.

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Is that one you have to kick twice?

(I've decided to treat this thread with the contempt it deserves)

4th Sep 2005, 20:17
Any computer with windows on it deserves kicking.

(I thought we were being more respectful than normal)

4th Sep 2005, 20:18
Pass me another joint man !!

4th Sep 2005, 20:28
Now I REMEMEBER why I never use windows.

Patented D_H autosummary:

Some crackpot is blaming the hurricane in New Orleans on the Americans "forcing" the Israeli government to evict its settlers in the Gaza strip. In revenge, God has made lots of americans homeless.

4th Sep 2005, 21:19
No shortage of loonies, is there? :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2005, 21:23
Bloody ell', David Icke's a prooner!

Lon More
4th Sep 2005, 21:24
Whoever produced that, his father should have been prooned with rusty secateurs

Darth Nigel
4th Sep 2005, 23:07
Well, that's a good one.

So now the devastation on the Gulf coast has been blamed on:
- The Israelis moving out of Gaza
- Allah smiting the infidels
- God smiting the gays (a group called "RepentAmerica" came up with that one)
- The Democrats, Blacks and Poor
- The Republicans, Whites and Rich

Any more for the nut-house?

4th Sep 2005, 23:50
Mwahahahaha!!! :E So like I said then!

It could be funny...but it isn't.

5th Sep 2005, 00:05
If you are what you eat, this guy oughta lay off the fruit cake.

Maple 01
5th Sep 2005, 00:09
Darth - you forgot aliens, Elvis and the International Jewish Conspiracy

5th Sep 2005, 03:11
As I recall the 1755 Lisbon earthquake was ascribed to a lack of adherence to His commandments and a number of heretics went up in smoke to make atonement. Voltaire's Candide recounts the misadventures of some travellers landing in Lisbon shortly after.

Whoops! Perhaps this tract is beginning to make sense as the Inquisition had been targeting Jews.

But then why in G-d's name, was no suitable natural cataclysm inflicted on Germany back around WWII -- especially as all these events in the first posting got a manifestation of His displeasure:confused: :confused: :confused:

5th Sep 2005, 03:12
What a loadacrap. Everyone knows that because of the Butterfly Effect this was all caused by some Nigerian fisherman who emptied out the remains of a flask of hot tea into the Atlantic about 6 weeks previously.

West Coast
5th Sep 2005, 03:36
You luvvies need to claim this one, we neo-cons are waaay to narrow minded to believe such trash.

5th Sep 2005, 04:16
Very pertinent comment, Loc-out .
The most fought-over piece of real estate on this earth, ironically, is nothing to do with oil. It's the present and future events in a land about which the Bible speaks more than any other event. That the rest of the world refuses to acknowledge the truths confirmed and verified is only natural.
About Israel we need refer to the book of Genesis. God said about His chosen nation, "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee".
End-time prophecy tells us there will be "wars and rumours of wars". What those who scoff and ignore these warnings and truths refuse to realise is God has made it abundantly clear His 'grace' to us is not unlimited. There will come that day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.
Are you atheist or agnostic because you don't acknowledge God or because it's "unpopular" to acknowledge God? And, what's more relevant, if you consciously ignore God's gift to us will that mean He'll ignore you?
:hmm: Notes from a pilgrim

edited for better clarity.

5th Sep 2005, 05:09
Oops, I am heading for the basement on that last post!:uhoh:

Alpha Leader
5th Sep 2005, 05:51
Who or what is "Katina"?

Capn Notarious
5th Sep 2005, 06:51
Well ---- this should be fun! (Sharpens banning finger in readiness!)

Yer gonna need two fingers Wholi. One for this lot and the other to keep peeps out of yer vintner and hooch cellar.

5th Sep 2005, 07:47
Who or what is "Katina"?

Some dodgy latino dance???

5th Sep 2005, 08:11
A 1970s version of the Ford Ka?

5th Sep 2005, 08:16
I take it that the residents of Boscastle in Cornwall were instrumental in the Gaza pull out then?:confused:

5th Sep 2005, 10:04
....and the coastal residents of Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka etc etc were obviously up to no good in Jerusalem just prior to Boxing Day last year.

5th Sep 2005, 10:27
:yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

'Nuff said!

5th Sep 2005, 12:29
Having sobered up from last night and reading through the original post again - a hangover has now kicked in:zzz:

simon brown
5th Sep 2005, 12:44
I take it that the residents of Boscastle in Cornwall were instrumental in the Gaza pull out then?

I heard it was divine retribution, as the only gay in the village was holding a party at the Rose and Crown:E

sabre 60
5th Sep 2005, 18:25

Sounds to me that you are a extremist, you are a dangerous man:ooh:

5th Sep 2005, 18:38
I thought God and Allah were one and the same, just named differently by different groups of believers of the various mumbo jumbo's in the world.

Why would God, Allah,etc wreak retribution on one lot of believers because of their treatment of another set of believers.

All religion should be banned in my opinion.

There's no divine anything, just convenient 'prophesy's' made up by Man.


Jordan D
5th Sep 2005, 18:57
As said by a comedian a the festival here in Edinburgh:

You don't eat Pork and I don't eat Pork, lets get on together

If only it was that simple.


The Real Slim Shady
5th Sep 2005, 19:14
Of course Matey boy didn't actually NB that that big G man had a few sim sessions before he let fly with the real EFATO.

Black Death / Plague - sim for AIDS.
Fire of London - Blitz.
Hurricane (name escapes me) that demolished Grenada - Katrina.

Etc, etc.

That explains why the NORAD computer failure which launched a thousand bombers one Friday night in the early 80's wasn't all down to me going to Happy Hour!!

Next please!

6th Sep 2005, 02:33
'Sfunny how Loc out drops his little piece of twisted logic and religious hate into the eclectic world of JB and then vanishes.
With 'over 250 posts' one would assume that he/she is a regular and must have monitoring the replies to his/her thread. So why no erudite come-backs one has to ask ones self? Was this thread started purely as a provocative incitement to discussion or was there some other, more ulterior, motive behind the post?

Come out of your cave Loc out and give us some answers!

6th Sep 2005, 03:14
He did say without comment, so I don’t believe that we can hold him responsible for the content.

If he was from what is left of the US south he might have said:

“Dang looke hear whut I done found on the net thing.”:)

6th Sep 2005, 05:51
Loc-out? Suspicious sounding name that is... :rolleyes:

... and the Mods have left the thread open too. :E

6th Sep 2005, 11:49
Shay shunny shounds like yu got a shpeech impediment.....I'm Sherriff J W Peppa, Louisiana state Poleeece and I've been deputised....get ya cotton picking hands ooff o the cloth boi!

spits out of side of mouth!

6th Sep 2005, 15:41
Nice conspiracy theory there Blackie :ok: