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tall and tasty
3rd Sep 2005, 21:44
Just got back from an amazing day at Shoreham. Beautiful weather all day. Displays were awesume.

Hight light of the day for the children meeting the pilots of the Tucon and the Chinook and getting to be shown the Harrier by the ground crew. Love to thank each and everyone of them for their time and patience with two little ones. Only question left unanswered was the ratio of flight time and maintanince of the chinook, I needed to find a load master to answer that one and they were down the back while we were being shown the chinook's f/d. Lovely to catch up with a dear friend and her two little ones who was part of the team that organised the day and an old work collegue from groung power

Brillant day did anyone else go and did you enjoy it?What were the highs and lows (if any)


3rd Sep 2005, 22:14
Didn't go to the airshow but nearly ran into a Harrier on it's way there.
Visibility wasn't very good today, could you see much of the air displays?


4th Sep 2005, 09:26
Hey...TNT ...did Dennis Kenyon do anything at the show??it is his home base afetr all.
Saw him at the world champs in France....he was robbed.
One pilot superb!!

Papa Charlie
4th Sep 2005, 09:51
Yep great day!
Fabulous weather and good show put on by all.
Highlight for me was the Honda team's Sukhoi 26. There was a live link to the pilot and he was able to commentate at the same time despite pulling several g's through complex manoeuvres. Also the first time I have seen a single prop plane hovered! :ooh: (But I suppose he did have a 460hp up front!)

The Harrier always seems to go down well with the punters. Sally B was good to see again.

Dennis Kenyon's amazing ability to make a small helicopter dance around the sky was also memorable.

Downside was that the flight programme didn't tie in with the actual display times; plus less noisy jets than last year (ie no Hunter, Meteor...). I guess this could be because it was the same weekend as the Biggin Hill show. Oh, and only two Utterly Butterly's.... ;)

tall and tasty
4th Sep 2005, 18:59
Hey...TNT ...did Dennis Kenyon

as stated he did and I never seen anyone handle one like he did. The chinook was very impressive also in flight , but I gave the captain a hard time later on at the officers party.

TnT :p