View Full Version : SQ006 TV report

30th Apr 2001, 21:16
CBS' 48 Hours will be showing an investigation into SQ006 this Wednesday (May 2). Let's see how good a job they do with it.

1st May 2001, 00:55
Hopefully, they will include a mention of previous SQ accident...SilkAir MI 185..since they fully own this subsidiary..

Just to remind the world that SilkAir MI 185 is still an ongoing investigation as far as the families effected by this tragedy are concerned. Despite the final report being released..

I hope the families of SQ 006 are doing okay...my thoughts are with them..

1st May 2001, 02:49
The bit on SQ006 is just one of three segments on survivors of crashes (car and ferry are the other two)*. To judge from the title 'Cheating Death', there will be no in-depth reporting here. Thanks for the heads-up anyway.
(* as per CBS' website)