View Full Version : what you do when bored?

captain cumulonimbus
3rd Sep 2005, 11:38
this is serious,so no suggestions of primate abuse please!

What is a good thing to do on your own,when you're bored and tv is lousy? keep it clean please! im trying to keep my tiny little mind on track here,kindof springcleaning for the cranium.

3rd Sep 2005, 11:46
Bury my face in a good book!!
.....A novel...:E

3rd Sep 2005, 11:52
At the moment, I make three dimensional spaceframe structures out of matchsticks and PVA adhesive.

Related to work, but therapeutic all the same.

captain cumulonimbus
3rd Sep 2005, 11:55
hmm...do you get out much then?:O

Kaptin M
3rd Sep 2005, 11:55
Probably the same f:mad:king thing you're doing RIGHT NOW!!

3rd Sep 2005, 12:00
I agree Cap'n M ! Spunking nine tenths of my spare time on pprune at the moment seems a reasonable answer ! I have become the king of procrastination !! ( I said procrastination - watch it !! )

The Flying Procrastinator....

" yes dear , I'll fix it in a while....... " - boring !!

3rd Sep 2005, 12:04

I am usually informed by one member or another of my family that I am being 'VERY IRRITATING!

I then usually disappear into my study from whence I attempt to achieve further linguistic paradigms of annoyance on Pprune.:=

Lon More
3rd Sep 2005, 12:12
I'm not as good at it as when I was younger. A lot harder to keep it up now, but I still enjoy spanking the monkey (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=188314&perpage=15&pagenumber=2)

Kaptin M
3rd Sep 2005, 12:13
Are you sure, cheetah that the IRRITATION isn't your INTENTIONAL way of gaining a leave ticket to get back into your "habit" (ppruning)? :E

captain cumulonimbus
3rd Sep 2005, 12:15

3rd Sep 2005, 12:42

I keep neither shag nor morphine in the same room as my electronic abacus..:ooh:

captain cumulonimbus
3rd Sep 2005, 12:43
quite clearly you keep some form of narcotic close at hand,judging by your posts!:} :confused:

3rd Sep 2005, 12:57
I smoke the little grey cells.:uhoh:

3rd Sep 2005, 13:36
Well, if it's serious and no crude remarks are allowed, if bored, i'd just surf for good porn:} :zzz: :p

3rd Sep 2005, 14:43
Kite Surfing.

Great sport
Good fitness improver
Lots of fun
Leads to meeting of some really hot women/guys depending on your orientation..( there are no right or wrong answers here ....its the millenium !!!)


3rd Sep 2005, 15:24
Spend far too much time lurking on here!

3rd Sep 2005, 15:49
if bored, i'd just surf for good porn

Can't be that bored then ;)

3rd Sep 2005, 16:05
pockle vb noun to wander about from room to room, opening drawers, looking in cupoards, looking in bookcases for something to read, boil kettle continuosly without making a beverage. noun to be an annoying fidgeting b:mad: rd

Read newswires over and over to be honest.

3rd Sep 2005, 16:17
Play Sudoku!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Sep 2005, 16:22
All the good things I can tell you about:

Read newspaper or a novel
Go to the gym
Play tennis
Potter around in the garden
Bake a cake
Ring someone for a long inconsequential chat
Prooooone (and other surfing)

...... and the bad:

Eat anything and everything, even if not hungry
Drink wine (or other alcohol) until not bored, but drunk

And then of course there are a couple of other entertaining activities which I can't tell you about! :E

White Hart
3rd Sep 2005, 17:06
I'm usually bored for 7.5 hours a day, every 6 days out of 10. :ugh:

Then I have 4 days off:ok:

3rd Sep 2005, 19:26
White Hart; 6 on, 4 off!? Regular? Who do you work for!!! (Oh s**t...wrong thread...)

3rd Sep 2005, 21:26
I don't have time to get bored.


4th Sep 2005, 17:13
Read Jetblast.

When I am not bored I actually post :E

4th Sep 2005, 19:25
I'm so bored I can't even be bothered to respond. :confused: