View Full Version : Fiedel Castro offers to send in 1100 doctors to the US

3rd Sep 2005, 09:33
Fidel offers to send 1100 doctors to the Gulf States ! Isn't it time to end the game with Cuba ?

3rd Sep 2005, 09:46
Chavez offers heating oil to poor U.S. communities (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPStory/LAC/20050829/RVENE29/TPInternational/Americas) :}

3rd Sep 2005, 11:19
Now watch some joker denounce these offers as empty political gestures...... :rolleyes:

3rd Sep 2005, 11:55
... And Australia offers A$10 million

3rd Sep 2005, 12:44
.....In Abbo labour !!

Buster Hyman
3rd Sep 2005, 15:15
Be easier to reduce our JSF order by 1 & tell em to keep the change!

3rd Sep 2005, 15:58
Will those 1,100 Cuban doctors have to make it over to Florida in little rickety boats or...?! :}

3rd Sep 2005, 16:05
The problem will be in getting them to go home......

3rd Sep 2005, 16:21
If the US customs waived the duty-free allowance of 100 non-Cuban cigars, each doctor could bring with them a hundred Cohiba Esplendidos worth over $3,000. That alone would be worthwhile spending a few months over there, considering what Cuban doctors earn back home?! Even including what they earn on the side driving taxis... :}

3rd Sep 2005, 17:16
There have been over 50 countries that have offered aid to the United States in our most dire time of need.

From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you, our fellow citizens of the world.

Captain Sand Dune
3rd Sep 2005, 22:45
No worries - that's what friends do. Hope you sort it out quickly.

3rd Sep 2005, 22:59
Blimey, you'd do the same for us.

4th Sep 2005, 18:09
Why not take the doctor's - you need them ... your own country can not do it for you ...

Standard Noise
4th Sep 2005, 20:11
Just goes to show that even in dire times, even sworn enemies can become friends. Castro is probably thinking 'there, but for the grace of God.'

5th Sep 2005, 01:17
No sweat connie. You'd do the same for us.

5th Sep 2005, 02:09
1100 doctors? Bring them in. I look forward to seeing them here. And if they don't arrive I will look for a suitable explanation. Let's keep this thread bookmarked.


5th Sep 2005, 05:31
Good old Castro

At least he did a better job of evacuating 1.5 million people during a hurricane - over 20 000 homes destroyed, but no loss of life.

Goes to show, a market economy is not good for everything.

5th Sep 2005, 05:42
Send a few to Queensland.

5th Sep 2005, 05:52
Yeah when you’re a dictator and shoot people if they don’t evacuate it is a little bit easier.

gatfield, gatfield, when are you going to learn that the United States of America is a democracy. Unlike your hero Castro, President Bush cannot force me or any other American to evacuate from their home except under martial law. Martial law is not taken lightly in this country.

Sigh, just one more of the seemingly endless posts of cheap shots.:rolleyes:

5th Sep 2005, 06:13
And what about Kuwait?

US$500 million!!! In oil supplies etc but still badly needed to get things up and running again. A fine gesture.

5th Sep 2005, 07:42

I'm not sure that people had guns pointed at them to make them evacuate. It's just very ineteresting, that a resource strapped country like Cuba is able to cope with an emergency better than the almighty USA.

Ah - democracy is a wonderful thing - there is a no doubt about it. I don't know what is better though; living with the illusion of democracy or knowing you you don't have democracy .

Prolly the illusion. :ok:

PS con pilot - when the politics and economics inetersts of another country (ie the almighty USA) are thrown in your face all the time, it is very difficult not to question, and critisize them. Don't take it personally when people don't like things your country does. And thanks to Howard, Aus is becoming more like America every day :ugh:
Sorry , was that another pot shot :eek:

5th Sep 2005, 07:58
No! For sure....

Bur keep your eyes opened, under Fidel's rule, Cuba has won the war against illiteracy, is producing medical drugs at low price and has trained many doctors and nurses who are deployed in many poor areas where they make a very good job to assist the POOR.........and present them with a shining Communist face.

As for martial law..........I heard National guards are now pouring on New Orleans area, with the right to kill looters and gangsters, so where is the difference?

West Coast
5th Sep 2005, 08:23
Shoot to kill orders...

Can you direct me to the legal order that allows use of deadly force in NO or is this going to be one of those urban legends that folks dearly want to believe is true.

I like the one about the radio exchange between the US Navy aircraft carrier and the Canadian lighthouse. Problem is I've heard it told of a few different navies and nationalities of the lighthouse operators differ as well.

5th Sep 2005, 08:34
Is that the way you read WC?

Echo Zulu Yankee
5th Sep 2005, 09:09
Didn't I hear on the news last night that the UK has sent over 500,000 Microwave Meals.....

Bit random I guess but I hope they are useful!

5th Sep 2005, 09:32
Is that the unused BA meals from Gate Gourmet?

Echo Zulu Yankee
5th Sep 2005, 10:21
dont think so patdavies, the BBC said they could be warmed up to provide Nourishment, doesn't sound like a BA meal to me!


5th Sep 2005, 19:17

“And thanks to Howard, Aus is becoming more like America every day”

Just out of curiosity, if becoming like the United States is such a bad thing, please tell me what style of government would you prefer? Considering that this thread is about Castro.

I am not saying the United States is perfect, we are far from it; however it is a heck of a lot better than Cuba. Otherwise we would not be fishing the bodies of Cubans out of the ocean everyday. People who will risk their lives and the lives of their children trying to escape the “People Paradise of Cuba.”

And if folks really think that when Castro orders a mandatory evacuation and it is not enforced at gunpoint you are sadly mistaken.

Also, please verify when you stated, “Ah - democracy is a wonderful thing - there is a no doubt about it. I don't know what is better though; living with the illusion of democracy or knowing you you don't have democracy. That you you are insinuating that the United States of America is not a democracy.

Would you you please supply proof of such a outrageous indictment?

5th Sep 2005, 22:02
Why on earth should anyone provide proof of words that you have put into their mouths, con-pilot?

I wasn't aware that this thread was about Castro.

I, in my innocence, thought that it was about an offer of help to the USA at a time of crisis - and from an unexpected source, at that.

Or perhaps like Humpty Dumpty in Through The Looking Glass, words mean just what you choose them to mean? :hmm:

West Coast
5th Sep 2005, 22:11
Trying to make sense of your post. Were you nipping at the white wine again and posting?

Having been in receipt in the past of ROE that included deadly force authorizations I know what's involved. Again, can you provide some conclusive proof, hell I'll even take unconclusive, biased, move on. org, or anything else with even the slightest hint of credibility that President Bush has tried to authorize the use of deadly force?

5th Sep 2005, 22:27
"Three hundred of the Arkansas National Guard have landed in the city of New Orleans,"

"These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle-tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets.

"They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded.

"These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will."

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco.Despite your implication to the contrary Grandpa didn't actually mention President Bush at all, West Coast, so his posting above was 100% factually correct as borne out by the quote from Gov. Blanco.

But I suspect that you were so busy playing the man (as usual) that you didn't notice.

Been sipping the old Jim Beam, have we? :rolleyes:

West Coast
5th Sep 2005, 22:36
Your usually a man of sense on here. You surely cant be that nieve to believe that constitutes an order to shoot to kill looters for simply looting? There would be a shitload of dead looters by now if it was true.
Have you seen a legal order that authorizes deadly force? I have, many times. The media quote you provide doesn't resemble any of the ones I've seen.

I prefer beer.

5th Sep 2005, 22:45
I'm only quoting what Gov. Blanco herself said, West Coast.

Maybe you'd best ask her whether a legal order was issued.

Deadly force has certainly been used on looters and/or rioters since the National Guard arrived though, hasn't it?

Not American beer, surely? :ooh:

West Coast
5th Sep 2005, 22:57
Canadian Beer and some US micro breweries.

To say looters have been shot isn't the same as saying deadly force is authorized on looters. If you just lifted a DVD player in one hand and find yourself using a .357 with the other, why do you think your being shot at by authorities, simply looting? Right to self defense for the Guard, Police or other law enforcement is not denied.

As I mentioned, perpetuation is putting this on the fast track to becoming an urban legend.

5th Sep 2005, 23:42
Cas old buddy, the title of this thread is: “Fiedel Castro offers to send in 1100 doctors to the US”

So therefore I feel that statement I made was in context. So when gatfield made his little comments I responded.

Hey, I’ll take help from dang near anybody and think that it is a very nice for Castro to offer help.

I have long advocated better relations with Cuba, I used to fly into Cuba quite a bit and have met some very nice people in Havana.

However as Qzzy said, “The problem would be sending them back” or something along those lines. Look at many professional baseball players we have from Cuba playing here.

I did not put words in his mouth, that was a direct quote from gatfield and I requested a clarification of his statement. I see nothing improper in that request.

He made a statement and I asked what he meant by that statement. Pure and simple.

6th Sep 2005, 01:54
Call me Neanderthal, but my vote goes for shoot to kill orders anywhere, anytime for looters. If order could have been maintained in New Orleans, many lives could have been saved and aid would have arrived more quickly. Nothing could be done until the area was secured.

Respect for property is a cornerstone of civilization. Looting for survival is a different matter and should have another word to describe it. Even then, the one taking property should leave a note and make a personal commitment to repay.

I also want to make the point that I am encouraged by offers of aid and support from throughout the world. Castro, Chavez, Shroeder, Chirac have stepped up to set aside differences and respond to human need. I salute them. Others, the Aussies, Dutch, and Brits and more have been there as always.

I don't think it is any longer valid for an American to say, "We're always there when tragedy strikes, but no one is there for us." The world has proven on this occasion that it is there for us, too.

I think there is going to be a growing sentiment in the US as the magnitude of this disaster is realized, that we should begin to pull up stakes in the world and take care of ourselves first. I see myself increasingly coming to the view that we spend an awful amount of money, lose the lives of the best of our younger generation of soldiers and for what? It's caused us only to be envied and despised, has not brought security, and drains our resources. We can shrug that mantle, defend ourselves and closest allies, and focus on the problems Katrina has caused to surface. Should we be more like Canada, admired and welcomed by everyone?

6th Sep 2005, 01:55

I think you are still taking it personally.

One of the reasons Cuba is impoverished is because the United States has an embargo. Sure, it's a not democracy with no assemblance of one - which sux of course.

A 10 000 word essay word be required to answer your question with the justice it deserves. As you obviously have no idea where I am coming from.

Rather than me continue to side track this discussion even more, why don't you read some writings from Gore Vidal or Noam Chomsky.

Have a nice day. :ok:

ps i'm female

6th Sep 2005, 02:19

I've read writings by Gore and Chomsky, but never found anything of value. Can you point me to something either ever wrote that might be worthwhile and not full of false assumptions and uninformed invective? I'd like to read that!;)


6th Sep 2005, 03:47
People hear what they want to hear.

If you have found no value in Chomsky, then don't bother.

Go back to playing your Nitendo, flying your plane, making money, reading Readers Digest and going to Republican rallies.

6th Sep 2005, 04:07
Oops, sorry about that gatfield, my apologies for assuming that you were a guy.

Yes I have read Gore Vidal’s books; I have met Gore Vidal and have talked to him. I don’t agree with him.

Mr. Vidal is way too extreme for me and the great majority of people who have to work for a living.

I’m sorry you cannot answer my question in a concise response.

6th Sep 2005, 07:21
Ben There

I would have thought the support for the USA after 9-11 would have even more graphically demonstrated the positive feelings throughout MOST of the world for the USA.

We may not always agree with each other, as nations, how to treat every issue as a nation but in the important times we are generally there for each other.

As an individual I have a very different view to the events in Iraq and have held them from the moment this 'ill thoughtout (my thoughts only. I have no problem when you disagree. We just agree to disagree) adventure' was mooted. This does not substatially alter my respect for the USA.

As to your comment re looters, I earnestly believe respect for human life comes a long way before property as a cornerstone defining civilisation. Except for the extreme in the commercial or right-wing world where the words compassion, humanity, respect, trust, and a few others are deleted from their spell checkers, I would believe most of us see it that way.

Any way, those caught up in this terrible tragedy in NO are in the hearts and prayers of my family. Now is the time for support and help. There will be plenty of time for reflection later

6th Sep 2005, 07:30
I would suggest there must be enforcement of the law in order for there to be law and order. Society without moral laws, ethical enforcement, and sure punishment becomes anarchy.

6th Sep 2005, 07:59
My son spends a lot of time in Venezuela, and that country has benefited from lots of Cuban doctors who set up their own clinics. There's a political background of course, as Chavez and Castro are pals, and Fidel gets oil out of the deal, but on the ground the Cuban clinics are about the only ones that most people can rely on.

West Coast
6th Sep 2005, 08:10
I don't think anyone thinks Fidel is stupid. He learned his lesson, instead of men with guns fighting proxy wars in Africa, he sends Doctors instead. Perhaps he is working on his legacy, dunno if commie, left wing luvvies worry about that type of stuff. There are a few luvvies here who could answer that I suppose. Kaos, Junk, gramps, et al, what's your take?

6th Sep 2005, 08:57
Canadian Beer and some US micro breweries.Phew! You had me worried for a while there - I've always thought of you as a man of taste. ;)

Urban legend, eh? Is that widely-reported quote from Gov. Blanco inaccurate, then? What did she really say? :confused:

6th Sep 2005, 09:16
WASHINGTON, Sept 3 (Reuters) - The Pentagon said on Saturday it will carefully limit the role of 7,200 federal troops heading into chaotic New Orleans and other places hit by Hurricane Katrina to avoid violating a law barring them from domestic law enforcement duties. "They will not take on a law enforcement role nor have they been directed in any way to do so," said Lt. Gen. Joseph Inge, deputy commander of U.S. Northern Command, which oversees the military relief effort........

The military relief effort until now has been primarily handled by part-time National Guard troops under the command of state governors. Under law, they are permitted to perform law enforcement duties at a governor's command.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, enacted during the post-Civil War reconstruction period, prohibits federal military personnel from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States.....

National Guard troops performing law enforcement in Louisiana and Mississippi have been given shoot-to-kill rules of engagement, officials said. Inge said the federal troops will have different rules of engagement.

"These soldiers will have what we call the standing rules for use of force, which in very general terms will give them the right of self-protection and will give them the right and authority to act should they witness an event that ... causes loss of human life," Inge said. Inge also said these federal troops largely will be kept away from areas where looting is a concern....

6th Sep 2005, 13:09
Ireland is sending €1,000,000 in aid. (Not bad compared to Japan's measly initial offering) plus Ireland will send thousands of RME's, tents and blankets in aid. They will also send members of the Defense Forces, namely Army Psychologists to help survivors. The govt is also offering specialist Electricity experts who have been used before in places like Somalia and the Tsunami hit areas I believe.

The foreign minister here said in fact the POTUS did ask for help.

West Coast
6th Sep 2005, 16:15
"Maybe Fidel is sending them to poison Wubya Westie but that wouldn't be original would it ?"

Will it be odd to find yourself rooting for their success?

"Urban legend, eh?"
You ask what did she really say, well you provided the quote.

6th Sep 2005, 17:34
Would this be a good time to mention Global Warming to George W and maybe signing up to the agreement might be a good idea? :O

6th Sep 2005, 17:39
The (Irish) govt is also offering specialist Electricity experts... FWIW: Ireland: 230V 50Hz, USA: 110V 60Hz ;)

6th Sep 2005, 18:06
You ask what did she really say, well you provided the quote. But I didn't make it up - it came from a US source, West Coast.... NBC News if I remember correctly, although I could be wrong.

Certainly from the news site of one of the US "majors", anyhow.

I was simply wondering whether she'd been mis-quoted, that's all.

West Coast
6th Sep 2005, 19:39
"What I like about him is his ability to be self-deprecating hidden amongst his more serious failings"

Sounds like he has one up on you huh?

6th Sep 2005, 20:34
Sounds like he has one up on you huh?From such a paragon of self-effacing humility, too. :hmm:

Keep on playing the man, West Coast. :ok:

6th Sep 2005, 21:01
Noam Chomsky?......chief apologist for Pol Pot? Is that old, useless blow-harding fossil still alive? The greatest evidence for global warming isn't hurricanes, it's the existence of Chomsky diciples; obviously, victims of sun-addled brainpans.

The notion of "finding enlightenment through Chomsky".....now, that's funny!

West Coast
6th Sep 2005, 21:55
"From such a paragon of self-effacing humility, too"

The proper title is paragon of virtue, do see you don't make that mistake again. That leaves the title vacant if you'd like it.

6th Sep 2005, 21:59
Is that one of these terrorists who got some support (at least political) from our Good Western Countries, only to embarass the vilain Communist from Viet-Nam after they expelled US troops from their country?

West Coast
6th Sep 2005, 22:22

Yes gramps, the same one who furthered his studies of Marxism while studying in France. The same one who enjoyed a privileged life when Cambodia was a French protectorate.

6th Sep 2005, 22:24
And of course the four countries, China-Cambodia and USSR-Vietnam very nearly went to all out war during that period after Vietnam invaded Cambodia.....

It wasn't the cosy communist club that we all had thought....

West Coast
6th Sep 2005, 22:28
Some did try the waters, having a go at one another

7th Sep 2005, 07:05
That leaves the title vacant if you'd like it.Me? Naaaah! I'm far too sef-effacing and humble to have a title like that, mate. :E

"Grandad" will do me just fine when I become one for the second time in a couple of weeks. :ok:

Interesting point about the intra-Communist conflicts though - I hope it develops.

West Coast
7th Sep 2005, 07:11
"Grandad" will do me just fine when I become one for the second time in a couple of weeks"

Best job in the business, all the enjoyment but no crappy diapers to change plus you can send them home. Congrats

7th Sep 2005, 08:46
This is a hard job when done seriously!

15th Sep 2005, 00:19
A very generous gesture by Fidel! Except that he has already sent a large proportion of his doctors and medicines to Chavez in Venezuela on a medics for oil exchange. Now, not only is it difficult if not impossible for the ordinary Cuban to obtain drugs including anaesthetics in Cuba as a result of Fidel's "generosity", it is now becoming ever more difficult to find a doctor in Cuba! The ordinary Cuban is becoming more and more reliant on drugs sent in by friends and family living outside of Cuba.

As always, the Cuban people suffer ever greater hardships at the hands of this tyrant! There are few people to whom I wish an early demise but Fidel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15th Sep 2005, 00:24

I just now read this thread and learned of your impending addition to the family. Hope all goes well and congratulations.