View Full Version : We've just moved our offices to Liverpool.....

2nd Sep 2005, 18:31


:E :cool:

tony draper
2nd Sep 2005, 18:43
oops sorry I see yer already used that joke

Darth Nigel
2nd Sep 2005, 18:52
Poor thing was castorated ...

2nd Sep 2005, 20:45
still a better chair than I've got, and I'm meant to be in charge of something :{

2nd Sep 2005, 21:22
I've got to ask.

Why do you bin your rubbish in stereo?

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Sep 2005, 22:17
Wot happened to your PC? :confused:

2nd Sep 2005, 23:44
Must be personal, fishie, chair next door's not been decastorated. Someone must want to keep you in your place so yer don't go flappin about.

3rd Sep 2005, 09:07
You know there's so many houses boarded up in Liverpool, the window cleaner uses a sander !!

Cheers Buddy
3rd Sep 2005, 12:18
Everton have just released a new DVD called ''the road to John Lennon Airport''