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1st Sep 2005, 19:51
Here in the land of sand ... 15 Libyan Dinar per litre.

That is at today's rate 11,2 US cent per litre and 6,14 pence per litre ... :E

Heard Venezuela is 5 US Cent per litre ?

What 's your's where you are ?



1st Sep 2005, 19:57
There's that much variation around my location it's hard to remember.
I think the closest to me is about £0.92 per litre of petrol. More interestingly, we were given £5 worth of petrol free last Friday night because the bloke in the station thought we were mad going jet skiing in the rain :D

1st Sep 2005, 20:50
Just hit the $3/US gallon today which I work out to be about 40p a litre. Mind you it has gone up by a staggering 50% over about 2 months.


1st Sep 2005, 21:30
96 euro cents in Greece! per litre that is

1st Sep 2005, 22:00
Saw diesel at Stafford services on the M6 at 99.9 pence/litre

1st Sep 2005, 22:10
Have a thought for the poor oil companies who had the inconvenience of having to modify their signs to accomodate 4 digits.

$101.9 to $113.9 a litre...which is 40 to 45 pence.

1st Sep 2005, 22:38
Nearly 50% hike since January. :mad: Currently running at NZ$1.52 'regular' and NZ$1.56 hi-octane.
Until OPEC releases more production we won't see any drop any time time soon.
Diesel's even passed the $1.00 mark.

US$5.75. . ?!?

1st Sep 2005, 22:41
Saw unleaded today at a private station in Nantwich in Cheshire for 99.9p a litre

The forecourt was empty

1st Sep 2005, 23:40
Makes you think that if we all stopped driving for a couple of days, OPEC would see what really drives the price of petrol at the pumps. How about we organise a few days in November when we all refuse to fill up!!!!????

2nd Sep 2005, 02:04

2nd Sep 2005, 02:29

2nd Sep 2005, 02:45
Just tonight I saw gas at $3.97 a gallon, that's up $1 since Wednesday.


2nd Sep 2005, 06:47
Haven't seen it myself, but a colleague has seen a garage local to him selling at 99p/litre. This place is normally equal to supermarkets etc. so god knows what they are at.

Expat Country Member
2nd Sep 2005, 06:56
We "enjoyed" AED 4.75 per gallon = US $ 1.29 per gallon= Sterling 16p per litre....... until yesterday when it went up 32% and is now AED 6.25, but still less than cost (estimated at AED 8 per gallon).. and we are still encouraged to visit petrol stations with 5* attendance... no self service.. cleaned windscreen , even though they lose on every gallon purchased.

Getting my 5 litre petrol SUV "out of my system" ere I return to the UK and reality.

Tho we get little, if any, rain, bottled water is cheaper than petrol and significantlycheaper than UK, where they get a lot!!!

Brits moan about their petrol prices yet think nothing of paying Pounds 1.50 for a litre of the stuff that comes out of a tap in their kitchen, for nothing (virtually).

:confused: ECM

Rupert S
2nd Sep 2005, 07:07
AVGAS £1.24/litre :yuk: :yuk:
MOGAS.. who cares?

Curious Pax
2nd Sep 2005, 07:32
Paid 1.39 Euros per litre of unleaded near Schiphol earlier in the week, which must roughly equate to about 95p/litre.

PPRuNe Pop
2nd Sep 2005, 07:42
Prices vary around this part of Surrey. Cheapest I have seen as of yesterday is 90.9 and NOT 1 mile away the most expensive is 95.9!

The government and the fuel companies are still coining it of course.

2nd Sep 2005, 07:46
Currently 1.1 euros/liter in LUX for unleaded 95 octane. I was driving in Belgium the other day, saw 1.4 in Brussels.

tall and tasty
2nd Sep 2005, 07:50
91.9p per litre - 98.9p in the local villages!!!! Almost a pound a litre not that is scarey. Living in the sticks I need a car to get from A-B and it hurts filling the tank atleast twice a week minimium.


2nd Sep 2005, 07:59
Kuwait's been on KWD0.065 per litre since at least the middle of 2004 - works out at around GB£0.12. You folk in the UK pay EIGHT TIMES more than we do - staggering!

2nd Sep 2005, 08:12
Bet you pay 80x more for a beer in KWI though :O

2nd Sep 2005, 09:48
Changed to Diesel last year.

Filled up yesterday @ 92 Euro cents per litre.

May the Matatu be with you.

Matatu Man:cool:

2nd Sep 2005, 09:59
Changed to Diesel last year

Gonna be big price increases in diesel this winter. You have been warned!

2nd Sep 2005, 10:00
Diesel at Woburn Place yesterday was 97.9 !!! Red diesel is the answer ! Your chances of getting caught or so minimal, there is practically no risk involved. 30p a litre for red ? yeah baby !

2nd Sep 2005, 10:52
In Holland at some pumps the price went through the 1.50 euro yesterday!!!!!! It's getting ridiculous:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Surely it can't keep on increasing like this!!

:ugh: :\

Spuds McKenzie
2nd Sep 2005, 10:58
Surely it can't keep on increasing like this!!
On the contrary, it WILL!

1.75 CHF (1.13 EUR) for unleaded here.

Lon More
2nd Sep 2005, 10:59
€1.54 for unleaded 95 octane in Maastricht yesterday. €1.10 for diesel as well.

Off to add 15% sunflower oil to the diesel. Makes it smell like a fish 'n' chip shop but at €0.45 per litre it makes sense

2nd Sep 2005, 11:01
Doesn't red diesel wreck engines, or are they just saying that?

Petrol here is A$1.27 per litre unleaded (STG0.53, US$0.97, EU0.77)

2nd Sep 2005, 11:35
Fuel mprices near me in good ole West Oz

Fuel prices for Saturday, 03 Sep 2005:
Type Price Outlet Address
ULP 122.9 Caltex Woolworths Currambine Marketplace Cnr Shenton & Marmion Ave , Currambine
ULP 125.9 Caltex Woolworths Joondalup Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Joondalup
ULP 126.9 BP Express Currambine Cnr Burns Beach Rd & Sunlander Dr, Currambine
ULP 126.9 BP Wanneroo 599 Wanneroo Rd, Wanneroo
PULP 129.9 Caltex Woolworths Currambine Marketplace Cnr Shenton & Marmion Ave , Currambine
PULP 132.9 BP Express Currambine Cnr Burns Beach Rd & Sunlander Dr, Currambine
PULP 132.9 BP Wanneroo 599 Wanneroo Rd, Wanneroo
PULP 132.9 Caltex Woolworths Joondalup Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Joondalup
98 RON 135.9 BP Express Currambine Cnr Burns Beach Rd & Sunlander Dr, Currambine
98 RON 135.9 BP Wanneroo 599 Wanneroo Rd, Wanneroo

Up 30% since may

2nd Sep 2005, 13:25
Ottawa, Canada.
$1.264 CAD (58p) a litre - this is up approx 25% since Monday when it was hovering at the $1 a litre mark.

2nd Sep 2005, 13:40
Tx for the responses all - keep it going.

So, so far Libya is by far the cheapest followed by Kuwait. That is until we get confirmation from Venezuela ?

What is red diesel pse ?

2nd Sep 2005, 13:42
Diesel, at a local BP service station on the Cote d'Azur: €103.60 for 93.44 litres @ €1.109 per litre. This is the equivalent of €4.192 per US gal. ($5.236 per US gal). Of course, this was before the US government introduced the "Katrina" emergency surcharge... :8

PS. I think red diesel is diesel tinted with a red dye to differentiate it from that used by road-using vehicles: eg. heating oil for for homes, fuel for boats etc. (ie) The same stuff but introduced by communist / socialist agents (conspiratorial) as a way for poor people to run their central-heating systems and luxury yachts... :confused:

2nd Sep 2005, 13:55
Tx airship - but is it a lower quality then ?

We had a similar system many years ago in SA when the diesel was called "farming diesel" ? hey that was long ago - I think blue ? but it was about 25% of the normal price and was supposed to be used just for farmers in tractors but uhmmm yes it was used everywhere ... it was definately not of an inferior quality though.

Burnt Fishtrousers
2nd Sep 2005, 13:56
32p/litre Morrisons Bristol

2nd Sep 2005, 13:59
:p:p:p Bet you pay 80x more for a beer in KWI though :p:p:p

Anybody want to change beer for Libyan cheap fuel ? :E

Been here a week and just seen fuel dumps (oh and alcohol free beer ) - yik :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

2nd Sep 2005, 14:14
My neighbour fills his van up with chip oil. He doesn't even need to add anything to it as he has modified his injectors. Now about that turbine, I think that the slight waft on the tarmac would give a whole new meaning to "The Chippy lining up on 21". :}

2nd Sep 2005, 14:43
As Airship correctly stated, red diesel has a customs-approved marker dye added.

Highly unlikely (but not impossible) that dyed diesel will meet EN590 (European road diesel) specs (ignoring colour of course), specifically sulphur content too high, and pour/CFPP points (cold weather performance indicators) too high.

Most car diesel engines will operate perfectly happily on red diesel, but:

i) It'll stain fuel systems and injectors permanently red
ii) Wax precipitation may block fuel filters in winter months
iii) If they catch you (quite easily considering pt i above), Customs will impound your vehicle and send you to gaol.

2nd Sep 2005, 14:44
Diesel was 1.21€ yesterday when I filled up here in Sweden.

2nd Sep 2005, 14:48
Wednesday I drove past an ESSO petrol station I often use and UL 95 was £0.919, so I made a mental note to fill up there on my return journey Thursday. It's usually resonably priced for being on a main A-road.

Yesterday was shocked to discover it had gone up to £0.945 overnight. Decided to fill up there because I couldn't be bothered to trail around looking for anything cheaper. :(

flyingbee :bored:

2nd Sep 2005, 15:53
Well, I've just filled up at 99.9p a litre.

Won't be long now . . . :{

flying bizzie
2nd Sep 2005, 16:00
I was on the Isle of Man last week, and it broke my heart to pay 99.9p a litre for diesel. Spoilt me holiday it did :{

Rupert S
2nd Sep 2005, 17:10
Chaps (and ladies).
I've lost track of how many fuel prices threads we've had. So shall we try and just keep it to this one? Knowing you guys, it'll probably fill up (excuse the pun) faster than the "count to 1,000,000" thread.



2nd Sep 2005, 17:16
Merged all the fuel threads and kept Rupert's title 'cos we liked it!

2nd Sep 2005, 17:17
A friend just advised me :

Outside the International Zone : US $ 0.28 cents
Inside : US $ 0.36-0.39 cents

Tx for the explanation Mariner9 :ok:

2nd Sep 2005, 17:54
a dollar (american) per litre of petrol. 75 cents for diesel.

govt controlled, of course.

Eric T Cartman
2nd Sep 2005, 18:01
Just visited local BP garage - North Ayrshire, Scotland -
£1.09 per litre for BP Ulitimate Diesel !!
As we are only 50 miles from the BP Refinery @ Grangemouth , I think someone's taking the :mad: !

2nd Sep 2005, 19:14
Gas Oil (red diesel) has a higher sulphur content than Derv, and would be ok to run your car on. I think the chaps from HMC&E might want a word if you get caught.
Red Diesel's price has almost doubled in the last 4 months, 0.38p a litre.

2nd Sep 2005, 19:49
Unleaded 95 has gone up to €109.9 today in Spain - about 76.8p. In Gibraltar on Tuesday it was 52.5p.

Definitely time to change to diesel and some old oil from the local restaurants! I met a guy recently who tours around the local restaurants collecting their old cooking oil in a tanker. It is emptied into a collecting tank to settle out and then put through a series of increasingly finer filters. His old Merc is run on the stuff 50/50 with regular diesel. Not only is it cheaper but cleaner and better for the environment; not withstanding the chip shop smell from the exhaust of course. :hmm:

2nd Sep 2005, 19:55
€109.9! What, per litre?! And I thought €1.49 was bad!

3rd Sep 2005, 13:28
Prices have gone up again in Holland, general prices are 1.594 euro for Unleaded, 1.601 euro for Super, and 1.103 for Diesel.
The prices have risen 12 euro cents in 8 days. Me thinks someone is seriously taking the :mad:
In the near future driving a car is almost not affordable anymore.

3rd Sep 2005, 13:45
In response to Katrina, the BBC reports here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4207492.stm): The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) said its member countries would release two million barrels a day to help ease the crisis.

IEA members - which include the UK, France, Germany and Japan - hold a combined stockpile of 4 billion barrels, 1.4 billion of which governments control for emergency use.

The two million barrels a day being released for the next month is roughly equivalent to the daily output of Kuwait - and much of it is held in the form of petrol products which need no further processing. Will that single day equivalent of Kuwaiti output really convince the oil-markets?! :rolleyes:

In order to assuage their guilty conscience over the massive influx of petroleum-based taxes into their coffers recently, the Belgian government will be writing out cheques worth €75 to every household...?! :ok:

Rupert S
3rd Sep 2005, 16:55
Merged all the fuel threads and kept Rupert's title 'cos we liked it!

Wholi... Wooyay!!! I rock :ok: :}

3rd Sep 2005, 17:56
Interesting prediction here:


3rd Sep 2005, 19:21
The future:


Incipient Sinner
3rd Sep 2005, 20:33
BP garage near Bicester last night selling Ultimate Diesel and Ultimate unleaded for £1:01.9 with a little sign on the pump exclaiming that you'll be able to tell the difference.
It may be magnificent but I'll never know will I.

16 blades
3rd Sep 2005, 20:51
So where does one get 'Red' diesel from? Presumably one needs to put it in large Jerry cans or similar, it being only for use in farm equipment and diesel generators and the like. Do you need to show any kind of ID or some such to 'prove' that you are a farmer?


Shaggy Sheep Driver
3rd Sep 2005, 21:03
Why do farmers get such an amazing deal on fuel? And do their tractors have a tax disc for their muddy forays on the road between working in the fields?


4th Sep 2005, 17:18
Come midnight on Tuesday, South Africans will be coughing up nearly five times more for petrol than they did the year Madiba walked out of prison a free man in 1990.

Petrol is expected to go up by about 29c a litre, while diesel will cost between two and three cents more than the current price, depending on the grade.

Already hard-pressed motorists will therefore be forced to fork out R5,85 ($ 0.94 cent) or UK 51pee a litre for petrol at the coast and 10c more inland.

So even after the latest increase South African's still pay half price than in the UK :E

4th Sep 2005, 18:22
Why do farmers get such an amazing deal on fuel? And do their tractors have a tax disc for their muddy forays on the road between working in the fields?

If you want to pay the full price to fill a tank on a combine taking 900+ litres, then in the UK it'l be...er..um... if it's that BP Ultimate stuff, 'tis £981 quid. At the current price of RD, the same tank costs £342. I have no idea what the consumption is like on a combine, anyone care to fill that bit in!? Anyway, the cost the contractor pays will then be filtered down to the farmer, which would then be filtered down to the consumer.

The tax of fuel goes, supposedly, to maintaining the roads etc if I believe what the government says, and whilst tractors etc do go on the road between fields/to deliver stuff (guilty), they go on the roads far less than the average car.

IN FACT, to illustrate sommat for you, when a farmer sells milk, he is paid about 9 p a pint. The consumer pays 36p. Where does the 27 p go? Into the pockets of supermarkets.

(Just asked a bloke I know in Grainfarmers for combine fuel consumption-baited breath)

5th Sep 2005, 16:47
30 500 Cidi's per Gallon.

9 100 Cidi's to a $
16 500 Cidi's to a £

30 500 devide by 4,5 = 6 777 cidi's per litre.

Therefore : $ 0,74 cent or 41 p per litre ...

Spuds McKenzie
5th Sep 2005, 18:46
30 500 Cidi's per Gallon.
So you must be carrying those Cidis not in a wallet but in a basket, right? ;)

5th Sep 2005, 19:08
Luckily they come in dominations up to 20 000 cidi's :E

5th Sep 2005, 19:15
Bugger the farmer and his combine! I have just paid five quid to refill the can that fills my lawnmower.

I'm going to concrete over the lawn, just see if I don't.

5th Sep 2005, 19:33
Bugger the farmer and his combine

That is a pitchfork worthy comment. :E

5th Sep 2005, 19:40
Prices on the Isle of Man..

Woke up this morning to £1.02 Unleaded and £1.05 Diesel....Is it any wonder people are thinking of alternitive methods of fueling their vehicles?? Chip fat anyone?? Cheap as chips (excuse the Pun!) but doesnt half stink!! But folks it will be cheaper than the Petrol companies and the govt teamed to rip us all off!!! But if you are caught with that stuff in your tank or any other fuel that isn't approved by HMc&E They will be wanting a word to you to claim duty for your fuel!

If you are caught with Red Diesel, you will get a word from HMC&E and they will send you a bill for the duty you have missed out on for the miliage you claim to have done. So if you are caught and claim for the miliage it could work out cheaper proveded they dont decide to fine you aswell :uhoh:

Its getting dear to fill the bike! It used to cost me about £8.00 now its £16.00 When is this going to stop

Worse still they anounced today that raod tax is going up too...Kick the motorist whilst he is down why don't you!

Rant over

3Legs :ok:

Lon More
5th Sep 2005, 21:08
On the news this evening the price of raw oil is falling but the price of petrol/diesel went up over the weekend.
The Dutch government has announced that no excise duty will be charged on bio-diesel next year in order to encourage it to be used.
my Peugeot diesel seems to be happy enough with 15% sunflower oil mixed in with the fuel. Smells a bit Fishy and chippy though:E

6th Sep 2005, 10:00
3legs, HMCE will confiscate your vehicle if they catch you using red diesel. Unless your driving a really clapped-out old wreck, it'll not work out cheaper.

However it will save you money in the long term, you wont have to buy any diesel for 6 months or so (coz you'll be in gaol)

6th Sep 2005, 10:24
Mr flyingbee has finally reached the point where petrol has got so expensive he's going to start cycling to work.

I give him a week before he's back in the car, maybe sooner if it rains. :E

6th Sep 2005, 10:47
Here about its:

Per liter 1.615 USD or 1.295 Euro or 0.876 quid's.

And for those of you that have no clue what a liter is:

Per Gallon 6.113 USD or 4.901 Euro or 3.315 quid's.

Burnt Fishtrousers
6th Sep 2005, 12:50
I went down the LPG route a year ago and havent looked back. Based on my mileage for work it has paid for itself already. Anyone buying a new diesel must be mad to pay the £1500 premium over a petrol engined equivalent then have to shell out £1 /litre. Get you car converted for £1500 and pay anything between 30/40p/litre.
When you're on the road and you run out of gas it switches automatically to petrol ( groan).
If youve a large car you can have a tank in the boot leaving a good amount of space, if youve a smaller car you can have it fitted in the spare tyre well.

There is no loss of performance, its marginally less fuel efficient but results in less engine wear and less degredation of the engine oil. Mine does about 25/gal (not bad for a 4.2 quattro A8)which relates fiscally to 75 to the gallon as you are paying 3 times as much for your fuel....I'd recommend it to anyone.............on second thoughts perhaps not .If everyone did It the govt would increase the price rapidly...:ok:

6th Sep 2005, 13:00
BF, the Government are comitted for the moment to maintaining low tax ratings on LPG, and the politicians would say it's to help meet Kyoto/EC emission quotas.

However, the more realistic reason is that the UK is a net exporter of propane, and the Govt want to increase local consumption and hence tax revenue.

6th Sep 2005, 15:36
Burnt Fishtrousers thanks for the info but one thing I do not understand - does the car ONLY use LPG as you describe or a mixture of LPG and petrol (until you run out of LPG of course as you described).

Sorry we do not know it at all - we normally just get these converted cars in Africa and then the tanks was removed but the filler " neck " is still there.



Burnt Fishtrousers
6th Sep 2005, 15:49

Its a duel fuel "Prinz"system. The LPG tank is retro fitted into the boot, a fuel management computer mimics the cars original and a seperate set of 8 injectors are inserted into the inlet manifolds along with a new filler cap.You can even chip and tune your engine no problem.
Theres a small button and lights on the dash, where you can manually switch from petrol to gas if you want to.

It starts on petrol for about a minute then switches automatically over to the gas. When on the move and the gas runs out, a little buzzer goes to let you know you are now on petrol.

Its V reliable ( to date had no problems) I can do about 500miles on a 90 litre tank.

I had the system removed from my last car and put in my latest one. All I had to do was pay labour and the cost of 4 new injectors and a bit of extra piping as ive gone from a 4 to an 8 cylinder.

Its a real favourite amongst the 4X4 brigade over here as you can run a 4 litre range Rover or a nice big Merc or Jag for the cost of an average run about.


Gingerbread Man
6th Sep 2005, 17:22
I saw someone in the US whinging about paying $2.89 or thereabouts per gallon. A US gallon is 20% smaller than our weird imperial one, I think, so that makes it about 79 pence per litre. Boo F:mad: ing Hoo. Welcome to the 'real' world. Maybe the behemoth things on wheels that do gpm rather than mpg don't look quite so appealing now.

Drive economically everyone :rolleyes:

Ginge :cool:

White Bear
6th Sep 2005, 18:13
Gingerbread Man,
You just pushed my button.
Why should the US wake up to ‘real world’ petrol prices? Doesn't everyone pay the same for crude?
The U.S. fought a war, and much to the UK’s chagrin, won it, so they would NOT have to pay UK taxes. Those of you that remain in the U.K. have the option to vote the buggers out and reform your tax system.
Until you do, you are in no position to comment about anyone else’s….
White Bear.

7th Sep 2005, 08:29
The U.S. fought a war, and much to the UK’s chagrin, won it,

So we sent our troops along hoping to lose did we?

Edited to add I originally presumed you were refering to Iraq. If you're refering to events in 1775, then fair enough, I expect there was a certain degree of chagrin over here at the time :rolleyes:

Ginge, there's 3.7854 litres in a US gallon, so that equates to 76 cents (~42p)/litre

7th Sep 2005, 08:52
Jesus wept, apparrently some of our colonial cousins are air conditioning their gardens! I thought our heating of gardens was bad enough but the sooner we are all brought kicking and screaming to the realisation of the true cost of our fuel profligacy the better.

7th Sep 2005, 13:11
Tx Burntfishtrousers (wow what a name by the way ;) )

Many thanks for the explanation - I think it is the way to go. I have a TDI Land Cruiser and will never get rid of her. 10km/l but fitted a intercooler and now get about 12 km/l in the city and up to 14 km / l on the open road.

Only problem is mum use it every day.

Now I thought of buying her a Toyota Prius ... then again why not go on to gas ?

What do you guys think of the Prius - anybody got one ?

Tx again guys.

PS: Just drove with a friend to a Libyan bachelor's party. I saw his car was on E ... he filled her and paid 9 Dinar devide by 1,33 for $ and 2,4 for Pounds !!!

This morning 2 cups of coffee was 8 Dinar ! :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

Sorry to tell you this guys ... ;)

8th Sep 2005, 12:40
Zimbabwe's government yesterday doubled fuel prices for the second time in 10 weeks, citing a weaker local currency and rising international prices, said an industry official.

Rodrick Kusano, the corporate affairs manager at oil company Shell Zimbabwe, said the government had agreed to raise petrol prices to Z$22 300 Zimbabwe (R5.80) a litre from Z$10 000 a litre, while diesel would go up to Z$20 800 from Z$9 600 a litre.

Just for some perspective :E

In 1996 (my last full Zim overland trip) I paid Z$2.00 per UK Gallon (4,5 l).
The Z$ was 2 for one US $ :p:p:p

10th Sep 2005, 08:25
Hydrogen pill raises fuel hopes (http://www.jp.dk/english_news/artikel:aid=3248610/)

PPRuNe Pop
11th Sep 2005, 10:27
Unusual for me to raise a topic but I get madder and madder about the outrageous cost of petrol. I just cannot believe that it is honest for the government to keep this cash. So persuade me!

In his budget GB declared his rabbit hat figures - in regard to petrol tax - that he had decided that the proposed September '05 tax increase of 2p per litre would not after all be introduced. Why? Because he had a windfall of taxes through the rapidly rising cost of petrol - it has not stopped being a windfall since.

The motorist is paying near a £1 a litre now and the chancellor is coining more and more taxes over and above that which he has allowed for. Billions of £'s one expects.

Now, IMHO, he should reduce the cost of petrol by at least a good 50% of the unexpected and unaccounted for cash. Is he being dishonest, deceitful or what?

I paid 93.9 per ltr at Sainsbury's this morning. Now there is talk of 'rationing' and blockades. Surprise surprise.

Farmer 1
11th Sep 2005, 10:31
Is the Chancellor being dishonest?The Chancellor is a politician.

Standard Noise
11th Sep 2005, 10:35
93.9! 93.9!

You lucky, lucky, lucky b*****d!

95.9 is the cheapest I've found here abouts, and I was so grateful, I filled my tank to the brim, then both my jerry cans just in case it rises again.

Anyhow, Gordy 'Dick Turpin' Brown knows that since he cocked up his growth forecast and needs cash to fulfil his spending promises, that this is the perfect oppo. Defer the fuel tax rise and try to look smug, most of the punters out there won't realise he's coining it in from the price rise of oil.
You've more chance of the Wicked Witch apologising for being a money grabbing leech taking advantage of her hubby's position than seeing Uncle Gordy actually reduce fuel duty.

PPRuNe Pop
11th Sep 2005, 15:35
BP, not 3/4 mile away from said Sainsbury's are charging 96.9! So...............BP are helping themselves too.

Anyway, what is this 0.9p - a new form of currency? Cheating again innit? :mad:

Standard Noise
11th Sep 2005, 16:58
Be handy if they minted a new 0.9p coin wouldn't it?

11th Sep 2005, 18:49
The country is f:mad:d!!!

Unfortunately Kissmy, it's not just the UK.

11th Sep 2005, 20:21
Hello, long time no speak !

Is the Chancellor being dishonest? One has to ask, "Is the Pope Catholic".

Unfortunately the people have the Government and the Politicians they voted for.

One waits for the usual Lefties to rush to Brown's defence.

11th Sep 2005, 20:34
I gave up a couple of years ago and switched to diesel. With these new diesel engines, performance isn't bad, and the saving was nice.

My motoring costs now are about the same as they were pre-diesel: I get about 50% more mpg but the fuel price rises have eaten up the "diesel advantage" in the meantime.

I have a fundamental problem with politicians in general and Gordon Brown in particular: they publish a manifesto of hundreds of proposals. Then when they (rather than the other lot) get elected, they claim they have a mandate for all the hundreds. In my view, they have no such thing. Nobody got to vote on the bits, and probably most of the people don't agree with the bits.

I've said before that democracy is a myth - once the Government is elected, the demos doesn't have any say in what's done.

11th Sep 2005, 20:39
PPRuNe Pop, we share your pain. ;)

This country (Norway) is the second largest oil exporting nation in the world.
We pay NOK 12= £1.05 per litre for our petrol. :rolleyes:

11th Sep 2005, 20:52
It is all about supply and demand. Market forces at work.

It is what made Thatcherism so popular.

Onan the Clumsy
11th Sep 2005, 21:12
Why not have a general strike? If everyone refused to buy petrol on one particular day, and displayed this by refusing to drive, refused to go to work, or to the shops, perhaps the government would get the message that fuel prices have an enourmous effect on the budget of the average household.

11th Sep 2005, 21:26
That was the thinking behind the original fuel protests however the mindless sheep didn't support that and hence we ended up with the fuel shortages.

That said, this so called "Government" which is more akin to a dictatorship would take no notice.

They made criminals out of the original fuel protesters and passed Laws preventing such similar actions in the future.

Together with more recent laws it is becoming increasingly difficult to protest about anything without falling foul of some new law or other.

Such is 'Socialist' Britain, land of the so called Party of the working man !

11th Sep 2005, 23:13
OK, I'll fall for it - it's Jet Blast after all.

Now look, burning petrol is wasting a rapidly diminishing resource and harming the environment. Yes, yes, I know, I do it too. However, we'll never get around to improving the efficiency of motorised vehicles all the time we're still paying relatively cheaply for our fossil fuels.

We should be looking by now for 500 mpg vehicles - I believe the record is over 1,500 mpg demonstrated. One of my cars does less than 40 mpg on petrol, the other, a diesel, does about 45mpg, but probably less than that at the motorway speeds I drive at.

Increasing road fuel prices is the only fair way to tax road use - the more you drive the more you pay, rather than 'flat rate' tax which hits those who use the roads least, the hardest.

All this demonstrating and blockading is in my view fat-headed nonsense, just causes disruption and damage to the economy without achieving anything. Likewise hare-brained schemes to boycott certain distributors. Why not simply do what I do, note the prices as you drive around and buy when you find the cheapest?

One of the biggest problems is the increasing distances everyone seems to commute. 50 years ago, many people lived within walking or cycling distance of work, just as well since many people simply didn't have cars. Now, many folk seem to live on one side of London and work on the other. I bet they pass people every day who are doing the reciprocal journey? How about doing more to give people incentives to live nearer to their work?


The Odd One

Standard Noise
11th Sep 2005, 23:22
How about doing more to give people incentives to live nearer to their work?

What? Are you mad? Living 20 miles away is one of the ways of forgetting about work. Anyway, why would I want to live near the airport, noisy bl**dy place!;)

Onan the Clumsy
12th Sep 2005, 00:18
How about doing more to give people incentives to live nearer to their work? Or, more pointedly, how about letting people telecommute from home say at least two days a week.

Wasn't that (and the paperless office) what the computer revolution was supposed to bring us?

12th Sep 2005, 06:53
It's not just the Government raking it in. You wait until the fuel companies next announce their financial results and billions of pounds profit. Why is nobody demanding that they cut their costs??

I think the cost of petrol in the States is something like 42p per litre, at least it is in Hunstville, Alabama where my wife's friend lives. I had little sympathy on discovering that "shocking" news!

Boss Raptor
12th Sep 2005, 07:28
What do you expect??!!

Bliar and his bum boys seem to think we are all as stupid as they are and dont suss what they are up to...deceit deceit deceit...what I find so insulting is the fact they treat us like sh!t and really do seem to think they are being really clever and are above everyone else :mad:

They are genuine 'billy no mates' and haven't got a moral or brain cell between them I recall their sort from the school playground...as for Bliar and his morals coming from 'God' what a tosser - sadly British public allowed this idiot back in - what can u say!? :cool:

PS. I also saw a news clip from the USA where some housewife had just had to pay $25 for 10 gallons of petrol?! - zero sympathy from me :confused:

12th Sep 2005, 07:57
What do you expect??!!
Bliar and his bum boys seem to think we are all as stupid as they are and dont suss what they are up to...deceit deceit deceit...what I find so insulting is the fact they treat us like sh!t and really do seem to think they are being really clever and are above everyone else blah blah blah..

Whilst I do not like the way the government tax fuel, it strikes me that Boss Raptor is still in the playground himself. A very well thought out response Boss!

I didn't vote for Blair et al, but I would suggest that no party in power would have given us a reduction in fuel costs. The Conservative party started the Fuel Escalator in the first place.

This time it is OPEC that is causing this situation combined with a poor supply.

The internal combustion engine has remained (in principle) the same for over one hundred years. Maybe it is time the boffins came up with a viable alternative.

I haven't seen anyone comment on the massive price hike in gas bills. Is that the fault of the government too?

Dak Mechanic
12th Sep 2005, 08:09
VAT on fuel, that's what gets me.

So we pay duty on fuel and THEN we pay 17.5% on the duty!!

Surely that can't be legal can it? Paying tax on a tax.

Come on Gordon, knock the vat off fuel.


12th Sep 2005, 08:44
All right then.

I'm going to form a new political party which will not tax fuel at all.

Petrol will be down to 40p per litre. The huge surge in demand in Petrol will make prices rise to 60p (simple supply chain economics), but hey, who cares, we've still got cheaper petrol.

All the roads will be completely gridlocked with the extra miles being driven, but hey who cares, we've got cheaper petrol.

The increased emissions and pollution created means we'll never meet Kyoto limits, so we'll have to resign our signatory to the agreement, but hey who cares, we've got cheaper petrol.

My Chancellor meanwhile has a problem. The big decrease in tax revenue means he has to increase income tax by 5p. So the outcome is his total tax revenue is the same, and our total tax outgoings are the same, but hey who cares, we've got cheaper petrol.

So, vote for me and:

i) Petrol will be cheaper
ii) Despite the above, you'll be no better off financially through increased income tax
iii) Congestion and pollution will increase

Big Tudor
12th Sep 2005, 09:25
Ok, explain this one if you can. Shell garage in Chester 93.9p per litre. Shell garage at Chester Motorway Sevices 99.9p per litre. Now bear in mind that the Motorway Service station is approx 2 miles from the fuel delivery depot so the transport costs can't be higher. It ain't just ole Gordy that's raking it in. :(

Saw a report in one of the Sunday Tabloids yesterday. It claims that the UK pay pretty much the same percentage of tax on fuel as a lot of EU countries, doesn't explain why our fuel prices are higher though.

As for me, I'm now seriously considering the gas conversion job. 40p a litre, I'll have some of that thanks very much. :ok:

12th Sep 2005, 11:17
A slight side issue here, but what happened to Windfall Taxes ?

I don't recall any of the major Oil & Gas companies getting clobbered recently despite them all doing well with increased year on year profits.

Burnt Fishtrousers
12th Sep 2005, 12:13
I shan't be expecting any tax rises next budget as Brown has been creaming in the extra duty on fuel.

We should all protest by driving up the motorways at 40mph for a week or two or all use public transport to demonstrate how poor it is ...You could bring the country to a standstill

This will mean
A) mean more MPG so less fuel is consumed

B) There will be no speeding so the Govt/Police will lose out financially too

c) If you can possibly work from home, do it

And what are the cretins in govt doing about solving our impending energy crisis in years to come? ...b**ger all apart from a few windfarms and more reliance on gas and tightening a few of the Part L building regs.

Gas will depend on one siberian pipeline that goes through ...Iran and Iraq...well thought out that one was.... Go Nuclear and forget fossil fuels even if it means mass investment over the next 20 years

12th Sep 2005, 12:29
Can someone better informed than me explain why, when these increases get announced, it is due to decreasing availability of Gas. I am talking about the UK here.

The North Sea gas fields have at least another 50 years in them do they not ? With better drilling technology probably 100 years.

When these Masters of our Oil and Gas industry attempt to defend themselves on the media, with their latest fat pay cheque in their back pocket, nothing gets asked about huge profit rises or what they are doing to invest more into new drilling/exploration technology.

Poor journaliam in my opinion - let Paxman have a go at them.

Let's see some REAL facts instead of the waffle we have to watch and listen to.

12th Sep 2005, 12:30
This time it is OPEC that is causing this situation combined with a poor supply. Would you care to refine that please?!

Anyway, why on earth should the government give anyone any money back? If people are dumb enough to give (government) a blank cheque in the first place (even if you didn't vote for them)...?! I mean, most people wouldn't trust their own in-laws with their cheque books or credit cards, yet everyone automatically assumes the "roll over and please scratch my belly" labrador position when it comes to politicians who as we all know are a bunch of bleedin'... :rolleyes:

12th Sep 2005, 12:33
These are prices monitored throughout Europe by the Dutch equivalent of the AA. These prices are from June - the last available.

12th Sep 2005, 12:34
well lost luggage - I understand Brent Crude is just that - pretty crude crap - and we have to mix it up with other stuff to make it useable. What is interesting at the moment are these worldwide studies of pumping waste Co2 away from the atmosphere and into the wells, where it will push any remaining oil out, and then stay trapped in the ground, thus helping us to breathe longer ! So there may be 50 years left after all. More exploration licenses have been issued this year on the NS, more than ever before, mainly due to a change in the rules allowing small capital-less firms to get in on the act. The problem is the quality of the oil that's left. Right 91F today, I think i'll take the 20 steps to the pool....


12th Sep 2005, 12:39
Than You TFS - I wanted to understand things better and that has helped.

12th Sep 2005, 12:58
The tax placed on a liter of fuel in the UK peaked in 1995/96.

1995 it was 73% of the cost of a liter
1996 it was 77% of the cost of a liter
2005 it is 66.7% of the cost of a liter

The actual costs of motoring are not increasing as fast as the increases in rail, bus and coach fares.

12th Sep 2005, 13:05
So, a basic question - when I turn my cooker on, where does that gas come from.

I always thought it was from the North Sea.

If gas is really imported to this country (the UK) where and how much ?

12th Sep 2005, 13:34
..and don't forget that Georgeous Gordon gets two bites of the cherry!

Firstly you have to earn the money and then be taxed on it before it is given to you so that you can spend it on fuel and then get taxed heavily on it again.

I'm c*ap at maths but don't you have to earn about £1.30 to be able to buy petrol at £1.00 to pay more tax of £0.60 or something like that?

Still at least Shell, et al, will be able to make some mammoth profits.

Doubles all round!

12th Sep 2005, 13:39
The only natural gas imports into the UK at the moment are from other countries sectors in the North Sea, via pipeline.

An LNG import Terminal is planned for Milford Haven, (much to the locals opposition incidentally).

Responding to someones earlier point about Brent Crude, it isn't a "crap" crude, it's a very good one, relatively low in sulphur, and high in light components such as gasoline and diesel. Doesn't produce much fuel oil or more particularly lube oil, hence the requirement to import Middle Eastern heavier crudes too.

12th Sep 2005, 13:46
In France the government threatened to slap a wind fall tax on the oil companies if they did not do some thing about the high price. The oil companies soon made the right choice and reduced the price at the pumps.

12th Sep 2005, 14:17
So what exactly do you get for the 17.5% VAT slapped on the fuel and duty?


12th Sep 2005, 14:19
Some posh Trident submarines, a couple of Europhyter Typhoons and a war in Iraq.

12th Sep 2005, 14:23
Ozzy, presumably if we could just fill our cars with crude oil as it comes out of the ground, there would be less justification for charging an "added-value" tax...?! :p

12th Sep 2005, 14:27
But isn't VAT a European tax not just a UK tax? Isn't some of it paid to the Euro MP club?


12th Sep 2005, 14:27
I am not attempting to be stupid here - but why are we importing GAS ???

12th Sep 2005, 14:31


VAT is levied and collected by each country individually although there are some moves to try and standardise the level of VAT in all countries using the Euro and eventually throughout the EU. Idea being that it creates a level tax playing field at some point in the future - I guess.


because it is cheaper. In the same way we have 200 years supply of coal under our feet in the UK but it is cheaper to import it from Columbia and Poland.

12th Sep 2005, 14:32
Probably the same 'reason' we are importing coal.

12th Sep 2005, 15:07
Come on the Tories, elect Ken Clarke and lets have some sense again in this country before it's too late

But wasn't it Ken Clarke who invented the fuel tax escalator?

12th Sep 2005, 15:15
Gordon Brown is a truly dangerous man. First, he is a Socialist (remember, the people who brought you Stalin, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe and friends).
Second, he has engaged in huge social engineering (him manipulating people's lives to accommodate his own simple-minded socialistic prejudices). This has meant subsidies to the useless and the feckless at the expense of decent hard-working people (like us?).
He has created a grotesquely complex taxation and benefit system. This has meant the employment of far more Civil (?) Servants, and an unbelievably complex bureaucracy.
Because the system is complex, it costs a fortune (more tax) and makes mistakes (hitting those most vulnerable). In response, he makes it more complex.
He has almost single-handedly destroyed the UK's pensions provisions with his 1997 'raid' on your pension fund. This continues now, at a rate of £6bn per year.
He is also spending money (not his, but yours of course) like water - £500 for an 18th birthday party for every child in the land (WTF??).
Soon, he may be Prime Minister.
God help us if he ever is.

12th Sep 2005, 15:17
BSE spotlight of blame

A series of Tory former ministers and government officials have come in for criticism over their handling of the BSE crisis. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/992641.stm) Kenneth Clarke Former health secretary Mr Clarke was criticised by the committee over the issue of the safety of offal for adults.

The report said: " As Secretary of State for Health, Mr Clarke needed to be in a position to answer the question 'If offal is not safe for babies, why is it safe for adults?' But at least he didn't feed his 4 year old daughter a beef-burger unlike John Bummer...lest we forget?! :uhoh:

12th Sep 2005, 16:39
Hello all,

Despite the BBC claiming there not to be any evidence of panic buying at the fuel pumps (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4236676.stm), I've just been out and about in Cheshire and noticed quite significant queues at all the five or so petrol station I have passed.

If what I have seen this afternoon is representative of the whole of the UK, I find the statement that forecourts have been "quite quiet" to be pantently incorrect.

Local pump here offers unleaded at 94.7p/litre but queue is probably around 30 mins long.

So, what is the situation where you are, and how much have you paid per litre?


cessna l plate
12th Sep 2005, 16:42
No Panic eh????

Why then did T2 petrol station at MAN have 10,000 of deisel delivered last night and only have about 3000 left????

12th Sep 2005, 17:04
Canadians are on the point of (politely) rioting at having to pay C$123.4 / litre ... or about 56 of your p.

(Mind you, it takes 1000+ miles to get anywhere here, typically in a 15 mpg pick-up, so the total spend on fuel is likely starting to hurt.)

Saw my first Smart Car today ........!

12th Sep 2005, 17:14
have seen several around town since the dealership open - dunno how many I'll see after the first snow fall though.

Flying Mech
12th Sep 2005, 17:22
And the price of Gas for your car in the UK has what relevance to Pprune "Rumours & News"?. There was me thinking that this was an Aviation Forum:confused:

12th Sep 2005, 17:24
Its quite a cool situation for the tax collector. He taxes your wages, taxes what you spend of what was left over after the initial tax bite, then when you die taxes the money you left which had been taxed anyway.
Seems whoever is earning money is just asking to be mistreated and the best thing is do what an increasingly large segment of the population is doing and simply be supported by welfare.

12th Sep 2005, 17:31
if i was in the u.s what is the pence per litre just curious?

12th Sep 2005, 17:45
At $3.10 per usg and a conversion rate of usg to litres of 3.7843 and an exchange rate of £1 = US$ 1.82 it is........

45 Pence per litre

At £1 per litre the US equivalent price to that in the UK would be.....

$6.89 per Gallon


Putting 15 gallons in your tank costs

$46.50 in the US and $103.30 in the UK


£25.55 in the US and £56.76 in the UK

Lance Murdoch
12th Sep 2005, 17:49
I will not be supporting the fuel tax protesters. They are a narrow minded self interested group who do not care one jot about anyone else. They are perfectly entitled to picket oil refineries or engage in any other form of peaceful protest but as soon as any violence starts (which it will) I hope the police will lay the boot in on them hard.
Whatever the rights and wrongs of fuel taxation I do not like the idea of any self interested, non elected group, thinking that they have the right to dictate terms to a democratically elected government.
My one issue with the fuel tax is that the money raised is being squandered. It should be being spent on energy efficiency and development of renewable and nuclear energy sources. It is ridiculous that we are still reliant on fossil fuels thirty odd years after the first oil shock.

12th Sep 2005, 17:50
In northern California at the moment I was able to find regular (87 octane) at $2.99 per gallon, but see it at $3.35 all over the place. Premium (92? octane) is easily over $3.50 per gallon.

1 US gallon = 3.785 liters

thus at $2.99 per gallon, the price per liter is (rounded) $0.79.

Right now US$1 = 0.5491 pounds.

Price per liter where I got fuel this morning is therefore 43 pence.

(I think I did that right but count on others to check my work...)

So, that's still probably less than half as much as I'd need to pay in the UK, so I count myself lucky. Prices jumping 20-30% in a week is still quite painful though. Not to mention forgetting to fill the tank before driving into a higher-priced area, and paying an additional 30% as a result...


12th Sep 2005, 18:29
Lots of Smart cars around here. Not sure how smart they'd be in a crash. Daimler-Benz still losing money hand over fist with them.
Gas Can$114.6 L at the moment.

12th Sep 2005, 18:33
For a long time I have suspected that the BBC is now directly controlled by Blair and the government and these headlines only support that view. The propaganda machine is working well.

No doubt Blair will now be cashing on the reflected glory of England winning the Ashes - roll on the revolution!

Sir Vaylance Radar
12th Sep 2005, 18:35
No queues here - but BP Ultimate @ 103.9p per litre so no wonder !!

12th Sep 2005, 18:46
91.9 pence for litre of unleaded just off junction 19 on route to A405.

Queued for about 5 minutes.

Probably queue for longer now that I have typed this in... ah well... if I can't get into work, cest la vie!!

Last time we ATCOS were given letters telling police that we were essential staff, and we could queue jump.... not happened this time: wonder if it is an oversight.

12th Sep 2005, 18:50
Story is that UK fuel prices to increase on Wednesday. Dunno if this is true or just scaremongering on someone's part.


12th Sep 2005, 19:02
This national epidemic of stupidity pisses me off in a big way. There is enough fuel, but it is a bit more expensive than it was a month ago. Every tabloid (and I scanned them all this morning at the paper shop) front-pages petrol scare stories. Joe Public is as stupid as ever, and fills his tank. Seeing the queues, Joe's brother fills up his three-quarter full tank, thus adding to the queue and the shortage.

Worse still is the sight of hauliers whinging about fuel prices and 'unfair' competition from French truckers.

How do you fancy the French 50% payroll tax, guys? How do you fancy toll roads?

Compare apples with apples and the cost per km. is not too far apart.

Whatever happened to common sense?

12th Sep 2005, 19:07
fireflybob wrote: For a long time I have suspected that the BBC is now directly controlled by Blair and the government and these headlines only support that view. The propaganda machine is working well.

Absoulutly correct why do you think we had all that disruption last year at the beed with the head leaving.

Here Past four stations on the way home with a texeco sold out,
two x shell with cues and rationing,
1 x tesco 8 pumps all locked up

Also informed that the pumps at Morrisions, (Asda-WALMART)
and Sainsburys Busy

Here in downtown Bradford West Yorks England

Prices around here 97/8 pence a litre

12th Sep 2005, 19:13
>And the price of Gas for your car in the UK has what relevance to Pprune "Rumours & News"?. There was me thinking that this was an Aviation Forum<

Flying Mech, with respect surely it has everything to do with aviation.

Higher prices at the pumps means less disposable income and the prices of most goods and services increasing. This surely means less (potential) income for the airlines. How do their customers get to the airport?! The ever increasing rise in the price of oil is the biggest challenge to the world and has huge ramifications for aviation.

12th Sep 2005, 19:15
Our local Shell garage had diesel at 95.9 ppl, queue all the way down the road, estimate 30 mins++. Just filled up at Gatwick at an Esso station at 97.9 ppl, no queue. The BP station next to the North Terminal has diesel at 99.9 ppl, a bit cheeky in my opinion.

With the fuel economy of my diesel car, it should see me through my planned trips to & fro work etc 'til the middle of next week, hopefully.

The Odd One

The Invisible Cat
12th Sep 2005, 19:31

Someone dumped that thread in JB. :hmm: :hmm:
One thunk two petrol related threads (here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=189578) and there (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=188436)) is enough, or is it ?

Or mebbe one doesn't understand the word ultimate.

L Peacock
12th Sep 2005, 19:31
Unwell Raptor

You are bang on. People have actually been ringing 999 asking for the best place to fill up. If only Joe P had the intelligence to stick to his routine, we'd have no problem.
I despair!

shut that door
12th Sep 2005, 19:32
My local Sainsbury's in Eastbourne has run out unleaded, massive wait at Tesco. And I'm off the the Southampton boat show on Monday. Any of you chaps there on Monday?

I'll be on the Princess pontoon stand.

CAT.....Why don't you go and f:mad: off You seem to have the mentality of a normal poster. Work that out for yourself.

12th Sep 2005, 19:40
Thanks for the replies guys. From what I've read it seems like it's a fairly similar situation throughout the UK (USA and Canada too perhaps). The BBC re-wrote the article shortly after I posted the link so my initial quotes aren't reflected in the present article. Sorry for that.

I hope this is a flash in the pan. Otherwise my 20 min drive to the airport will become a 60min cycle with a flight case strapped to my back. :}

Am on duty at silly-o'clock tomorrow morning so it will be interesting to see what the situation is then.


12th Sep 2005, 19:50
Dr Raptor, you are so right. What we have here is an outbreak of journalist fueled stupidity. Last time, around our way people were so STUPID as to follow petrol tankers, often for miles to garages. Sheer madness.

I have just driven past 3 petrol stations - Sainsbury's (queue of about 20 cars), BP queue of about 2 cars at each pump, Tesco, queue of about 3 cars per pump. The nation has gone stark raving mad!!

12th Sep 2005, 20:16
All the stations driving up from Surrey into SW London appear to have run out and are now closed.

12th Sep 2005, 20:47
Pumps busy everywhere down here with some stations only on limited pumps and out of some types of fuel.

Paid 99.9p for diesel.

12th Sep 2005, 20:52
Oil companies must be laughing all the way to the bank..... Price here about 45 pence/litre

Dirty Mach
12th Sep 2005, 20:59
youve probably all had something similar by now but I got this from a friend this morning...

"We are hitting 95p a litre in some areas now, soon we will be faced with paying £1 a litre.

The following suggestion makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy petrol on a certain day" campaign that was going around last April or May! The oil companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue to hurt ourselves by refusing to buy petrol. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them.

BUT, whoever thought of this idea has come up with a plan that can really work. Please read it and join in! Now that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to think that the cost of a litre is CHEAP, we need to take aggressive action to teach them that BUYERS control the market place not sellers. With the price of petrol going up more each day, we consumers need to take action. The only way we are going to see the price of petrol come down is if we hit someone in the pocket by not purchasing their Petrol! And we can do that WITHOUT hurting ourselves. Here's the idea:

For the rest of this year, DON'T purchase ANY petrol from the two biggest oil companies (which now are one), ESSO and BP. If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of Esso and BP petrol buyers.

It's really simple to do!! Now, don't wimp out on me at this point..."

It then goes into the usual chain letter [email protected] and ignores the effect of huge supermarkets on local buisness, and the knock on effect it would have on aviation fuel, but it's worth pondering...

Gingerbread Man
12th Sep 2005, 21:52
I went to the petrol station today. One car was on the forecourt. Plenty of fuel was to be had. I got to charge it to my fathers company fuel card :p (because it's his car). And I achieved a new record of 51.0 mpg average on the way home! And it's not even a diesel. Sorry everyone, but it's not all bad.

Ginger ;)

(Gingerbread Man reserves the right to bitch and moan at will when lady luck shines less brightly on him, as frequently takes her fancy)

13th Sep 2005, 00:54
Just found a petrol station that 24 hours ago was charging 94.9p per litre of unleaded and this evening the same station is now charging £1.09. :eek: The ques were also about 1/2 mile long.

13th Sep 2005, 05:58
2.76 YTL a liter for regular unleaded. Thats $2.10 a liter, or $7.98 a gallon. And this is not something that happened recently due to Katarina or anything else, these are normal prices. And this is in a country neighbouring the country with the largest oil reserves in the world and with a GNP per capita of only about $3,000.


So unfair...

May your SUV's roll over on you! :ok:

13th Sep 2005, 08:29
Germany: 1,38 EUR/litre. :* :{ :\ :sad: :oh: :ooh: :ouch: :mad:

Last week it was +1,45 EUR!

Includes about 75 EUR-Cent tax/litre.

Fu**ing Bull**it

Eff Oh
13th Sep 2005, 08:50
Saw one a week ago at an independant station in Glasgow of all places. It was £1.03 per litre!!!!! Standard in Glasgow is between 92.5p and 95.5p per litre. Shocking! :mad:

13th Sep 2005, 09:03
Did anybody hear me?? I said $2.10 a liter!! Thats more than 1.70€ or 1pound 30p per tiny insignificant liter. :mad: :mad: :mad: :{ :{ :{

shoot me in the face :*

Americans, please discontinue all bitching about gas prices... I would be walking around with a huge smile on my face if I was paying a measily $3.00 a gallon... wow, wouldn't that be nice eh fellas?

13th Sep 2005, 09:42
Mr Flyingbee had a business dinner last night. His collegue, who gave Mr Flyingbee a lift, commutes from around 50 miles away and needed to fill up to get home (not just unnecessary topping up).

Unfortunately collegue was unaware of the fuel filling madness that erupted in my town yesterday. So after dinner he asked Mr Flyingbee if he'd mind if he fillled up enroute to dropping Mr Flyingbee home. They ended up queuing for 30 mins at 10pm!

Fortunately I filled up yesterday am before the madness erupted. Got enough to get to the airport today, hopefully got just about to get me back from the airport, but hoping it will all have settled down by the time I get back next week.

13th Sep 2005, 11:15
Unleaded 98 oct at 1.27€ /Lt ... I'm getting my Honda Vision out of the garage! :{


13th Sep 2005, 11:25
Just walked to the local shop, outside of which is a Blackpool Gazette board screaming "PETROL PANIC LATEST."


13th Sep 2005, 11:47
Unleaded £0.95, diesel £0.97 per litre, my fees have just gone up. Hey ho it's great to be in demand.

13th Sep 2005, 11:49

There, feel better now.

Ranger One
13th Sep 2005, 12:17
OK, riddle me this:

LPG, fossil fuel, UK duty 4.5p per litre.
Veg. oil, renewable, UK duty 27p per litre.


13th Sep 2005, 12:42
Can't blame people 'panic-buying'. They're only filling up in case there's another stoppage- you can only fill up once.

It unsettles the government too... makes them realise that the peasants are revolting(!).... that we're sick of being taxed-to-death.

brain fade
13th Sep 2005, 16:15
Good luck to the so called 'Panic buyers'. The price of petrol in the UK is a fuggin disgrace, so if folk cause the government a bit of hassle by filling up, then thats fine by me.:ok:

13th Sep 2005, 16:25
but I want to fill up because my petrol tank isn't very full...can I go to the front of the queue?

13th Sep 2005, 16:26
Has there been a run on jerry cans yet?

13th Sep 2005, 18:03
I saw 102.9p per litre last week for unleaded, 104.9p for diesel.

13th Sep 2005, 18:19
Local Tesco here hiked up 4p in 24 hours to 97.9p...swines.
It's all Gordon Brown's and Bushs' fault:zzz:

Edited because Gprdon Brown makes no sense..

13th Sep 2005, 19:54
Neither does Gordon Brown...

13th Sep 2005, 20:23
it peaked at $2.99 per gallon over here, now it's down to $2.65

13th Sep 2005, 21:36
I farted today and was taxed 50 pence by Tony Blair!!:O .

At least Robin Hood stole from the rich,Blair would nick a tramps plastic begging cup,greedy *******.


13th Sep 2005, 22:32
Was 54.5p per litre here last Saturday now 64.5p per litre

14th Sep 2005, 07:25
The people who panic buy fuel are an absolute disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves. It just goes to show how much moral fibre this country has lost compared to the generation which weathered the depravations of WW2.

Not only is it selfish it is also completely unnecessary, or are these people too ignorant to listen to the news reports which tell us that the refineries won't be blockaded this time?

Morons, one and all.:rolleyes:

14th Sep 2005, 08:22
We are a nation of Sun readers led by a serially truth dodging prannet - it's no surprise to me that we have witnessed panic at the pumps. It still boils my piss that Lord of the flies reigns the minute there's a stirring of democratic protest.

As WNJMurphy said, I wanted to fill my tank up because it's empty, but I couldn't because I didn't have time to queue for 90 minutes. How I laughed this morning as I witnessed four empty & queueless filling stations on the way to work. Now we've sold a weeks fuel in a day, I guess the pump jockeys can get their Soduko puzzles out & while away the day whilst Gordon Brown counts his Fuel duty & Vat charged on the fuel duty.

How they must be laughing. Still, on the bright side, I guess it'll pay for a few more speed cameras, asbo's or all night drinking licences.

Windy Militant
14th Sep 2005, 09:34
Does anyone know whether it's worth buying branded oil like Mazola or Crisp N Dry or do you get the same performance and mileage from Stores own Brand oil?
Also how difficult is it to fit a cooker hood to your exhaust system to cut out the chipshop aroma? :p

14th Sep 2005, 09:45
In my experience corn or sunflower is better than olive and cheaper. Rapeseed will stop your fuel line getting too much cholesterol. If you use dripping I think that you will need an immersion heater in the tank.

When you fit the cooker hood, make sure that you run ducting out of the back of the car and not the front. This could cause back draft problems and may smear your wind screen. You will get appreciable thrust advantage by pointing it rearwards. You could also fit a microwave for reheat. This will really impress the other cruisers and also give you a considerable thrust advantage Don't forget to turn the lights off as they may confuse other drivers.

Windy Militant
14th Sep 2005, 09:53
Thanks for that I'd forgotten about the light on the cooker hood. If I stick a blue tube in it instead of the white one I'll have instant Chav Cred init! :ok:

Burnt Fishtrousers
14th Sep 2005, 10:53
The whole things a joke. All you lemmings out there have added to the coffers of Brown and the oil companies by filling your tanks when it appears these huge protests are not actually materialising.

In future if you want to raise somemore tax all you do is leak to the Meeja that there are going to be fuel protests next week and watch the lemmings react and fatten your wallet

3 people and a dog outside a refinery will not have thesame result it did last time.

Its all media bull$it and hype. This then just adds to the daily congestion as queues spill out on to the roads and cause mayhem.

If the protesters did their job properly they would have mass protests and not publicise the issue, that way this mass hysteria wouldnt take place

Its strange isnt it, the people protesting are the ones who can claim VAT back on their fuel..

Standard Noise
14th Sep 2005, 11:00
Personally, I panic buy all the time, have you seen how much you can squeeze into a Land Rover tank?
And when it's cheap, I whip out the jerry cans and fill them up and all, just in case.

There's nowt puts the fear of god into a Discovery owner like talk of another penny on a litre!

14th Sep 2005, 12:17
What amazes me is how pathetic and helpless some people can be when faced with losing their cars for a short period of time.

If my tank runs out before things are back to normal, I am quite prepared to catch the bus to work for a couple of days. yes, it'll cost me more in time (1 1/4 hrs to get to work as opposed to 15 minutes) but I won't die.

Some people are just so horrified at the thought of actually having to walk their children the 1/4 mile to school that we end up in the situation now!

I remember the last time, someone in my office pleading for a lift from near his house to work. Pointing out the buses that run that route was not well received!

Pathetic, truely, utterly pathetic.

Standard Noise
14th Sep 2005, 12:39
I suppose it all depends on how far you live from your place of work and whether there is public transport available.
Unfortunately their isn't for me, and it's a 17 mile walk or so. Not much fun in the pouring rain for a 7am start.
As for the school run, I think it's more dangerous because of the cars! It does seem daft when these 'mother hen' types pile their kids into the car to drive them half a mile to school, only to let them out on the opposite side of the road from the school gates and the kids have to cross a now very busy road (because of the other 'mother hen' types also ferrying little johnny 300 yards to the school gate) to get through the gates.
WTF is all that about.

For the record Noisy jnr walks there and back. Does him the world of good after 6 weeks sitting on his soft bits. And I save mucho dieselo into the bargain.

14th Sep 2005, 20:40
91 unleaded price in NZ has fallen twice this week - now around 60p/litre - methinks the UK petrol industry is operating like their banks....:hmm:

Biggles Flies Undone
15th Sep 2005, 15:22
Finally an answer (http://www.petroldirect.com/) for those of us in the UK! :ok:

16th Sep 2005, 11:46
for regular n Penn state yesterday - it's coming down.........:O

Lon More
16th Sep 2005, 11:54
Moved this from elsewhere, as someone said, it says more about the price of Coke ...

4th Oct 2005, 00:42
Just out of interest what is the going rate of Jet A1 in Europe and the UK??

7th Oct 2005, 05:45
Seeing as prices have started coming down, how about following it down?
Our pump price peaked at NZD 1.55/L for 91 but has come down to 1.48 in the past 3 weeks, a drop of 7 cents.

How much is it coming down in your area?

How relevant are pages like this?http://www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=qkquote&cb=1128663730&symbol=NYM%5EHUX5

28th Oct 2005, 14:12
South Africa is waiting for a "massive drop" .

Speculation 50c to even as high as R1.00 per litre (roughly 4 to 10p) or nearly 15%.

Where has the other prices gone too ?