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Stoney X
2nd Sep 2005, 15:34
Enlarge the image on this page (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4206348.stm) and tell me those aren't two footprints right in the middle of the tracks on the right. :E


2nd Sep 2005, 15:41
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Conspiracy anyone ? :E

2nd Sep 2005, 15:41
oo.. err.. Capricorn One

Bring on the conspiracy theorists...

And the NASA boffins are looking at rind. Does this mean that not only is the moon made of cheese, but Mars is one great big pink grapefruit?

Lon More
2nd Sep 2005, 16:36
If they are footprints they're pretty wide apart - John Wayne maybe? **

** Big balls

2nd Sep 2005, 19:09
So Martians wear Doc Martins - who's surprised :cool:

2nd Sep 2005, 19:36
and tell me those aren't two footprints right in the middle of the tracks on the right.
Those aren't two footprints in the middle of the track on the right.

Happier now?

2nd Sep 2005, 19:58
Hey, you look down to the bottom of the hollow in the centre and really zoom in using a graphics tool, I am sure I can see Elvis flipping burgers

Wow, the discovery of the centuary

2nd Sep 2005, 20:44
It's Jim Morrison, weighted down with Halliburton oil and Big Tobacco contracts, going to join the Illuminati at the Freemason's conference, hosted by the Princess of Wales.

Elvis took the picture using his turn-water-into-gasoline camera, shortly before he enlarged his p**** (that works rather well, when you think about it) with ancient Persian techniques. It wasn't hard for him (stop sniggering back there, Smithins!), as he made money from home so quickly, and has so many credit cards and cheap mortgages.

Clearly, the black helicopters have been Photoshopped out, but it might be the tinfoil hat I am wearing.


Stoney X
2nd Sep 2005, 22:57
I feel much better now (and that has nothing to do with the 'hic' binge I've been on quick before the law changes) :bored:


3rd Sep 2005, 02:43
John Wayne had tiny tiny feet go look at the footprint outside Graumans chinese theatre.
He musta had a helluva small six-shooter.

3rd Sep 2005, 08:53
Apparently, according to the BBC article, driving backwards and forwards reduces wheel wear, will have to try that next time i go to work, fuel consumption might be a bit high though!