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2nd Sep 2005, 16:14
According to a poll carried out by MTV, 40% of young people in the UK know someone who owns a gun , AND 62% have seen one on the street, at home or at school.

And if you carry out a survey of100 young people, you will probably find that,

1/ 99% of them are not virgins.
2/ 70% of them can drink 12 pints without getting pi55ed
3/ 25% of them have shagged one of their teachers, or a famous actor/actress.
4/ 100% of them wouldn't be lying to try and make themselves look big!

Do these people who carry out these surveys actually believe the results?

Burnt Fishtrousers
2nd Sep 2005, 16:22
According to a poll carried out by MTV, 40% of young people in the UK know someone who owns a gun

Sounds like most of us know someone in the 'Services then..[

2nd Sep 2005, 16:37
A gun can be very quickly "knocked up" on the simplest of lathes in about 1 hour tops.

I doesn't even have to look like a gun, to fire a bullet, which is even more alarming.

2nd Sep 2005, 17:40
aye right, fire one of those and you'll never clap again.

don't think so.

2nd Sep 2005, 18:22
87.8% of statistics are made up anyway.

2nd Sep 2005, 18:23
lies, damn lies and statistics!

tony draper
2nd Sep 2005, 18:57
Zip guns Mr Anker? they would never do nowadays,they got to have street cred,designer label,star in movies ect Glock or Desert eagle,or whatever the flavour of the month is.

2nd Sep 2005, 22:21
It could actually be correct. Anyone who doesn't live in a city centre is likely to know someone in their village or town who owns a shotgun for either sport or pest control.

Also, it doesn't take into account those who honestly believe that the class nutter's dad owns the gun he's infamous for, even if they've never seen it themselves. (When I was at school the class nutter's dad reputedly had an M16. I don't know how true that was but he did actually bring a grenade to school once.. but then I never *actually* saw it. ;) )


3rd Sep 2005, 06:40
I once took a grenade to school. It caused a certain amount of concern.

No charge in it and no detonator though only I knew that for certain. The effect when I pulled the pin out was interesting - no-one thought old "Bullshit Ben" could actually move that fast.

3rd Sep 2005, 09:48
All it does is show the type of viewers they attract.

3rd Sep 2005, 09:56
Simon853, I wonder if we went to the same school! The class nutter at my school's dad also reputedly had an M16 - the story went that when his equally nutty dog had savaged the neighbour's cat one night, his dad had to "put it out of it's misery with the M16" (which was kept in a box in the attic).