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2nd Sep 2005, 12:18
OK, so I am a newbie to the UK and currently am working and living temporarily in Staplehurst.

I am thinking of driving down to Biggin Hill tomorrow to enjoy the airshow. Is anyone else going, is it worth the 20 squid to go? Would people recommend taking the train instead?

Any information would be taken with a pinch of salt since this is JetBlast erm, greatly appreciated.

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2nd Sep 2005, 13:01
I'm planning on being there tomorrow. Expect driving there to be painful, the roads into Biggin are not the biggest. Flying starts at around 11:30am, but the gates open a 9am.

I've never taken the train, but the last leg of the journey will be by bus, which will be slow coz they use the same roads as the rest of us.

Is it worth it? Depends if you like to see old warbirds flying and if you've got kids they usually have loads of bouncy castles there :)

2nd Sep 2005, 13:03
If it's anything like the Yorkshire Airshow, get there by 9am. And be prepared to wait a long time to get home!!

2nd Sep 2005, 13:47
There is also the RAFA airshow at Shoreham tomorrow and Sunday, most of what is displayed at Biggin will also display at Shoreham as they shuttle between the two shows. Might be easier to get to too. Head south to the coast, turn right and follow your nose. Don't have a scooby about prices at either.

Biggles Flies Undone
2nd Sep 2005, 13:53
The great thing about Shoreham is that it's an easyish train ride from London and an easy walk to the show from Shoreham station.

Adults 16 and kids 7 - you can check it out here. (http://www.shorehamairshow.com/index.html)

2nd Sep 2005, 14:05
Shoreham has suffered from RAF cut backs over the last few years but I still think that it is better value for money. You don't get such gaps between the displays. I love Biggin, you often get things there which don't show at Shoreham but I'll still be at good ole EGKA instead of EGKB. Another thing is that you within striking distance of a very good night out with good trains back from Brighton after the show.

Please, please, please, shoot the presenters and ditch the music.

This has nothing to do with anything but, time before last at Biggin I saw three nasties over two days. I vaguely knew one of the victims in the Vampire, v. sad. Never seen a nasty at Shoreham and I've been going since the fifties when the shows were very ad hoc.


Biggles Flies Undone
2nd Sep 2005, 14:12
It's a pretty good flying schedule if you check the website and it tends to be a lot less crowded than Biggin. I always approach from the coast road rather than the A27 and use the entrance off the roundabout. Also, I avoid the queues by parking across the road behind the garage and leg it in the last half mile.

I'll be there tomorrow in the sunshine :ok:

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Sep 2005, 16:51
I'm sorry, that first post just doesn't make sense :confused:

2nd Sep 2005, 16:56
Say there that a bit of a tight thing to say to a recent arrival.

tall and tasty
2nd Sep 2005, 17:47

Tomorrow off to Shoreham. It is always a juggling act which to go to. But I lived in the circuit of Biggin Hill for most of my life so sat in the garden watching the show for years.

Love Shoreham the old airport building is like a step back in time reminding you of the golden age of flight. Enjoyed it when we went last year and hope that the children will this.

Been advised of the best things to keep an eye out for already. Maybe Biggin Hill next year for a change.

Bought the tickets in advance and this year they are getting people to buy a tennis ball choose an number and win a trip in a heli. My two have chosen their balls (their orginal lucky numbers gone very quickly) so they chose very big ones (numbers) and their little fingers crossed that their balls will hit the targets when dropped at the end of the show

TnT :ok:

4th Sep 2005, 10:32
Jolly good show yesterday if a bit sparser than usual. Perhaps because it started at 11.00 instead of 13.00. The airobatics were stunning, probably the best I have ever seen at Shoreham. Eastbourne had a lot more FJ but the shere skill shown here was wonderful. Get down there now all of you.

4th Sep 2005, 17:28
"Shere airobatics".

What have I missed. :}

11th Sep 2005, 00:05
Just a heads up for those in UK with access to the History Channel - there is a programme scheduled for tonight (Sunday, 11 September) at 6pm BST :ok:

Flight Detent
11th Sep 2005, 00:47
Speaking of airshows,

I drove down from Seattle to Portland to see the annual airshow there yesterday (Friday), was a real easy drive down the I-5, good signage on the city bypass and out to the airfield, all in all a very pleasant day was had!

What a great show, and flying display!

The drive back took a little longer as I expected, but nothing to bad. I still am amazed how these Yanks actually stick pretty closely to the posted speed limits, I'm not used to that.