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2nd Sep 2005, 05:44
Since no one seems to have gotten a lei on arrival at Honolulu - must have been a 50's DC-6 / Connie type thing..anyone been to Vegas? Worth the trip or just tacky glitz and lost money? OK - Reno included. Have not been tempted to go so far, even with slots at the airport.

2nd Sep 2005, 06:28
I've been to Reno. We didn't stay long. Tacky to the extreme (plus I lost $5 playing Keno).

2nd Sep 2005, 06:45
Yip. Been to Vegas for a couple of days with my then girlfriend. We enjoyed the tackiness.

Got a huge room with a 'lurve turb' (jacuzzi) and a four poster bed for the same price as a standard motel room elsewhere. The idea is you pay for the room by losing at the tables.

I got nicely pissed playing blackjack. The grog was free at the tables (I don't know if it still is). I ended up winning 200 dollars which was handy.

I'd give it a go, but a couple of days is about right. It does get a bit 'samey'.

2nd Sep 2005, 07:01
Vegas is my kinda town, its a blast!. I go (nearly) every year for a nine-ball tournament and cant help but have fun.

You CAN lose money, but i havent yet and whenever you are gambling - whether it be slots or tables - drinks are free. But you should generally tip the "carktail" waitresses at least $1.

You can order a shot and a beer chaser and as long as you are gambling all free, on the strip at least.

Lots of theme parks too so if you like rides etc good for that too. The chair shot on top of the Stratosphere Tower is the best (at night) scares the bejesus outta ya. Speed at the Sahara is a blast too.

Stay away from Fremont Street, thats the old casinos all cheap and nasty and a lot of pick pockets and violence.

Lots of glitz of course but watching the on-the-hour water show outside Bellagio, or the Pirates Show at Treasure Island is cool.

You can spend days wandering in and out of the various casinos looking at what they have to offer and its all pretty good in my opinion; The Star Trek Experience at the Hilton for Trekkies is a must, and Luxor for all the Egyptian artifacts etc is great too.

Spend the money and take a chopper ride into the Grand Canyon; costs about $300US per person, but its an amazing trip. If theres a group of you, hire a bus and trek out to Lake Mead for Jetskiing too.

Would only ever recommend Vegas as somewhere i think everyone should go at least once. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but personally i love it.


C130 Techie
2nd Sep 2005, 07:56
Very much a 72 hour city after which it becomes repetitive.

Interesting to see the glitz and glamour. But you can't fail to see the underlying filth and poverty of the Mexican immigrants dishing out seedy leaflets and causing a huge litter problem.

Most impressive - The Stratosphere Tower, The Piano Bar in New York New York, the Belagio Fountains and the Mirage dolphins.

2nd Sep 2005, 08:11
Wall-to-wall tat and trash. Don't bother unless you're into gambling. A night-stop is enough.

phoenix son
2nd Sep 2005, 08:12
Vegas eh?

It's like Blackpool on REALLY, REALLY strong acid...Ridiculous, fantastically tacky, and therefore WELL worth a visit...

Agree that the Canyon has got to be done, didn't do the helicopter but flew over it, absolutely amazing...

2nd Sep 2005, 08:26
If you're a pilot rent aircraft from North Las Vegas, fly out to Death Valley or Grand Canyon (fly over it).

Drive out to Hoover dam or even the meteorite crater.
Too many people i suspect just stay in Vegas but Arizona next door has more to offer if you like BIG scenery.

Vegas is ok for a day or two but you need a break.

2nd Sep 2005, 08:32
Got to agree with the others about the Grand Canyon. The most awesome natural wonder that I've seen.

The feeling is indescribable when you first see it. There's also an air of disbelief. You look down at the Colarado and think 'That teeny weeny river (of course it's not teeny weeny, but it looks it!) and a bit of wind and rain created this?'

An absolute must.

2nd Sep 2005, 08:36
Reno - fantastically tacky, Peppermill Hotel realy funky with lurid decorations and mirrors everywhere. Stay there for the air races most years and a bit of fun. Some areas of Reno best avoided though as you can meet some very unsavoury characters - like most cities.

Vegas - If you haven't been go, you'll either love or hate it but it is so totally different to anything else. Agree 72 hours is about tops for a visit. Last time stayed at The Sphinx, very good, don't gamble that much but enjoy the 24 hour scene. The pumped in oxygen really makes a difference to one's staying power :ok:

If you like to party hard and can take the tackiness for what it is you'll enjoy it.

2nd Sep 2005, 13:16
Las Vegas: well I loved it and I didn't really expect to but then again it was a welcome contrast to tonnes of countryside & National Parks lovely as they were. Whether I would really want to base myself there for a full holiday would be a different matter. It is a great place to base yourself if you would like to visit the Hoover Dam :ok: or further away the Grand Canyon though I did that from the Grand Canyon Airport closer by & alot cheaper. :ok: :ok: Alot of people visit the latter by air though my nephew had a pretty rough return flight by rotor when he did it recently & he's used to flying which never really normally bothers him.

The city is surreal, glossy @ its centre & escapist & very different to any other city I visited in the States but that is its charm. You can dine there very cheaply & very well if you're in the know about where to go. The city never sleeps, has some free spectacles along the strip but even if you'e not into gambling you cannot avoid the gambling halls cause there everywhere, lobbies of hotels, you name it. That doesn't mean you have to gamble, I am not a gambler. You can have a great time in Las Vegas without ever resorting to it but it is the lifeblood of the city. Come off the strip & there are some very sleazy parts, I wouldn't be surprised if prostitution was the second lifeblood of Las Vegas though anywhere I saw referring to it was kept indoors.

Walking down the strip at night is an amazing experience looking at all the surreal architecture with different themes.

If you're into insane amusement rides including a rollercoater at very high altitudes yeah 'The Stratosphere' is the place, I should know, I stayed there. :)

I'd recommend it if only for a few days. :D

2nd Sep 2005, 16:54
If I were a Brit or Aussie wanting a good trip, here's what I would do. As qualification, I lived in N. California for 25 years and did all this many times.

I met a girl in Australia and hosted her on her first visit to the US and took her on, essentially, this same trip in my old, long gone, 911 Targa. So dazzled was she that she married me before going home. That was over ten years ago.

Fly to LA. Rent a car for two weeks - $400 or so. Adjust days to taste.

Day 1 - LA, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Beverly Hills. Nice little hotels in Santa Monica north of airport and convenient to what you want to see, or stay at Holiday Inn at the end of Rodeo Drive.

Day 2 - Drive two hours to San Diego, overnight on Coronado or Gaslight District

Day 3 - Park near the border and take bus into Tijuana, Mexico. Load up on Kahlua and Tequila, cheap leather and clothing. Bus back to car and drive on Hwy 1 along coast through LA, Malibu,
to Santa Barbara.

Day 4 - Beach day then drive to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle. Stay on beach.

Day 5 - Drive to San Luis Obisbo and stay at Madonna Inn or at least eat there.

Day 6 - Drive through Big Sur to Carmel/Monterey. Legendary, but expensive golf at Pepple Beach. See Cannery Row in Monterey. Eat at Clint Eastwood's Hogsbreath in Carmel.

Day 7,8 - Drive to San Francisco. Stay at Fisherman's Wharf Hotel- Sheraton or Holiday Inn, or many others, and take cable cars or walk to where you want to go, ferry to Alcatraz, parking and driving is almost impossible. Drive Lombard Street on your way out.

Day 9 - Drive I-80 to Lake Tahoe South Shore. Get off at Auburn to see Gold Rush country along Hwy 49, then up to Tahoe.

Day 10 - Drive around Lake and spur off to Reno, Virginia City, if you want.

Day 11 - Drive Hwy 395 south to Vegas. Spur off and see Yosemite - well worthwhile to spend the night near there.

Day 12 - Continue to Vegas. Hwy 395 is 'The West'. Be careful in the small towns along the way. They have legal brothels and small honky-tonk casinos. In Vegas, stay at one of the big theme casinos - Belaggio, New York, Paris, Venezia, Mirage, Luxor - they're all great.

Day 13 - Vegas.

Day 14 - Drive back to LA. Detour through Mojave/Death Valley (see NASA museum and Edwards AFB if you want), or Palm Springs. Fly home.

It'll be an unforgettable trip. For hotels, enroll in AAA or AARP (if you're over 50), and ask for their rate. Never pay the rack, or walk in rate for a hotel. It's usually twice as much. If the area you want to stay is booked up, find a Days Inn or Holiday Inn Express for a decent, clean room, reasonable rates and a hot shower. When you're driving, always look left and think right.


2nd Sep 2005, 17:07
Benthere would have to agree with your itinerary, but stretched over a month, then you can really enjoy yourself!:ok:

But seriously, Vegas is great, mad as a bag of snakes and 72hrs is definitely enough. We actually stayed down on Freemont on our last trip and it was fab, $55 for two people for two nights! Amazing! The room was clean and HUGE with a HUGE bed. We grabbed a cab into the city at night. Oh, don't go in august, the heat is phenomenal.

Spotting Bad Guys
2nd Sep 2005, 17:29
I've lived in LV for 18 months now, and still enjoy the Strip (although don't go down there as much as when we first arrived). The thing is, LV has far more to offer than just the Strip.

Try these for size:

1. Freemont Street ('Downtown')

2. Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

3. Valley of Fire

4. Mount Charleston and Toiyabe National Forest

5. Great golf courses if that's your bag (pun intended)

Then if you want to travel further, Zion national Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe....

We love it here!


Onan the Clumsy
2nd Sep 2005, 17:45
RT you gots to go, if for no other reason than you'll see a uniquely American city.

The best thing about Vegas is the surrounding country. Take a road trip to Red Rocks, go see t4eh Hoover/Boulder/Hoover dam - and do the tour as well.

The town's fun, but so is the stinking desert... and take Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey with you to read. :ok:

2nd Sep 2005, 17:50
Love Vegas. Spend yer money in NY for Broadway shows or whittle it away on the $25 blackjack table in the Bellagio.


2nd Sep 2005, 19:15
Vegas is great for two days, after that its gets a bit much .. If anyone gets the chance you could always go to Mount Charlston! .. Not far and you can ski their as well! .. :ok:

2nd Sep 2005, 21:04
Spent a night there while driving around the desert. Stayed at Luxor, saw a bunch of really fat people putting quarters in one armed bandits. Walked up the strip, saw a drive by shooting, went back to hotel and saw the same fat people putting quarters into the same one armed bandits. Saw the Blue Man show (which was brilliant) and then saw the same fat people putting quarters into the same one armed bandits.

Was glad when morning came and I drove back out into the desert.

Maude Charlee
3rd Sep 2005, 11:07
Vegas is one of those places which is so extreme that you will either love it, or hate - there is no in between.

My wife and I thought it was great (but having been in Phoenix for 3 months, I probably would have said the same about Scunthorpe). Stayed at the Luxor, and spent most of our time walking the Strip and gawping at the other hotels and their attractions. Mad, crazy, increadible place, but just too damn big to walk around. Only downside for me was the immigrants who appeared at dusk every day and thrust leaflets at you every step you took - pain in the ass.

Loads to do in the general area, but don't underestimate just how far it is to anywhere else unless you like bad cars and boring highways.

3rd Sep 2005, 11:11
And it dont flood.:hmm:

Spotting Bad Guys
3rd Sep 2005, 11:18
OK - in comparison with other cities currently in extremis in the US, the flooding isn't much, but I have driven back from work on more than one occasion with water up to the doors on my little Mitsi!

When it rains here.....it really rains.......and the roads are the only drainage channels provided:confused:


Check 6
3rd Sep 2005, 13:20
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

:E :E :E

Check 6

3rd Sep 2005, 18:03


Beware of the bats !

R.I.P Doctor.:{