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2nd Sep 2005, 02:04
Was the Irish AAIB files and found this.

20 December 1998

The model was flying circuits at a registered aeromodel site in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. After a take-off, which followed a normal circuit, command of the model was lost. The model then flew off in a North-east direction. When its fuel was exhausted, the model glided to earth, and landed on the new link taxi-way near the threshold of Runway 28 at Dublin Airport.

The report finds that the probable cause of the loss of command was the exhaustion of the receiver battery.


2nd Sep 2005, 02:21
Did they charge him a landing fee?

Buster Hyman
2nd Sep 2005, 02:23
I just pictured this tiny East German pilot jumping out & kissing the tarmac!

2nd Sep 2005, 02:35
The RX battery would have been exhausted if it wasnt turned off post flight
23cc Titan spark ....hmmmm big motor and they had a few problems with the early Irish motors shielding breaking down on the thronomister.

2nd Sep 2005, 03:10
I love the comment from the 737 jockey who said that it was "parked" on the taxyway.