View Full Version : Getting "Railed"?!!?

1st Sep 2005, 23:42
Pardon my ignorance, but can anyone inform me of the meaning of "Getting Railed"?

The context is sexual. I was watching an old episode of V Graham Norton and he had Charisma Cole (porn star) on the phone.

He asked her about her last orgasm, and she said" It was six hours ago, i was getting railed, but it was good". He asked her what it meant and her response was beeped and the audience, Graham and guests had a good chuckle but im at a loss..

Any thoughts?



1st Sep 2005, 23:52
' MOvies of incredible babe from ipanema getting railed'
this is a direct quote from a porno site, I don't know how I found it, honest! I guess it means what you think it means!

2nd Sep 2005, 01:45
Getting 'railed' means getting abused.....normally verbally but in the porn industry it usually means verbally and physically.

BTW....this is not Farrell - this is ummmmm, yeah....somebody else who is using Farrell's computer, posing as Farrell......yeah, that's it......

2nd Sep 2005, 05:07
Thanks Farrell, umm.. err.. i mean Farrell's Friend that sounds more like what i thought it was than just being shagged.