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1st Sep 2005, 11:48
Pilot Suspended After PM Criticism
01/09/2005 NewstalkZB

The Prime Minister says she has accepted an Air New Zealand pilot's apology, for comments that she did not support the national carrier.

The pilot has been stood down after telling passengers Helen Clark was holding up a plane because she was trying to get a charter flight to Invercargill when her Air New Zealand aircraft was delayed by fog in Wellington.

He quipped: 'so much for supporting the national carrier.'

Miss Clark says she was told of the announcement by colleague Trevor Mallard when she got back on the plane. She says she spoke to the cabin staff, and they relayed her disappointment to the pilot who then invited her to the cockpit. Miss Clark says she did not hold up the plane because several people got on after she had finally boarded.

Air New Zealand says the broadside fired at the Prime Minister by the pilot was in jest but inappropriate nonetheless. Chief pilot David Morgan says the pilot realised his error and apologised unreservedly but he has been taken off duty for several days. Captain Morgan says the man's communication style needs some honing, so he will have some training.

Speaking in Invercargill, Prime Minister Helen Clark says she was rather stunned by the comments made by the pilot.

Meanwhile National leader Don Brash says he feels sorry for the pilot .

Dr Brash was also on the plane and says the pilot obviously got a flea in his ear from the PM. He believes the pilot was expressing the view of many on the plane who had been waiting a long time because Helen Clark had changed her plans. He says this is another case of Helen Clark showing her arrogance when it comes to transport.

Plas Teek
1st Sep 2005, 12:07
The press report was not factual and was not backed up by any reliable witness'es(sp) (ie Crew) reports.
She had delayed whilst looking at a private aircraft flight to IVC but changed her mind (from the Koru Lounge) and then decided to join the other MPs on the aircraft. The comment made was to the effect that the PM has decided to show her support for the national carrier. (not what was reported!)
The origional oops was probably the fact that the term National was used, in reference to NZ as opposed to a political party, but not taken that way.

Had this happened to the opposition or NZ 1st the (female dog)PM would've been using it to her maximum advantage, but she got all upset, oh diddums!

Unfortunately, again, the media have got it all wrong. Gee that's new!

How many times do you wish you'd made a sarcastic PA about passengers, but remembered the paycheck and thought better?
Well, same with this chap, I'm pretty sure.

Hopefully she will be in the opposition party in 4 weeks!

1st Sep 2005, 14:24

1st Sep 2005, 18:31
Geezus! That bloke needs a hair cut. Do we really need to resort to picures of Big Helen to scare Pprune viewers?

Plas Teek
1st Sep 2005, 19:52
How do you make a complaint about false advertising.
That aint her!

1st Sep 2005, 21:24
The crowd howled and wailed and screamed: "Giv 'em another go! Giv 'em another go!"

1st Sep 2005, 22:19
I'm glad she is safely on the other side of the Tasman. She kills frogs with one stare.

Blue Line
1st Sep 2005, 22:27
Was laughing so hard when I heard this even though the news got it wrong , still telling I wounder if his 2 days of "communication training" would go something like this

Chief Pilot : Your've been bad very very bad *whispers* good on ya really :ok:

2nd Sep 2005, 04:20
Helen figures she has done plenty to support the national carrier by providing a constant stream of prematurely retired pilots from the rapidly shrinking NZ airforce for the airline selection process..........

3rd Sep 2005, 01:39

I thought Aus had a problem with frogs (ugly buggers too) that someone like her could be well useful for!

Ronnie Honker
3rd Sep 2005, 02:01
The photograph Pass-A-Frozo used is obviously a (vaguely) look alike actress of the New Zealand P.M.

Here is one of the real wo-man

Why does s/he INSIST on being referred to as "Miss" Clarke - s/he's married, so s/he should at the very least be a Ms, if s/he doesn't want to be a Mrs.
(It's a childless marriage, by the way - but is anyone really surprised? Who in their right mind would condsider intimacy with THAT? S/He reminds me of Gough Whitlam. when s/he speaks.)

3rd Sep 2005, 02:44

3rd Sep 2005, 09:35
If a comment like that can cause such a response from a prime minister her judgement must be pretty flawed, how would she perform under pressure?
A bit of support for the pilot would have given her far more kudos, and taken away any opportunity for the opposition to make a deal out of it.....

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8th Sep 2005, 11:08
... she may be a good deterrent for our Cane Toad population :E

8th Sep 2005, 11:50
Bank Angle mate

You take the prize..... Give that man a round of ....


Roger Standby
9th Sep 2005, 07:32
Blue Line

Pi$$ed myself laughing. Exactly. Pilot removed from line to complete "communication" training.

Reality suggests boss says"Bill... you f##ked up. Don't do it again or my boss'll make me kick your a$$. Very funny, though. While your here, do a couple of online training modules so we can tick the boxes and say you're now politically correct enough to start flying big planes again."

Plas Teek
9th Sep 2005, 21:09
Chief Pilot "Hmm, Bloggs, you f$%#@d up big time".
Sod, "Yeah, sorry boss"
Chief Pilot, "Well time for some Comms Training"
Sod, "Whatever.."
CP, "Well I haven't played xyz golf course for a while, 'cause it's a bit pricey, but lets do two rounds of 18 holes, you pay"
Sod, "Yes Boss"

10th Sep 2005, 03:13
Now I understand the brilliance of the Kiwi Labour govt pulling out of Anzus. Its far cheaper to put posters of the PM around the coastline. Gotta deter any invaders...


16th Sep 2005, 04:46
I like that one windshear, but im still not going to vote for her/it