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31st Aug 2005, 23:51
Rumour from the coffee shop talk talk in Pitt Street is that a former head of Air NZ or British Airways may head up Gold Airways in Melbourne. Any one heard anything?


A Camel ate my stash
1st Sep 2005, 00:51
Isn't it a bit early to be appointing Mark & Mark from KordaMentha? :}

404 Titan
1st Sep 2005, 04:48

I think you will find the almost former head of Air NZ is going to be heading up the Commonwealth Bank. As for RE heading up Gold Airways, “A Camel ate my stash’s” comments ring oh so familiar.

1st Sep 2005, 05:19
could he mean former former head as in mr toomey? hes looking for a job isnt he

Uncle Festa
1st Sep 2005, 06:47
How about Sir Selwyn Cushing . . . . . .?

The fine job he did before the arrival of Gary T must make him a stand out candidate

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :} :}

Pimp Daddy
1st Sep 2005, 07:52
How about Sir Selwyn Cushing . . . . . .?

Hell of a lot easier for him to run an airline into the ground when it hasn't even left it.

Metro Boy
1st Sep 2005, 09:03
Who is Gold Airways?

2nd Sep 2005, 07:02
It's a company that has a website at flygold.com, the site changes slowly but the booking engine is obviously not working yet because no announcement I guess. I will ask my boss at the pub tonight what he knows. Got to get him tanked up a bit first to spill the beans. This development looks like it is very much under the radar. :suspect:

This wouldn't be the SIA thing would it?

2nd Sep 2005, 10:21
Sadly guys Gold Airways is that ppruner who calls himself VentureCapitalist or something or other and who recently responded to OZjet's media announcement by writing a letter to the Canberra Times (ow whatever it is) saying that he too was applying for his AOC (really, I am).

This guys has been around for many awhile. I think his first escapade was FlyAnsett and then Ansett Gold and now Gold Airways (think the Administrators put paid to that). He has sadly given false hope to many an ex-Ansett worker with the promise of a job if they provided assistance for free in setting it up.

Believe he is an ex-AN LAME who recently got booted out of Fourstaff in Avalon.

And by the way, RE wouldnt come within a mile of it.

2nd Sep 2005, 12:33
About the only thing I could get out of my boss was that it had something to do with resolving the NZ and Ansett issue. It didn't sort of make sense to me but he then said to me it was to ensure that the public got a good view of what the new alliance is capable of.

Uncle Festa
2nd Sep 2005, 13:39
Legal_Counsel (or should it be Can Sell?), it all sounds like a load of old cobblers.

Besides who would want to start another mainline airline in Australia when we've got Virgin, the White Rat and the yet-to-commence Ozjet in a market that has shown on two occasions that it cannot sustain more than two players?

Plus now we have oil at USD 70/barrel or thereabouts and who knows the extent of the impact that Katrina will have on the world economy and more particularly, Australia's, in an industry that is very sensitive to GDP growth.

2nd Sep 2005, 13:40

If I've learned anything in my travels through this life it is that the moment someone say's something like:

"don't worry about it, it's really complicated and you probably wouldn't understand"

You run as fast as you possibly can and whatever you do don't ever look back.

3rd Sep 2005, 13:20
I have to agree with you Gaunty. Unfortunately some our colleagues here on this thread are not picking up the hints that something is about to change the face of aviation in Australia yet again.