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tall and tasty
30th Aug 2005, 21:10
Children of Beslan
Tue 30 Aug, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins

On September 1st, 2004, terrorists seized School Number One in Beslan, a provincial town a thousand miles south of Moscow. For three days, 1300 children and adults were held hostage in the school gymnasium with bombs suspended over their heads. When the siege was finally ended after a chaotic firefight with Russian security forces, 171 children and more than 200 adults were dead.

One year on, the child survivors of Beslan tell their stories. In intimate and heart-breaking testimony, the children give their accounts of those three days in hell. They also talk about how they are struggling to rebuild their lives. As one 8 year old boy says: 'We're not the same happy kids we used to be. Even little ones became adults. Now, kids understand everything'.

Did anyone watch this harrowing documentary?

I did and can't believe it is almost a year ago as the images of the siege are so fresh in my mind. But to watch it unfold in the eyes of children was just terrible.

I don't think I have cried so much watching anything in my life. The saddiest thing and I know those who will bring this into a debate about civilians killed in war torn areas of the world, was the revenage that each and every child wants to have.

To be honest how can you blame them, loosing friends, family and much more including their own childhood expressed by a few who said they are now adults, no longer children.

Surely something like this will make people wake up and realise wars carry on through generations because of this revenge fact that plays a large part in the next generation. How can this be stopped if at all.

I did not want to watch it but so glad I did. It makes me realise things I have posted on here in recent days are just so trivial


30th Aug 2005, 22:29
Violence breeds violence and there is a better way.
One would hope so, but unfortunately mankind seems incapable of finding that better way.
If it's not religion, then it will be land disputes, racial trouble, or political differences.

barry lloyd
31st Aug 2005, 00:05
Yes I saw it too, and found it quite harrowing. The way the children described what had happened, which had clearly changed them into a form of adulthood overnight, was the worst of all. Russian kids at that age are normally quite naive (certainly compared to kids in this country anyway), and no child should ever have to suffer as those poor kids did.
What got to me most was the dignity with which they dealt with the whole thing. I only hope that as time moves on, they will be able to rebuild their lives once again, and take their rightful place in society.
I still cannot imagine what kind of human being can even contemplate doing what those Chechen terrorists did. I know what has been going on in Chechnya - I have visited it twice - but nothing excuses what happened in those days.

31st Aug 2005, 00:39
Were the casualties from the initial firefight or was it in the rescue like it was in the theatre that the Chechens took hostage a few years ago?

31st Aug 2005, 00:48
What struck me was they all looked nice and lean healthy kids.
Sorta like what you may have seen in WW2 in GB or Aussie but certainly not in McDonalds et al. now.

16 blades
31st Aug 2005, 01:19
I understand the Spetznatz stormed the school when one of the bombs suspended from a pillar fell off and detonated prematurely. What followed was an inevitable bloodbath.

I too shed some tears over this (not easy for me to admit!) - it is sad, it is terrible, it is abominable - but it is also an inescapable fact of human nature. We will ALWAYS find excuses to hate each other - our fundamental cultural differences will always win out over any brand of idealism.

Having said that, I find it difficult to imagine how one can sink lower than DELIBERATELY targetting a school full of children. Does that fuel my hatred? Does that make me want to obliterate the particular brand of motherf***ers responsible for this? You're DAMN RIGHT it does! Does that make me a bad person? Does that make me no better than them? Does that make me a jingoistic, unreconstructed, un-enlightened propagator of violence?

....no, it makes me.....HUMAN.


tall and tasty
31st Aug 2005, 08:50
What followed was an inevitable bloodbath.

To me one of the other harrowing and things that has made me sit for a long time last night thinking about it was how snipers did actually target the children, a group as they drank from a water tap, a little child as he ran was hit in the leg and the head.

These are the innocent of the wars!! The terrorist know that it is the innocent that causes more of a hatred and a stir in the people affected. That is why the soft targets

Having said that, I find it difficult to imagine how one can sink lower than DELIBERATELY targetting a school full of children

are chosen and used as shields by people (and I fing that difficult to write because in my mind they don't fit into the catagory of even animals) but saying that one of the children did ask one terrorist why he was doing this and his reply to revenge the death of my family.

Again you then sudden see a human response to all the carnage that went on. Vicious circles create more circles and someone/something has to break that circle to stop this happening

That unfortunately is like looking for the golden fleece


31st Aug 2005, 08:55
I saw it and all I felt was intense sadness. Not even anger or rage, just complete and utter sadness....

tony draper
31st Aug 2005, 09:07
CSilvero 90% of the hostages in that theater survived which is a lot more than the verminous scum that took them hostage would have left.