View Full Version : when did jet fd crew go fm 5 to 4, 3 ?

30th Aug 2005, 20:48
Airline archeologists might have the answers in their dusty scrolls...

I tried to recall the period when flight deck s on early jet airliners (eg 707) were manned by 5 members (present day 3 + Nav + Radio Officer).

When did the move to 4 (minus the RO but the Nav became a two-headed member RO/Nav) take place ?
IIRC this was a company decision, as opposed to a regulator requirement.

In the same vein, when did No 4 disappear ?

30th Aug 2005, 21:03
About the same time people stopped dressing up to go on a plane.:}

31st Aug 2005, 00:34
Socks with flip-flops is dressin' up mate :ok:

So is a new t-shirt.

31st Aug 2005, 07:05
Is this on Greek 707's? ..4?
Gosh what do they all do? Make souvlakia ?

31st Aug 2005, 08:27
From the few references I've seen, it appears that flight R/Os started disappearing in 1957/8, once HF R/T became reliable (?) enough. Prior to that, a lot of the equipment was becoming less difficult to operate - apparently, you just loaded up the crystals for that leg of the flight and the transmitter tuned itself. This meant the skill level dropped - use the D/F (and even they were available in automatic models in 1944) and switch the receiver to the correct channel.

I'm told the RAF still had some wartime T1154/R1155 installations in service in the early 70's, although little used.

Must have been one of the shortest commercial occupations on record - early 1920's to late 1950's.

31st Aug 2005, 20:20
Is this on Greek 707's? ..4?
No Sir, it was on Belgian 707's and the side occupation was to make FRITES, something the uneducated lot on this poor planet call French fries.

In my time, young snouts showed respect for the elders. (add smilie for "slap" !)

Radeng, (a decent chap at least)
Quite sure Sabena (not a souvlaki outlet, the world airline) had R/O well into the 60s though I am not sure if they were on both DC-7 and 707s.

I made my first looping, my hands on the stick, in 1955... (smilie for "re-slap" !)