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30th Aug 2005, 17:13
Not heard of this incident, and not obvious at first glance if this is a fake picture or not (other than the fact it is remarkably well framed and focused by someone who by the looks of it is in the path of an oncoming Airbus). Any info?



30th Aug 2005, 17:32
'Looks' fake to me, especially around the starboard main gear.

30th Aug 2005, 17:34
I concur deffo photoplopped!!


expat rat
30th Aug 2005, 17:38
I think Gonzo is right,also the flaps appear to be in a T/O position

30th Aug 2005, 17:43
Gear indeed doesn't look right, what's he doing like that anyway? The trees in the background don't exactly seem to be leaning horizontal.

Farmer 1
30th Aug 2005, 17:46
'Looks' fake to me, especially around the starboard main gear. Not to mention the port main gear.

But if it is a fake, I'm sure Air France will take a very dim view indeed. Still, I imagine it gives pleasure to some moron.

Hairy Mary
30th Aug 2005, 17:52
It's most definitely real, I was there.
Reverse thrusters got stuck at the end of the landing roll out and the 'bus actually started to move backwards. It picked up some speed before the skipper and f/o thought about applying the brakes. The skipper hit his brakes first, note flat spot on bottom of port main gear tyres, then the f/o hit his brakes, note the smoke IN FRONT of the stbrd main gear. This is how you know it was going backwards.

30th Aug 2005, 18:25
and then.....you woke up. :yuk:

what a bunch of ********:ok:

30th Aug 2005, 18:46
Reversers don't look engaged in that shot? Where's the rest of photos? How come it isn't actually on airliners.net, (photos on myaviation.net are also givent he Airliners.net banner on the bottom) even if it is of low quality they should still accept real incident photos.

Let's see, to be going backwards and a bit of braking resulting in that kinda of nose up you'd have to be doing slightly more than 5kts surely:E Who is stupid enough to apply brakes when rolling backwards at any sort of excessive speed? The captain only has control over the left brake and the FO over the right brake? I don't fancy landing if either one was incapicitated.:ok:

If you have so much photoshop skill, go do something useful for it. There is money to be made in graphics.

30th Aug 2005, 18:51

Do you have a problem with balance? .. :mad:

30th Aug 2005, 19:01
Kestrel, Not with 'skills' like that there isn't. The photochopper didn't even manage to cut all the tarmac away from the 'flat spotted' tyre in question. :}

Reminds me of a super-imposed scence from Dr.Who.... in the 70s. :rolleyes:

Conan the Librarian
30th Aug 2005, 19:15
Photoshopped... A definite digital Dodo I am afraid....

Looks as though it has been done with layers. Take an Airshow Pic of the Strimmer heading your way, then Split it from its' own background, then substitute an airfield backdrop. Then you can start playing... Quite fun if you have an hour or so free.


30th Aug 2005, 19:15
Syllogisms! .. Are you showing your age here! .. Join the club! .. I am 1962! .. I used to like Dr Who! . But who are you? .. :E

Hairy Mary
30th Aug 2005, 19:17
Are you serious? You actually went looking on other websites for the "other" pictures?

Mac the Knife
30th Aug 2005, 19:27
Photoshopped no doubt.

1) Tarmac on nosewheel
2) GreeN showing through on L main
2) R main smoke puffs are copies of each other.
3) Green not completely removed from R wingtip
....and a few others.

Good effort though!

Tea with no biscuits I fear.

Mac (avid Photoshopper) - I have to get good results SOMEHOW!

30th Aug 2005, 19:33
You can also see the "ghosting" of the tail from the original photo (look just below the treeline behind AIR FRANCE and the second aerial)

I call bullshit.

30th Aug 2005, 19:49
I call bullshit

By the ton.

Bet the same person did the Helios shots too. (wrong a/c type)

30th Aug 2005, 20:05
Looks like its the couple of puffs of smoke cloned (stray one above the word airline in the photo frame)
Clumsy cut out and theres some sort of interference in the sky, don't think you'd see cartoon style speed stripes in real life.
Grass goes in and out of focus between immediate foreground and midground.

could be wrong.

Do teach photoshop though.:p

30th Aug 2005, 20:14
Several points (I'm not sure how many yet).....

1. Tarnished, If you really thought for more than the blink of an an eye that it was a real photo could you please PM me with details of where to obtain some of whatever you're drinking and/or smoking.

2. The fecking thing just looks fake. I was being generous spending the 1 second it took to spot the foot square chunk of tarmac attached to the tyre so as to give my observation credence.

3. Hairy Mary, how hairy? No no, that wasn't it.... No, I don't imagine anyone looked beyond the picture right there. Is this image yours? If so, I'd demand a refund on the course fees from Adobe (Is that trademarked?)

4. Mac, isn't that manual a tome? Read it cover to cover, whilst carring out the procedures as you go then, just as they release a new and easier to use version, you'll start to get good results. Failing that do what I did, find a friend who's company spent a small fortune sending them on the full course and kidnap them for a few hours, days, weeks, however long it takes, consider charging them rent though. Plying them with beer helps, not too much mind you. It's 'photochopping' too, not 'photoshopping', that may be copyright, trademarked or some such and is only for experts anyway. I'm an advanced photolopper currently. Beneath a 'chopper'.

5. Chacha, No, I'm not showing my age, yet. I was hiding behind the settee, maybe I mean sofa in Scottish, when I saw those gruesome attempts at trick filming, I just have a good memory.

6. I call bullshit too!

7. Where's all my beer gone? Sorry, irrelevant.... anyone want to go the the off-licence?

8. There were 7 points..... :confused:

Hairy Mary
30th Aug 2005, 20:46
3. Hairy Mary, how hairy? No no, that wasn't it.... No, I don't imagine anyone looked beyond the picture right there. Is this image yours? If so, I'd demand a refund on the course fees from Adobe (Is that trademarked?)

I'm a natural woman, just make sure your ELT batteries are fresh before you go down there.
Not only did they look on airliners.net for the rest of the pictures but then they came back and looked more closely at the back of the engine to see if the reversers were deployed.

30th Aug 2005, 21:09
Mac (avid Photoshopper) - I have to get good results SOMEHOW!

"I'm not a photographer, I'm a photoshoper"

30th Aug 2005, 22:00
Who says they looked? That'd involve a departure! Unlikely!

Click > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/penric/AFA320WingTip1.jpg

31st Aug 2005, 07:37
Hey, Hairy Mary
Are YOU for real? If I read your post correctly, it seems that you're implying that the Captain controls the LH brakes while the First Officer controls the RH brakes??
If you're a pilot, do you "One, two, three,... NOW!" to your partner during the roll?
How about a tandem-seater? Does that mean the front-seater brakes the nosewheels...?

31st Aug 2005, 08:50
Lousy effort! So overdone it loses credibility. Obvious signs of extensive use of clone brush to recreat areas- look at the light things in the grass to the left and how they have been pasted in a regular pattern.

You learn now never ever trust a photograph these days. Anyone want to see a piccie of me taking Angelina Jolie out one evening? What tatoo would you like on my shoulder?

31st Aug 2005, 10:40
Ladies and Gents,

If we are still in any doubt.....which I very much doubt we are.....all you have to do is look at the two trees either side of the tail fin, they are identical.

31st Aug 2005, 10:54
In Air France we regularly get reports of any accident, and even before the reports hits the pigeonhole, we usually hear about it. I never heard about anything like in the picture happening, and I can assure you that people WOULD have talked about it!

Hairy Mary
31st Aug 2005, 12:56
No, I'm not for real and I'm a little bit shocked that I have to actually state that I'm not for real.
Here are some clues; Do you really think that I'd ever call anyone "skipper" in a serious context?
Yes, I was implying that the capt controls the left brakes while the f/o controls the right ones (and if there's a f/e on board she will take the nose wheel brakes). Now that's quite a large clue.
BTW, I'm not responsible for the picture, I just thought it deserved some derision.

Farmer 1
31st Aug 2005, 13:06
Hey, Hairy Mary, Are YOU for real? and if there's a f/e on board she will take the nose wheel brakes SHE? SHE??!! I thought HIS job was controlling the clutch.