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Capt Claret
30th Aug 2005, 09:05
Binos, on Buster's Hyundai thread (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=165992&highlight=hyundai) you cast aspersions on my Patrol and likened it to a Toorak Tractor.

The umbridge has subsided := and the following photos are submitted for your approval. :}


North of Little Bondi beach, east Arnhem land.


North of Little Bondi beach, east Arnhem land.


Mrs C went for a swim on Little Bondi (East Arnhem Land) while I extracted a Patrol stuck in the sand.


Crossing the Goyder river, Arnhem Land.

Now I know it doesn't look too dirty but that's just a failing of the photography, the thing is filthy and the paint work has taken a beating getting to the beaches.

Toorak tractor indeed. hmpff :cool:

Buster Hyman
30th Aug 2005, 09:35
re Crossing the Goyder river
Crikey! When did the Crocs learn to drive???

30th Aug 2005, 10:31
4WDs - Fuel guzzling, environment destroying, pedestrian killers.

30th Aug 2005, 11:01
Capt, the evidence is there for all to see; your tractor has been offroad. That puts it a few steps up from most of them, but I was really hoping to see it covered in red mud, the only clear spots being two wiper shaped areas on the windscreen.

However, you can put your umbridge (sic) away as it's not needed with me! NT tractors tend to be more genuine than Toorak tractors: there is after all a limited distance you can drive before you HAVE to go offroad!

P.S. How about dropping in to the completely unorganised and unscripted pissup on the whatever it is of January at the Pineapple hotel in Brisvegas? I'll buy you a couple!

30th Aug 2005, 11:12
Took my mate's 4WD for a week outback.

He never got rid of all the red dirt which got into the thing.

Capt Claret
30th Aug 2005, 15:17
Binos, next wet season I'll see what I can drum up for you. There was a little rain overnight but I wasn't gonna get out of bed and bush-bash in the middle of it just for a photo op. :}

As for the Brisvagas tipple, well stranger things have happened.

The Voice
30th Aug 2005, 21:26
Must say Clarrie .. the silver is a much better colour than the maroon ..

As for the Brisvagas tipple and yes it would be a great opportunity to catch up .. I may even have a couple of stragglers in tow ... :E

as for gods country .. I miss it .. :sad:

31st Aug 2005, 05:44
Ronny RAF does its bit to cull the numbers of Toorak tractors in Darwhine :p