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Wine Glass
30th Aug 2005, 07:20
Looks like a tradition has ended? Beancounters at work...

From the Courier Mail:

Insurance row grounds flyover
Chris Griffith, City Hall reporter
THE F-111 flyover at Saturday's Brisbane Riverfire has been cancelled because of a dispute between Defence Insurance and Major Brisbane Festivals over public liability insurance cover.

And F-111 flyovers at other public events including the Gold Coast Indy are also in jeopardy because of the same issue, sources said last night.

The same row is believed to have caused the cancellation of the F-111 flyover at this month's Ekka.

It is also understood Major Brisbane Festivals is likely to find it difficult to fund future public liability premiums for flyovers with costs set to soar from about $20,000-30,000 this year to $80,000 for the event next year.

The cancellation of the Department of Defence's contribution to Riverfire is a major body blow to the event as it includes the F-111 flyover, the RAAF Roulettes High-Level Routine, and the Australian Army Red Beret Sky Diving Team which performed recently at VP Day celebrations.

The Riverfire is due to take place on September 3 and is the leading signature event for Riverfestival.

Riverfire, an annual institution, had been popular because of its massive fireworks display coupled with the F-111 flyover of the central business district.

Riverfire earlier this month lost its major sponsor Suncorp.

Suncorp opted instead to fund a major skin cancer awareness campaign because of the widespread incidence of the disease in Queensland.

It is understood the Defence Insurance dispute relates to two clauses, one of which would see Major Brisbane Festivals held responsible for any damage to Commonwealth public property including RAAF aircraft during the flyover.

The other clause relates to whether Defence Insurance would take responsibility for loss or damage caused by disease or illness including mental illness in the wake of a flyover tragedy.

Major Brisbane Festivals chief executive officer Michael Snelling did not return calls last night.

RNA president Vivian Edwards confirmed that F-111 flyovers had occurred at previous Ekka's but not this year.

"We were hoping to have it but the final decision was they (Department of Defence) couldn't put it on for us, I don't know why," Dr Edwards said.

A Department of Defence spokeswoman said she was unable to clarify whether F-111's would be available for this year's Indy.

A Defence spokeswoman last night confirmed the department had withdrawn aviation support to Riverfire 2005.

"This decision was made in accordance with Defence's standing policy to withdraw support when event organisers .. have not met Defence's insurance and indemnity requirements", she said.

"This decision has been communicated to the event organiser. While clearly disappointed with the outcome, Defence still enjoys a positive relationship with the organisers."

She said the event organiser had been unable to obtain appropriate public liability insurance.

"Defence understands that the event organisers provided the insurer with the full set of conditions for insurance of the Aviation component of Riverfire in March this year.

"It is further understood that the insurer gave a quote at that time to provide insurance based on the documentation provided which included the conditions required by the Department of Defence."


30th Aug 2005, 08:05
Heard the same on the TV today.

People go to events like this and expect a mind and vision blowing demonstration. They (should) expect by being there that there is a certain amount of risk. A risk about the size of me being hit and killed by an out of control magpie, (bird not footie player although either holds as much chance!).

Common sense...............
Where are you?

30th Aug 2005, 23:03
Unfortunately this is the way of the world. Some of the ones I have seen/heard of/ been involved in
Every Stag in a backyard becomes a thoroughbred capable of winning the Melbourne cup
Emus conduct mass suicide just before the end of the financial year if a military jet takes of in the next state
My personal favourite, incredible expensive riding gear shrinking on the clothes line because of Avtur from the exhaust of a military jet doing a low overshoot.
Most of the problem is caused by these things going ministerial, then up the chain and down the chain and then around and around. Instead of the politicians who get these obviously false claims telling these people who probably don't vote for them anyway to rack off.
A lot of effort is expended in attempting to avoid areas with legitimate request (even people who have moved next to airports 30 years after the airport was there) but there is always the low life out there looking to make money anyway except by working for it themselves.

31st Aug 2005, 00:15
Dilemma for Defence Downunder

Which Insurance Company to outsource for comprehensive insurance cover. The Treasury premiums must have been increasing at a rate similar to fuel, oils and lubricants.

Hear-tell that soon military aircraft will have to display number plates front and rear and display in a prominent position their annually renewable registration labels. No free parking unless aircrew display their disabled permits. Fines to apply for speeding above Vs +10% over built up areas.

Hornet pilots to be sworn in as Deputies and given bonuses for every F-111 they attempt to catch speeding.

All guns and defensive/offensive weapons to be collected and sold to raise funds for the insurance premiums.

Our once great country has become a giant kindergarten!!!

Captain Sand Dune
31st Aug 2005, 02:43
"Common sense........where are you?"

It's been legislated against, mate!:yuk:

I remember having to tell some old digger from Upper Cumbukta West that we couldn't do a fly past until his RSL came up with a multi-million dollar insurance policy. Fortunately some higher-ups had the balls to waive it, and it went ahead.

I find it quite sad that although the vast majority of tax paying Australian citizens enjoy flypasts by military aircraft (almost as mush as guys doing it!:D ), it's the vocal minority that fcuk it for everyone.

31st Aug 2005, 05:07
All the organisers have to do is provide the insurance and they get all those expensive things for free. Is that too much to ask?

I have seen a claim from a farmer who owned the chook that lays golden eggs. I seem to recall a claim for in excess of $10 000 for one "prize" rooster that expired as a result of a helicopter operating from a RAAF Base at an authorised altitude (NB 1000 feet) in accordance with an airways clearance. The chook must have heard the flugal dampner backfiring or the spetzner valve opening and just fell off the perch (or nest). For 10 000 dollars he must have been mating with every hen in the shed 37 times a day. (Stamina that great has not been seen since complaints were received about the noise eminating from the Navy clearance diver 'engaging' his girlfriend in the communal swimming pool for a marathon seven hour sex sesh. Seems the complainant couldn't sleep at all during the night. Bloody hero, if you ask me. Not sure how much the 57 year old spinster got for that one but I digress...)

Just goes to show that there are plenty of people willing to capitalise (profit) from military operations which are seen as an easy touch-up in this pc environment.

31st Aug 2005, 22:24
You flamin' beauty! F-111's back
Louise Crossen

THE dump and burn which threatened to crash and burn was cleared for takeoff late yesterday.

The F-111 flyover at Saturday's Brisbane Riverfire will go ahead, after organisers and the Defence Department resolved a wrangle over public liability insurance.

The Courier-Mail revealed Riverfire's spectacular finale had been cancelled, after Defence Insurance insisted on upgraded public liability cover.

The dispute centred on two policy clauses, which required Riverfire organisers to fund cover for the aircraft and any disease or illness sustained from an F-111 mishap.

The highlight of Riverfire is the F-111 dump and burn, in which the aircraft dump and ignite fuel from a nozzle between the two engines, creating a trail of flame up to 200m long.

Local insurers were unable to meet the stringent requirements imposed by Defence Insurance.

But 11th hour negotiations between Defence officials and Major Brisbane Festivals have put Riverfire's grand finale back on track.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defence Teresa Gambaro last night announced the Federal Government backflip, after "difficult" negotiations.

"I am delighted to be able to announce the famous F-111 dump and burn will be a feature of this year's display," she said. "We have been able to reach agreement on a way forward. This is a great outcome for the people of Brisbane."

Major Brisbane Festivals CEO Michael Snelling said he was "over the moon" about the result.

"It's a terrific outcome," he said.

"We are grateful for everyone who threw their support behind us not least, the people of Brisbane.

"Everyone has been in there doing their bit."

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman hailed the result as "a big win for Brisbane".

"I'm delighted we've been able to work this through," he said.

While Riverfire organisers were breaking out the champagne last night, conservation and animal welfare groups were not happy with the result.

The Queensland Greens said the F-111 dump and burn sent the wrong message about energy consumption. The RSPCA has slammed the event for wreaking havoc among the city's animal population.

"Despite the warnings, many people still don't understand the devastating effect fireworks can have on animals," RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said.

"Often they will panic and end up on the road where they risk being hit by cars.

"Scores of animals end up at our Fairfield shelter every year and the sad part is it is easily preventable."

mr hanky
1st Sep 2005, 00:35
The Queensland Greens said the F-111 dump and burn sent the wrong message about energy consumption.

Whereas the Queensland Greens send the wrong message about oxygen consumption.:yuk:

Home Brew
3rd Sep 2005, 11:17
:8 What a spectacular finale!! Topped off with the smell of burnt cordite and avtur!! Way to go..

All we need now is for Pprune to run a charity auction to sell the jump seat for next years fly past..

Any one know how high the climb ended with the dump??


The Voice
3rd Sep 2005, 20:04
There's something comforting abouts the sound of the roulettes passing overhead ...

VH-Cheer Up
4th Sep 2005, 01:26
There's something comforting abouts the sound of the roulettes passing overhead ...
Comforting? How about ANNOYING!

I preferred them when they had the Macchis. About time they gave the Roulettes Hawks - the spectacle of a fast jet team is far more exciting than those PC9's...

Dumping Jet A1 from the Pigs at $70 a barrel might cost more than the insurance premiums!

4th Sep 2005, 03:10
Ah Bread and Circuses for the masses:ok: Not many places you can go and have a nights entertainment for nothing. Last one I did, U had to get in place around 3 or 4 in the afternoon just to get a good spot to watch the fireworks on the city reach. Always a good show.