View Full Version : Luckiest guy in the World

30th Aug 2005, 04:54
Guy gets back from a holiday in Thailand not feeling well, goes down the doctor who says " its not good news sir, you have contracted Yellow 21, you have only three days left to live". So the poor bugger goes home and tells the wife, she suggests that with the limited time he has left they do something special as a couple, she goes on to say you have never came to the bingo with me in our 30 years of marriage , lets do that together , to which he agrees. So they go down the old bingo hall and the bugger wins the house jackpot, goes on to win the town, county, national and international bingo jackpot. The Bingo manager can not beleive this guys luck and comes over to congratulate him and tells him he is the luckiest guy in the world. The husband replies by saying no really I have Yellow 21. to which the manager says "F**k me you've won the raffle as well !!!!!!

Silly i know but I could not resist it