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henry crun
30th Aug 2005, 02:17
The head master of a secondary school in England is introducing a new scheme, which he says, is aimed at improving students behaviour.

Students will be allowed to swear only up to five times at the teachers during each lesson, this swearing includes the use of the word [email protected]

The teachers will keep score on the blackboard, and any class which exceeds the limit of 5 swear words per lesson will be spoken to at the conclusion of that period.

How, in this day and age, can such an extreme punishment even be contemplated. :confused:

30th Aug 2005, 02:30
Bring back the cane I say never did anyone any harm!

class which exceeds the limit of 5 swear words per lesson will be spoken to at the conclusion of that period.

I bet the teacher has to refrain from using swear words when that talk happens! Otherwise not setting a good example to the pupils :eek:

30th Aug 2005, 05:38
It's a long shot, but it may just be that this scheme teaches them to count as far as.....dare I hope for so much......five! :rolleyes:

Atlas Shrugged
30th Aug 2005, 06:04
Can you get an exemption on the limit if you have Tourette Syndrome?

Pierre Argh
30th Aug 2005, 07:37
Sounds ridiculous... First, I imagined a classroom of kids racing each other to get higher scores then thought this story (from the british press I believe?) might just be another example of sensationalism, and selective reporting that is all too prevalent in many parts of the British Press!

Makes a change from the stories about 100% passes at GCSE/A' Level... now there's a thread for **** sake?

30th Aug 2005, 10:37
Any wonder I don' t want my kids to get near the UK educashun sistem :rolleyes:

30th Aug 2005, 10:46
Bugger, How will the little buggers be able to feckin talk, if they canrt feckin swear:confused: :confused: :confused:

Oh Buggerit:mad: :mad: :mad:

30th Aug 2005, 11:05
We have two daughters aged 10 and 8 and have always spoken to them as adults (within reason), none of this coochey coochey coo shit.

Like all children they hear and use swear words when out of our hearing. We tried to avoid swearing when they were around and I even began to do mine in other languages because at certain times you just need to, like when working on the car (it's amazing how easy it is for this to become a reflex).

I sat them down one day and told them while we'd rather they didn't do it at all they should save the words for when they really needed them otherwise they'd lose their value. By not being unrealistic and telling them they must never, ever do it I think we've managed to remove the giggle factor for them and as far as I can tell they don't do it gratuitously. It's a bit like allowing them a sip of wine at mealtimes.

I'd slay them though if I found they'd even thought of giving a teacher any lip let alone swore at one.

cessna l plate
30th Aug 2005, 18:29
Strange how the times move on.

If we swore at school, to each other, let alone a teacher, then it was off to the head for a taste of rattan!!!!
Now we hear that a school is "allowing" 5 swears at a teacher per lesson. Has the UK gone bleeding mad or what???

30th Aug 2005, 18:47
****, ****, ****, ****, ****. Free and clear ;)


30th Aug 2005, 18:48
Teachers have been stripped of their dignity! .. Pupils Rules Ok! .. That should be every schools motto because its true! .. We used to have on our school badge "sui sum servo" = "Whom We Serve" .. Translate that nowadays! .. "If we want to throw a chair at a teacher, so be it" .. "If we want to do as we please, we shall" .. Just don't know latin very well! .. :{

30th Aug 2005, 19:30
School discipline

What discipline? There is none, that's the problem.

How many "f's" in discipline?? Thats right there is no f...in discipline.

31st Aug 2005, 01:26
I cannot imagine what might have happened to any pupil that tried swearing at a teacher in our school.

That's the whole point of discipline. No-one dared to try it.

As an apprentice at Halton a smartass fellow apprenti asked the Flight Commander
"What would happen if I called you a c*nt?"
"You'd be charged with conduct contrary to good order and service discipline."
"What if I just thought you were a c*nt?"
"Nothing. You can think what you please."
"Well, I think you're a c*nt"

He got 56 days jankers. At the time, that thing which was most precious to us was the short time we were allowed out of camp. On his final day the inspecting officer just happened to be our Flight Commander. Despite his immaculate turn-out, Smartass was charged for being 'filthy on parade' and copped another 56 days which went right across his two weeks Easter leave period.

Discipline is based upon power and teachers unfortunately, no longer have any.