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30th Aug 2005, 00:30
Pilot blunder triggers hijack scare
A PILOT who accidentally used the secret code word for hijack sparked a national terrorism emergency plan.
News Link (http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,16428706%255E2862,00.html)

What's the goss on this?

Pimp Daddy
30th Aug 2005, 00:34
So, what's the 'Code Word'?

Purple Monkey Dishwasher.........

But you didn't hear it from me

30th Aug 2005, 01:02
Cigar to those who can tell me what the "Code Word" is!!!

I know of two pilots, both with over 30 years each as professional pilots, who found out what the "Code Word" is, both by using it in the course of normal radio TX and ended up setting off alarm bells. Hate to be a doubter, but to have a Secret Code Word is fine, but its a conundrum to have a “Code Word” that is secret, and yet pilots are required to know the secret “Code Word” in case of trouble.

That’s too hard for me, I’m off to lie down and take a Bex…………….

30th Aug 2005, 01:15
Why not end this thread before some idiot actually reveals it - if in fact they know it.

Every time I have seen it used so far it has been in error - once by the air traffic controller!

30th Aug 2005, 01:22
Pimp Daddy, "Purple Monkey Dishwasher" was last weeks password :).

30th Aug 2005, 01:43

Starts with "thro", happened last week with a DHC-737 incident in Sydney.

In this thread http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=187286


30th Aug 2005, 01:51
Now that swh has given it away and every Capt has now to be reissued with a new one, there is no longer any need for this thread, so we'll leave it right there OK.:ok: