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29th Aug 2005, 20:56

Billy Bob and Bubba Ray decided to go up to Oklahoma to go fishing. They are in a small Oklahoma town buying beer and bait and Billy Bob sees a sign on a store next to the bait shop.

“Hey Bubba,” Billy Bob shouts, “Lookee here at them there prices for clothes.”

Sign on store says. ‘Suits $5.00, pants $2.50, shirts $1.25.’

“We kin buy a whole passel of them thar store bought clothes en take em down ta big D en makes us some money Bubba.”

Bubba says “yup”.

So Billy Bob and Bubba Ray go into this store and talks to a guy behind the counter.

“Say buddy we woulds like to buy 50 of them thar suits, 50 pars of them pants and throw in 100 of them shirts.” Asks Billy Bob with a sly smile on his face.

The store owner looks at Billy Bob and Bubby Ray and asks, “You two are from Texas are you not?”

Billy Bob and Bubba Ray look at each other and reply “Yeah we is, how’d ya know?”

“Because this is a dry-cleaners.”

Onan the Clumsy
29th Aug 2005, 22:08
But in that case, why weren't the chirts 99c?


29th Aug 2005, 22:17
It was Okie country Onan.. not Texas...:rolleyes:

29th Aug 2005, 22:23
Could have been Queensland.

Onan the Clumsy
29th Aug 2005, 22:25
They have shirts in Oooooooooooklahoma? :confused:

I thought they just cut three hole in the bottom of a feed sack and cinched a belt around it (for formal occasions).


29th Aug 2005, 23:13
I've seen CP and Mrs. CP... they wear their feed sacks nicely. :}

Judy Bub

30th Aug 2005, 02:47
Sacks 5th Avenue...

30th Aug 2005, 03:58
There's aplace near us - full of "rednecks". Real "Deliverance" creatures, all playing banjos or guitars.

The saying goes, "Darlene, if we get divorced - will you still be my sister?".