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29th Aug 2005, 17:18
I think what they're doing is a little undignified.

If it's that hard to find a new lead singer, maybe they should throw in the towel... call it a day.

What happened to going out gracefully?

29th Aug 2005, 17:28
They're trying too hard.

They should be looking for somebody just hanging around.

29th Aug 2005, 17:33
They are really hung up about this. They have themselves in knots.

Jerricho beat me to it :uhoh:


29th Aug 2005, 17:35
Actually, where's that animated thingie Flying Squirrel has been linking everywhere? :E

tall and tasty
29th Aug 2005, 18:49
ahhhhhhh guys that is horrible. I met their old lead singer, lovely man and had the most amazing eyes. I love their old stuff and if the band want to carry on then why not as long as the stuff they produce people don't compare it to Micheal's singing.

Alot of bands change around loose members etc, just cos the poor man died we maybe not so hard on them


29th Aug 2005, 18:52
Sorry :(

29th Aug 2005, 19:47
Might have been a lovely man but he had a strange taste in burds...

Bet his eyes were a little less than amazing when they found him :sad:

29th Aug 2005, 23:28
I say good luck to them. I normally despise singing shows (Idol, etc) but have been watching this religiously and am enjoying it. They are getting new and younger blood into the band, getting their old audience reinterested, no doubt getting some new audience members, and probably making a few quid as well.

And if it means i get to look at Brooke Burke in less and less clothing every week, then all the better!


30th Aug 2005, 02:12
Ha ha BALIX - classic!

30th Aug 2005, 02:25
Michael Hutchence cannot be replaced. Other band members who play bass, guitar or drums can....but lead singers can't....in my opinion. Like, I never liked Van Halen after they replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar.....

Buster Hyman
30th Aug 2005, 03:01
AC/DC didn't do too bad after Bon bought it!

What was the last thing Michael Hutchence saw?

30th Aug 2005, 06:34
BH don't know......

But I do know why Paula Yates left Bob Geldof for MH......

She heard he was well hung :E

Seriously, I think with a group where the lead singer is as charismatic as MH then it is difficult to replace him. The same goes for Queen with Freddie Mercury. I'm a big Queen fan but their current tour is terrible.

1st Sep 2005, 03:34
The actual show itself is far superior to the so-called Idol offerings - far more craft and cunning for a start. Lots of Mark Burnett "reality" hamming up the "conflicts" but it's still better than Paula Abdul's ramblings - I'm not sure whether it's better to think she's on something or that's just how sickening she is normally.

Pink Floyd, Queen, Elvis on the show last night while four teenagers murdered Elvis' back catalogue on "Canadian Idol". Luckily for me I was PPRuNing during the latter with Floyd on the speakers :D

That said, the lad Ty that got cut tonight made a fool of himself with his parting shot - he is NOT good enough for INXS but has a handy career as Seal's backup man ahead.

Buster Hyman
1st Sep 2005, 06:05
...His left shoulder.

PPRuNe Radar
1st Sep 2005, 11:00
They're trying too hard. They should be looking for somebody just hanging around.

Oh dear Jerricho .... I'd show you the door, but something seems to be blocking it ;)

surely not
1st Sep 2005, 11:22
T&T so are you saying MH had a 'loose' member then??
Loose, noose, and a moose called Paula, it was meant to be methinks!

6th Sep 2005, 02:34
Noted last week that unless a lot of socalled reality shows (BB and the like) RS:INXS hadn't played up the risque very much. Probably because most of the remaining five are hooked up/married/whatever

This week - cake fight followed by "everyone in the shower" and a hot-tub session.

Gotta chase those ratings eh?

It's pretty obvious from this week's editing of the "reality bit" that Jordis is targetted for removal and will not survive as JD did - the house band running her "original song" and the awkward photoshoot completed the "can't sing can't play looks awful" montage begun by her playing guitar when banking it couldn't be heard two weeks ago - bye bye Jordis