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29th Aug 2005, 15:46
One just in from mate in Oz.....

An American decided to write a book about famous churches around the world. For his first chapter he decided to write about Australian churches. So he bought a plane ticket and took a trip to Hobart, thinking that he would work his way across the country from South, East to West.

On his first day he was inside a church taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read "$10,000 per call". The writer, being intrigued, asked a priest who was strolling by what the telephone was used for. The priest replied that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000 you could talk to God.The writer thanked the priest and went along his way.

Next stop was in Melbourne. There, at a very large cathedral, he saw the same golden telephone with the same sign under it. He wondered if this was the same kind of telephone he saw in Hobart and he asked a nearby nun what its purpose was. She told him that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000 he could talk to God."O.K., thank you," said the writer.

He then travelled to Sydney,Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, and Alice Springs. In every church he saw the same golden telephone with the same "$10,000 per call" sign under it.

The American, upon leaving Alice Springs saw a sign for Perth and decided to see if Westerners had the same phone. He arrived in Perth, and again, there was the same golden telephone, but this time the sign under it read
"30 cents per call." The writer was surprised so he asked the priest about the sign. "Father, I've travelled all over Australia and I've seen this same golden telephone in many churches. I'm told that it is a direct line to Heaven, but in every state the price was $10,000 per call. Why is it so cheap here?" The priest smiled and answered, "You're in Western Australia now son, it's a local call".


29th Aug 2005, 15:51
:cool: :D :ok:

29th Aug 2005, 21:54
Ta Bluey
thought the Avtrician might have appreciated it too.....;)

One will take the lack of replies as a consensus that it's TRUE!!!!! and there's nothing else anyone can say!

:) :) :)

29th Aug 2005, 22:36
We like to let the wowsers think that. It keeps them happy.

29th Aug 2005, 23:06
Oh Dear M Jerrykow

You should have kept stumm!

Having sample the Eastern + Western seaboards of your fair island/land/continent.....I have to go WA :E

(Chatting to bro-in law two weeks ago... he spent a year "working OZ" he was disappointed by the Ozzies. I was well suprised...then i discovered he never actually made it to WA!!!! He admitted that he had gathered it was more relaxed "out west" but just didn't have time to get there....what with KL, Thailand, Cambodia waiting etc :rolleyes:

He does have memories of his two months living in a tent in Cairns though. Not sure if they were good or bad.... female involved :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

30th Aug 2005, 03:31
Best kept secret in the world:ok: :ok: :ok:

BTW Big G created this little bit of WA for himself - lives just around the corner from me!

30th Aug 2005, 10:37
WA - local call to God! Bollocks!!!

The northern rivers area of NSW is God's own. If you haven't been to Evans Head, Yamba, Iluka, Angourie etc. Then you've been nowhere!

30th Aug 2005, 10:41
I love it but now the secret is out.
A Carton of IT will be on its way, with a spare in the TRABBY Fridge:ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :ok: :E :E

30th Aug 2005, 11:34
Any contributions of beer gratefully received! :ok:

One will partake of the TRabby fridge stubbie at the end if the afternoon.......:)