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tall and tasty
28th Aug 2005, 21:29
Me........... Under the jeep when it was parked on a beach. Looking back I must have been crazy at the time, because if the handbrake had failed I could have been squashed.

I have a friend who swears the best place is in a hammock.

So where is the most unusal place you have done it??..........

Fallen asleep that is

TnT :p

28th Aug 2005, 21:36
Inside an armoured ambulance in a field of "disused" medevac vehicles. we were told NOT to go in them. Trouble was...they had comfy beds.... all OK until inspecting Cpt swung door open for QA saying "and this is how they are kitted out inside..." red faces all round :E

28th Aug 2005, 21:38
Went to see Soul 2 Soul at Wembley back in the early nineties. They came on stage and started doing a fashion show instead of their set. I shut my eyes and opened them when woken by the ex wife at the end of the concert.

28th Aug 2005, 21:39
I suffer from motion/travel/sea sickness so sometimes I avail myself of a little pill to relieve all those nasty symptoms.

The trouble is that there is a payback: about 4 hours after the pill, I need to sleep, anywhere I happen to be.

The most strange place I fell asleep was in the Chelsea Army Museum when I was a parent-helper on a school trip with my 11 year-old son.

We were having a lecture (not a very boring one) about weaponry and I just couldn't stay awake at all. I'm sure the teachers thought I was very weird.

I have also gone to sleep standing up in a supermarket, after the same drug - it's only Stugeron. :eek:

28th Aug 2005, 21:46
On top of a sanddune. Gritty, not recommended.
In a Mini. Tight, not recommended.
On a Hobie 14 trampoline. Slippery, not recommended.
On a hilltop amongst the ferns out of sight of the ranger's binocs. Mmmm.
In two drying rooms. Mmmm.

28th Aug 2005, 21:59
In france, in a museum. I was completely shattered at the time, and found a seat half way round the museum. It was interesting I'm sure, but i was awoken in the end by an embaressed brother, who pointed out that my snoring had been echoing throughout the museum section we were in, and I had got some very dirty looks :D

28th Aug 2005, 22:03
On a speeding train very early one morning. Woke up just in time to see Gatwick station rapidly approaching.

I applied full braking but at 90mph, stopping quickly takes sometime and we missed the station... :uhoh:

28th Aug 2005, 22:12
I once had to debug a batch job using a vpn off my mobile phone connected to a large Swiss bank from half way up a mountain side while climbing. Oh not IT ? - sorry thought you meant my job.

Fell asleep in a portaloo once, standing up with my "gear down"...

Beer was to blame of course.

28th Aug 2005, 22:28
In a 777 simulator :( ....it's the crash landing that woke me up :E

28th Aug 2005, 22:44
A boat of the coast of Positano! .. :E :ok:

Conan the Librarian
28th Aug 2005, 22:51
I get screwed every month without fail, sitting where I am now. All it takes, is that lovely statement from Lloyds TSB


28th Aug 2005, 23:16
Sprawled up the front stairs of my Queenslander (type of house) after watching the cricket all day at the Gabba and getting a skinfull there and on the way home at the Red Brick Hotel, which happens to be on the walk from the Gabba to Buranda train station.

Was woken by the phone ringing at midnight.

28th Aug 2005, 23:31
A mate and I once fell asleep on the train, only woke up when it got into its garage for the night. An expensive taxi ride home.

Many years ago before I'd learned how to hold my drink like a true alcoholic, I'd fall asleep after putting the pudicat's fish in the oven. I'd wake up to the most awful stench and the poor cats would have to make do with whiskas instead of their usual nightly helping of fish fillets.

You're right, I'm a complete [email protected] But just in case I misunderstood IT, I have to admit that I once did IT in Bora Bora. Something just happened whilst snorkelling alone in the cool inflowing current from the barrier reef. I suddenly had the urge to reach down and get it out, the impetus was stronger than any sense of decorum I possessed. The result was like something out of one of those documentaries when at the full moon at a certain time of the year, the whole reef is filled with a cloud of eggs and sperm. It's been a long time since, so perhaps I could be accused of some window-dressing... :O

Hey, who stole my identity...?! :mad:

29th Aug 2005, 02:26
Well, I may have a dirty mind, but I don't think T'nT was really talking about falling asleep at all. :ooh:

29th Aug 2005, 03:25
I have done it sitting at a table in a packed nightclub, leaning on an indian guy's shoulder. As I am a big bloke he was apparently to scared or whatever(perhaps he liked it), to move me. Yes alcohol was to blame.

Have also done it standing up in the shower on a Sunday evening after big Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and then working a 9 hour shift (at the supermarket that is, in high school before I had learnt to fly) on Sunday. Only woke up slumped in a corner because the hot water had run out. It was FREEEEEZING. Alcohol was partly to blame.

Another story of it, at a farewell celebration, I was denied entry to the last bar we went to. Getting a bit bored I decided to walk into a church which unbeknown to me was notorious for drug dealing, and apparently a few people had even been stabbed there (or so I was told, maybe my mates were trying to scare me). I crawled in under a bush and did it, waking to find everybody gone home and a long expensive taxi ride home by myself. Alcohol was to blame

Well, I may have a dirty mind, but I don't think T'nT was really talking about falling asleep at all.

Me either, so as for IT, when i was 17, at a party myself and girl of the time couldn't find a quiet place. So we went for a walk and came across the local primary school. Being summer it was warm enough so we did it on a picnic table in the middle of the school playground (don't worry it was about 2am on a sunday morning, no kids there). Alcohol and teenage urges were to blame. Terrible weren't we? :O

Isn't grog great??? :ok:

Lucky these pages are anonymous

29th Aug 2005, 04:04
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Shortly after having done the evening weather report from the top!


29th Aug 2005, 04:40
Hey TnT - you'll soon be doing it in the back of a Jet Ranger - no good for me though - too big - but warmer than that freezing winter hanger !!:O brrrrrrrr:{


29th Aug 2005, 05:19

In the depths of my imagination.:hmm:

29th Aug 2005, 05:26
Leaning against a running GPU on the ORP at Valley during an Exercise Mickey Finn. It was the last day and we were stood to for the scramble. Three Vulcans at full chat thirty feet away didn't wake me up either and the Crew Chief pulled the cables out for me. Three days continuous duty without sleep and only two hot meals - that's why they called it a Mickey Finn I suppose...

29th Aug 2005, 05:27
In an MRI Scanner - twice
On the dentist's chair - several times .... while having work done
Cinema - more times than I can remember

Must be some kind of narcolepsy which sends me off somewhere nice when the rest of me finds the actual surroundings not too great. Only places it doesn't work is cattle-class on an overnight long-haul flight or last night (hence reason I'm typing this feckin thing at 5.30am) :{

29th Aug 2005, 08:26
Twice in a train and once in a bus.

Both times, standing :ooh:

Apart from that, there've been enough of times I've missed my station / bus-stop while asleep. And yes, fell asleep at more meetings & classes than I'd care to count. :)

29th Aug 2005, 08:37
Went to the theatre in Glasgow a couple of years ago to see a thing called Stomp. It was basically a percussion group that made a a noise with all sorts of stuff from brushes to matchboxes. All clever stuff and VERY noisy.

I was pushing out the zeds after about half an hour.

29th Aug 2005, 08:38
Standing up reading a newspaper in the corridor of a crowded train.

Woke up squatting on the floor still holding the paper
with the other pax looking down at me.

No change there then:ooh:

29th Aug 2005, 08:49
Solo ON a motorcycle in Belgium, early am off the ferry, sun in my eyes - luckily wheels in the tram lines..................

Not sure how many micro-seconds it lasted but I stopped shortly after that for a kip:ok:

Had a colleague fall asleep in the soup (or was it the rice) dish at the Boss's dinner table once following an intake of self-made 'Wonderbeer':D

How are you Bob? Good stuff that was!:ok:

29th Aug 2005, 09:13
Used to happen to me in particularly boring lectures when I was at Tech!!

29th Aug 2005, 10:36
On a train on the way to Guildford ended up in Portsmouth, it was an expensive trip back up as it was the last train of the evening. :(

In a lecture/presentation many moons ago, fell forwards and I missed the chair in front of me. Woke everyone else up very quickly with the loud thud as I hit the floor. :}

29th Aug 2005, 10:59
In an emergency exit of a multilevel car park, top level of course! oh .... sleeping

that would have to have been on the edge of the local high school football ground. only to be woken by my neighbor walking his dog early the next morning

29th Aug 2005, 11:03
I flew with a captain once who fell asleep on final approach.!!
.er..i have control.

29th Aug 2005, 18:39
Standing up in a cable car (http://www.bagnes.ch/index.cfm?Page=BuildPageIntermed&MainMenuId=8&SousMenuId=53&SousSousMenuId=156) line for ten minutes.

29th Aug 2005, 20:55
Another place I tend to fall asleep is meetings at work. Thankfully, I don't have to attend many. Doesn't matter if the subject matter is interesting (though it usually isn't) the speaker's drone just sends me off in no time. Bit embarassing perhaps but what the hell.

Strangely, there are people who love meetings with agendas, minutes and all the formalised bollocks.

Sad gits.

29th Aug 2005, 21:20

The topic is "Where's The Most Unusal Place you have Done IT?"

Not the most common one :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The Rocket
29th Aug 2005, 21:49
Dear me Bre901

If you're going to go to the trouble of highlighting a word, and making a point of it, at least spell it correctly:p :p :ok:

The most unusual place I've done IT?

As a young 17 year old "man of the world", In a disused colliery mine shaft housing. Ah, those teenage urges:}

30th Aug 2005, 03:12
Me........... Under the jeep when it was parked on a beach. Looking back I must have been crazy at the time, because if the handbrake had failed I could have been squashed.

So, uh you were by yourself? One hand on the hand brake, and one hand......There was no reference to a partner, just curious:oh:

30th Aug 2005, 03:39
planepsycho - Buddy

One hand on the hand brake, and one hand......There was no reference to a partner, just curious

Think the topic is where you have fallen asleep not where you may have had s*x with or without a partner :}

But with a mind like Tall and Tasty's, I may have got the wrong end of the stick :E

Clarence Oveur
30th Aug 2005, 03:44
Inside a hotel closet.

And that was both it and it

Atlas Shrugged
30th Aug 2005, 06:44
I've done it standing up with my eyes open!

http://somalitalk.com/images/ilwareeg.gif http://somalitalk.com/images/ilwareeg.gif

Pinky the pilot
31st Aug 2005, 13:18
At boarding school back in the late 60's, almost every Sunday morning at Chapel during the sermon! Bloke sitting next to me would give me an elbow if my snoring got too loud!!
But must be my dirty (healthy) mind that my initial thought upon seeing this thread title was of the time I was with my betrothed, in her bedroom with her (Strict RC) Mother out in the Kitchen less than 20 feet away whilst her even stricter Father was outside in his workshop, not far from her b/room window.
Still reckon I had a death wish!!
This was before things changed!!

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

Farmer 1
31st Aug 2005, 13:39
zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

31st Aug 2005, 22:13
Freewheeling downhill on my bicycle. Lovely sunny afternoon. Next thing I knew, I was flying through the air, having run full tilt into the back of a parked car!

Once had an F/O fall asleep whilst hand flying a B707 on finals into Tokyo after an all night flight.