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Mr. Ree
28th Aug 2005, 10:19
Saw somewhere on the net that a Delta trolley dolly was fired because of some "inappropriate" photographic material being posted on her website (http://queenofsky.journalspace.com/?cmd=displaycomments&dcid=393&entryid=393)

I'm sure there's plenty more out there.....

(OK sorry, there's the link)

surely not
28th Aug 2005, 10:29
what...............you post this without a linl!!!!!!!

28th Aug 2005, 10:50
Mr Ree, have you read the Roe (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=144080)?

Why do I sound like a Nagano street vendor?:confused:

28th Aug 2005, 13:53
Sheesh, Flappy, I can't see how the photos on that link contravene the ROE. Did you have a bad tour of duty? :8

(I think the sky queen or whatever is a bit of a hornbag) :E

28th Aug 2005, 14:18
I think Flaps was referring to this incitation to do wrong: plenty more out there..... A LOT better than this.

28th Aug 2005, 14:20
Well of course, Mme Flyblue, as you well know I would be horrified at the thought of anybody contravening the ROE. Perhaps if you PM'ed me the offending link so that I can make up my own mind....:E

Whoops, wrong colour. :(

28th Aug 2005, 16:10
I wish to inform the persons responsible for firing that nice young woman that I'll do my utmost not to fly their company aymore.
Mullah Air has just lost a customer..
Sheeeesh.. What about a burka for FA's?:yuk:

29th Aug 2005, 05:18
I believe that some retired F/As united to do make a nudey calendar, so maybe their bars were already rattled? Then there's the (male) pilots who did a nudey calendar last Xmas - they didn't get fired but they were a bunch of 'easy' fellows so what can you expect?

No! I'm not going to risk the wrath of the Mod Squad by posting any links. If you don't know how to use Google you'll just have to use your imagination... :rolleyes:

29th Aug 2005, 06:20
The green eyed monster arises maybe?:E

Mr. Ree
29th Aug 2005, 06:39
I have re-read my original post and can see why there may be reason to raise an eyebrow.... so, I'll remove the "A LOT better than this" bit. :O

Was merely pointing out that the photo's in question are in my opinion harmless and that I've witnessed a lot worse.
Or was that better :p