View Full Version : Movie voiceovers

28th Aug 2005, 09:51
Can somebody please direct me to the recent thread about those who do the promo voiceovers for American movies? I had no sound at the time, now I can't find it. Thanks.

28th Aug 2005, 13:47
Hmm, no replies at all would seem to indicate it wasn't on Pprune at all. You know those guys at the cinema, there only ever seem to be about three of them, who boom in with their deep voices things like "You will be taken to places you never dreamed existed", and "it is beyond your worst nightmares"? Apparently this was some sort of wma file of a couple of them bouncing things off each other. Can't remember the main guy's name, and once I exhausted "voiceover" had no idea what to search for next. :hmm:

28th Aug 2005, 14:13
Ahh, dat be the one for sure.. tank you kindly!