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28th Aug 2005, 01:33
Can't decide between Clarke's Court and the amazing 15 year old El Dorado from Guyana. Both nearly impossible to get ! Anyone have any opinions ?

28th Aug 2005, 03:28
I used to be fond of the Havana Club 15 yr old stuff. Not allowed to bring anything back from Cuba as crew anymore. Travelers may bring back up to $100.00 worth of goodies to the States. Somehow flight crew are not travelers. Makes one wonder how we got there. I like to think I traveled there.

Democracy is safe tonight!!!!!

28th Aug 2005, 03:40
This one. (www.rum.cz/galery/eur/uk/favell/img/uk77.jpg)

28th Aug 2005, 04:25
Bundy Silver Label.

A taste of home.

28th Aug 2005, 04:40

Admiral Rodney - a great 21 year old from St Lucia. If anyone has spotted this in the UK I'd really like to know where it can be found.

Desperate of Norwich, surviving (just) on Pussers.. :)

18 foot pek pek
28th Aug 2005, 04:47
You can perform open heart surgery on someone who has consumed a bottle of Pussers and they will not feel a a thing.

Disguise Delimit
28th Aug 2005, 05:15
Bundaberg Rum soothes my throat and inflames my passions.

Hey 18 Foot, is that a Puk-Puk pek-pek o bulmakau pek-pek o sumting? Mi laik wanpela moa!

28th Aug 2005, 05:34
Bundaberg Rum soothes my throat and inflames my passions.

Betcha say that to all the ladies ;)

Solid Rust Twotter
28th Aug 2005, 07:24
Bundaberg = Formaldehyde:yuk:

Red Heart

Black Heart



28th Aug 2005, 07:35
Total addiction to Pussers.

28th Aug 2005, 09:47
:} Ooooooh - arrrggghhhh, a Captain Morgan Dark Jamacan has good memory loss properties. :}

Pigboat: I thought you being a true Newfie, you would have enjoyed a bit of the Screech Rum. :E

28th Aug 2005, 09:55
Bought a litre bottle of Pussers from Gibraltar - cost me 9 :D

Shame to waist it but the Painkiller drink is nice!

28th Aug 2005, 10:13
You know the type you don't have to buy! :ok:

tony draper
28th Aug 2005, 10:31
4 Bells, not seen hide nor hair of it these forty years gone, or any proper navy rum, when we ran short of water the cook would cut it into cubes and we sucked it like a boiled sweet.
Arrrggg Jim Lad.

28th Aug 2005, 10:41
havana club dark rum is one of the best.

B Fraser
28th Aug 2005, 11:03
Woods 100 rocket fuel is pretty amazing

or a bottle of Mount Gay or a Bundy and coke. Awesome.:zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:

28th Aug 2005, 11:11
If anyone has seen this Rum for sale in the UK, please let me know - the distributor in Liverpool will not help me - man, goes like fruit juice - turass !!

28th Aug 2005, 11:13
Bacardi 151=avcat loony juice!!,many a watch kept in a confused state due to afore mentioned beverage!

Cuban mount bay/gay?? rum is nice also,paleish colour,looks like urine the morning after a good night out.

28th Aug 2005, 11:26
Shame to waist it
Yup! I hate to see good rum go to waste - let it go to my waist instead!!

Best I had was Myer's from Kenya but for everyday, either Wood's or Pusser's. I don't like the spiced ones or the ones that have a sort of butterscotch flavour (like Stroh).

Good old-fashioned, dark, navy rum for this lass!



28th Aug 2005, 11:30
Whirls - make sure when you're nipping with ice, make your ice cubes from Evian ! Completes the smoothness !! Try it girl !

eastern wiseguy
28th Aug 2005, 11:52
Cuban mount bay/gay

Might you mean Mount Gay ..which is from Barbados?.

Two locals very popular in Ireland are VAT 19PICTURE HERE (http://www.rum.cz/galery/cam/tt/fernandes/img/tt21.jpg)

and McKibbins ...black as the inside of a cat with a taste which is like chewing molasses:ok: :ok:

Once drank a rum called "Banana Rum" in Glasgow ..loved it never saw it ever again.....

The Flying Squirell ...check your PM's :ok:

Lon More
28th Aug 2005, 14:03
Eastern I'd be very suspicious of drinking anything in Glasgow, especially if it was yellowy, but it was probably Cruzan.
Must admit I'm partial to Myer's or Pusser's.

28th Aug 2005, 14:11
a double shot of Pussers with a shot of 151 floated on top,

your feet just fall off !:ok:

28th Aug 2005, 18:26
Goslings Black Seal rum from Bermuda is my favourite....

28th Aug 2005, 19:55
Sprocket, Screech is Newfie gettin'-drunk rum, the stuff ya save for tourists. That and Big Dipper. Dock is for us serious types. :D
Mount Gay Extra Old ain't a bad brew either, as is Appelton Estate from Jamaica.

Drapes, me and father once traded a small halibut to the cook on the MV Monksgarth for two quarts of 4 Bells. It is as you describe. :uhoh:

28th Aug 2005, 20:03
This thread has inspired me to drink some of the Havana Club which has been lurking in the drinks cabinet for ages.

Very nice it is too! :D :D

28th Aug 2005, 20:41
Best/strongest was a rockt fuel I picked up from French Guiana.

cut with water 1 litre probably made 10-20litres of STRONG rum :}

28th Aug 2005, 22:24
The Bundy Rum Jerricho speaks of with the silver label is ,

"Bundaberg Distillery No. 3" rum. It is a double distilled and triple filtered rum that is smooth as....... Best drunk neat.

It is absolutley not like your ordinary Bundy, which I still like anyway. But then, I am a Queenslander.

28th Aug 2005, 23:32
Ron abuelo anejo (http://www.rum.cz/galery/cam/pa/varela/img/pa27.jpg) from Panama for me.

Or Barbancourt from Haiti.

Did the Mt Gay tour a year or so ago, they give you some special tasters at the end - wow!!

Super 64
29th Aug 2005, 02:03
Bundy Black for sure!!

rare as rocking horse $hit to get at the moment though!
can't wait for them to release the next vat, anyone have any ideas when that will be?

29th Aug 2005, 03:23
I am partial to a drop of Bundy, but find it has a strange, fruity aroma - quite similar to Jack Daniels. Good stuff though. Sainsburys stocked it for a while. Just sipping a drop of Mount Gay at the moment, cos that's all they had in the offy - Piss water compared to the 15 yr old El Dorado though. Night/Morning all !

29th Aug 2005, 06:15
I was at the Bundy distillery last May and the tour guide said that Bundy Black was no longer being made.

henry crun
29th Aug 2005, 08:01
The best I ever tasted was undoubtably in Port of Spain many years ago.

I drank it for most of one afternoon and all of the following night.
In the early hours, I am told, I went under a limbo bar at 18 inches.

It was locally produced, dirt cheap, and very palatable.
The name of this nectar ? search me, I can't remember a thing about that night.

29th Aug 2005, 08:03

29th Aug 2005, 08:10
In the HMs Navy in the past they used to have something called "neaters"...does anybody know what it is??

29th Aug 2005, 08:14
You did what to the cook draper?

when we ran short of water the cook would cut it into cubes and we sucked it like a boiled sweet.


henry crun
29th Aug 2005, 08:32
cyclicmicky: I could be wrong but I think that referred to the daily rum issue.

The older more experienced matelots were allowed to drink their daily ration neat, but younger ones had to have it diluted with water.

29th Aug 2005, 10:05
Henry I have googled it!! you are quite correct..thanks for the info...not a rum drinker myself but an Aussie mate brought me some Bundaberg a few years ago.
We proceeded to drink it....it is not as innocent a drink as would appear....very smooth with a serious bad head to follow!!.......
I prefer a good malt these days.

No Further Requirements
29th Aug 2005, 10:09
For taste: Mount Gay.

For sheer alcoholic effect: Bacardi 151 Proof.

henry crun
29th Aug 2005, 10:56
Cheerio: It might well have been, but my memory of that night does not stretch to what was on the label. :D

29th Aug 2005, 11:00
For me its either the Bundy OP, with a lovely spicy taste, or for regular consumption I got a taste for Ord River Rum www.hoochery.com.au
Funnily enough, that's where the whiskey226 air route ends up...

Super 64
30th Aug 2005, 22:40
"I was at the Bundy distillery last May and the tour guide said that Bundy Black was no longer being made."

and to think I had three bottles in the cupboard at the start of the year. If only I'd kept one it may have ended up being worth something :(

The Voice
30th Aug 2005, 23:05
Personal experience dictates that Rum = angry juice .. could always tell when someone had been partaking! Horrible stuff it is.

30th Aug 2005, 23:17
Sorry Voice, but you're talking ballox ! In my personal experience, rum consumers are happy, amiable and affable folk. Rum brings out the happy side in people and is certainly not a nasty drink - It's a glorified sugar rush - it tastes great and calms people down. LONG LIVE RUM and those tiny little Guyana producers. Never been to Guyana, but done the island tour. Clarkes Court was outstanding.

31st Aug 2005, 00:45
I once had an 8 day Christmas in Barbados, when I was in between marriages - thanks to a surfeit of Mount Gay and certain herbal products I only rememebr sporadic episodes, most of which I seemed to thoroughly enjoy. However, I made up a sign "Nil By Mouth" to hang round my neck for the plane journey home, and I have never drunk rum since....

16 blades
31st Aug 2005, 01:22
Captain Morgan is my friend, and has made many an MPA det almost bearable!


Solid Rust Twotter
31st Aug 2005, 03:58
Tried a Mozambican rum with a label bearing the likeness of a local beauty. Not strong at all and very smooth with a pleasant flavour. Never saw it again and as it was dirt cheap, it was pretty stupid of me not to have filled any available space in the vehicle with the stuff.

31st Aug 2005, 05:05
I second what M'am Voice says about rum being a fighters drink. I have see the most placid guy in the world turn into a pissed up fighting machine in Maryborough one night after he drank half a bottle of Bundy.

31st Aug 2005, 06:08
Jerricho..how many times?..pulleese..Bundy is not rum.

31st Aug 2005, 07:42
I have to visit Guyana on a fairly regular basis & would agree that the El Dorado 15 is nectar.

Just to make your hearts bleed, most "ordinary" Guyanese rums are still about 75 pence a bottle (with money back on the empty bottles!)

Outside Guyana, Mount Gay is available fairly worldwide and what we buy in the UK when the Guyana stocks run low. I'll let my missus put coke in Mount Gay, but not in El Dorado 15!

Incidentally Spike Dessert (who was originally a Yank) started "The Hoochery" in Kununarra because he thought Bundy was dreadful - an opinion I share.

31st Aug 2005, 10:56
"The howl of a V8 ute drives me wild
I'm a B & S baron and a Bundaberg child"

Jerricho and a few others here may understand. It was many years ago now, when you could shake up the Temprite at dawn and keep going...

Bundy OP, btw.

31st Aug 2005, 12:06
All this talk of Rum and me ages away from applying to the senior service :(

Ron Manager
31st Aug 2005, 12:12
Doorly's XO is probably my favourite.

Incidentally, most of those mentioned - including 4 Bells, El Dorado 15 and Bundy Black are available from an on-line store in the UK.

I'll try to find the proper address!

The only bottle of Rodney I know about is in my cupboard and seems to be less full every week :{

31st Aug 2005, 13:35
Bacardi Gold, drunk as a free sample at the distillery after the tour, sitting in the warm sun, listening to the birds.....

31st Aug 2005, 13:42
I remember going to Bundy - driving through a thousand km's of sugar plantation is staggering - with the crazy train drivers with their endless wagons !You thought the US has big fields - the Bundy ginger beer is also ace !


31st Aug 2005, 15:47

I would appreciate the URL if you find it..

Good job I don't know your address otherwise I might have sent in a Rodney hit team.. :)

Astra driver
31st Aug 2005, 16:35
"Ron Botran" from Guatemala

31st Aug 2005, 20:29
I was waiting until someone mentioned Ron Botran because I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. I flew a few months on contract with Aviateca and that was the sundowner drink at the hotel in Guatemala City. Went down like a dream after the sun went down. They mixed it with lime juice and lemon, a sort of Rum sour. Brilliant!

Ron Manager
31st Aug 2005, 20:41
Have found the site I used to use for rum and other spirits:

Rum (http://www.drinkfinder.co.uk/search.asp?types=yes&type=Rum)

Haven't used them in a while, due to my reduced consumption, but they used to be pretty good.

Sadly, no Admiral Rodney, but they do have the fantastic Inner Circle (Black) at a charming 75.9% ABV! :ouch:
oh, and they do proper Plymouth Gin too....

31st Aug 2005, 22:49
Dark Rum 'n' Diet Coke is my tipple of choice and I usually plum for Lambs Navy, Captain Morgan, Woods then Havana Club in that order due to availability... however....

...that all goes out of the window when I'm in the Dom Rep' where the Good Lord gaveth unto us... 'BRUGAL'

It's cheap, it's powerful, it's fun, it's dangerous, it's BRUTAL, it's FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!

:bored: :hmm: :D: :p :\ :uhoh: :{ ;) :yuk: :ouch: :zzz: :ok:

1st Sep 2005, 04:50
Thanks Ron - your Rodney is now safe...

1st Sep 2005, 11:39
Bundy rum and Bundy Ginger beer together, sold as a "Dark and Stormy". One of the most refreshing drinks you could tipple. My favourite way to drink bundy.

BTW, they now sell Bundy n Cola on tap at most good hotels. It comes out of the tap ice cold and goes down way too easy.